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The heady world of Hollywood seems a little like a Twilight Zone – what with those sad faces and painted on magazine smiles. Behind the plastic surgery and designer duds hides some very funky stuff indeed. Maybe that’s why one of the entertainment industry‘s most successful products has been the Twilight Zone. Long before Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were riding the Twilight franchise train, a writer named Rod Sterling made twilight a household word. Here’s a little glimpse into the world of Rod Sterling.

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Send in the clones

Remember when Octomom got big a few years back (both literally and figuratively)? Apart from the fact that she’d had 8 kids at once, the thing that amazed people was her resemblance to Angelina Jolie. Then it turned out that the resemblance, like the pregnancy wasn’t on the level. She’d got her self knocked up with multiple embryos using a doctor who’s license got pulled after the scam got uncovered. The doctor who gave her the Jolie face transplant is apparently still working and perfecting his/her technique. Or so the sudden emergence of Angelina Jolie clones would have you think.

The big one at the moment is Lina Sands. She’s an aspiring Spanish actress – aspiring actress that is since I think being Spanish comes naturally. She won’t confirm or deny having any little cosmetic touch ups, but she doesn’t mind flaunting her resemblances to yesterdays sex symbol by way of youtube (it would’ve lsot impact on Twitter so Youtube was the way to go with this). Here’s the video that’s starting ot make some buzz!

Girls Moist Likely!

She does look like Vagina Jolie – as she did about 12 years and 30 pounds ago. People liked her better then. Also this chick seems to have a pleasant and suer friendly personality. That’s unlike Jolie who always seemed a little possessed. People found that exciting but were never quite sure when the actress might go off her head, run amok, or possibly even get dangerous. Now that only goes to show that you can’t judge a book by it’s public image since apart from holding Brad Pitt hostage these many years, Jolie never ever did go on that long anticipated Thelma and Louise cross country crime spree. Others like Lindsay Lohan, Mischa Barton, and Britney Spears were gonna have to fill the mayhem void that Jolie had been pegged to plug. Which only goes to show that sometimes it’s the ones you least suspect instead of the girl most likely.

So there’s Lina out there sporting an over bite like Bugs Bunny while pro gossip writers go “WOW – another one“. Thing is that she ain’t the only one. There seem to be a whole slew of unsung Vagina Jolie duplicates out there. Like the chick from the Ukraine for one thing. Her name is Tatyana Vorzheva and might look more like Pia Zadora at first – until you know what you’re looking for (how else can you see what you’re supposed to see?).

Plastic surgery is an assembly line for D Listers!

The girl seems to have something – but there is too mush Pia Zadora mixed in to be convincing. That’s why it’s good to have the professionals to fall back on. By professionals I mean the army of impersonators who make their dubious living as celebrity body doubles and both dine and out pay the rent by their resemblance, chance or surgical, to the famous. Jolie isn’t an exception there. She also has a professional impersonator, apart from Octomom. This one goes under the moniker of Tiffany Claus and here’s a look at her.

She is convincing but may have had help from the scalpel. Now those who aspire to Joliehood should be warned that getting sliced and diced to fame and fortune is not without it’s side effects. “Not without” is an awkward way of say “it has”. Here it is!

So where does this leave us? A little better off maybe. Vagina Jolie was getting a terrible attitude that comes from being one of a kind. The minute some one figures out that others think they’re dispensable then they’re on the short road to turning into Hitler! Fortunate Vagina kept it in check and limited it to writing for the economist and stealing kids from the 3rd world – Baba Yaga style (Baba Yaga is an eastern European term for the local witch who likes to steal children from new mothers. The name literally means “Boney Ass” and at Jolie’s current weight it fits!).

you can’t spell “superficial” without “super”

The thing is now we have some substitutes to fall back on, in case the whole beauty thing starts really going to Vagina’s head. Should Hollywood’s No 1 fembot malfunction and go haywire – say by running for Pres in the fall with Sarah Palin as VP, or even by getting a show on the OWN Network, then she cane be shelved indefinitely while one of the younger friendlier 2.0 versions are made much of. That’ll teach her. It might diminish the whole cachet of uniqueness though, when clones start popping up with the frequency of new born bunnies. Still this is the age of the iPhone – every one has one and there’s always a better one. So think of this as making beauty more democratic!

Now here’s another little cautionary video on the perils of plastic surgery – Megan Fox style!

In a more naive time they would’ve billed those before shots as “Megan without make up!” Now the 1st video morns the loss of a ‘great beauty’. It should be pointed out that Megan is still alive, though she looks a little different. Maybe that’s the repsonse that fuels the insecureities that lead to the plastic surgery in the first place. The point is that no one stopped her, not even for the good of the nation! We were more concerned with Lindsay Lohan. That’s a shame since you can always go to rehab for drug addiction but there’s no eraser for plastic surgery! So hopefully the beautiful people and their marketers will keep that in perspective from here on in – It is Hollywood so let’s not let mental health concerns ever get a head of looking your very best! AS for Foxy, if she was gonna get renovations done on her face, couldn’t she have gotten something done about those awful thumbs at the same time!

You can’t spell superficial without super!


Lisa and her lips

Now from big talk about loose lips to loose talk about big lips Lisa Rinna is pretty well known. Some credit belongs to her costars – those outsized lips that have become her trade mark. Lisa had them packed full of silicone back in 1986, a good 10 years before chicks started routinely getting their smackers blown up with collagen. The surgery served her well for years as she became more and more famous; and her lips became her trade mark.

Me and my big mouth

Lisa was to find out that there can be too much of a good thing. In the case of her lips it was nearly impossible for her to deny having surgery, since human lips generally only get that big if your a carrier of the Voight – Bertrand gene. Her lips were now so big that they virtually spoke for themselves without saying a word! So she had to live down everyone knowing about her big fake lips. Also since they were packed with silicone, certain medical concerns came up over time.

plastic angels

The major difference between silicone and collagen is that silicone is permanent, whereas collagen is temporary, and eventually gets reabsorbed by the body. So with collagen you have to make repeated trips to the doctor to get your lips topped up or they start deflating like party balloons or inflatable couch cushions. If you want to avoid those down in the mouth periods then you can go for silicone. Trouble with silicone is that it can react with the body over time, just like those breast implant horror stories everyone’s heard about for 15 years now.

saving face & down in the mouth – there’s no people like show people

Medical issues are exactly what Rinna faced during her “Harry Loves Lisa” reality TV series.Since Lisa’s lips had been a topic of conversation for some time it might be a smart idea to confront the subject in her show. She’d been coy about answering lip related questions before, so maybe now would be a good time to focus some of that curiosity into her new show. Lisa did a quick fess up on some of the more popular morning chat type shows, and then booked a doctor’s appointment. It was a near perfect scheme since it gave Lisa a semblance of creditability by admitting to something that everyone already knows, it attracts some attention to her show, plus she gets that lip problem fixed. It would have been a no lose scenario except for the undoing of so many near perfect schemes – the unforeseen.

watch your mouth

When Lisa visited her doctor for the delipping consultation she ran into the unforeseen. The doctor told her that her lips were in worse shape than she thought. For one thing the silicone had hardened, just like in breast implants. So getting all of the stuff out could be problematic. Since the show must go on, Lisa went ahead with the lip reduction and hoped for an uneventful recovery. Her recuperation period has not only been eventful, it’s born out some of her doctor’s concerns.

tissue issues

For one thing her lip reduction wasn’t straight forward. 20 years of carrying that around in her mouth left her with some tissue damage. Now her lips aren’t healing as fast as she expected. In fact her surgeon has told her that it could take as much as 6 months to recover. He told her more to, like be careful when you smile cause your lips might burst. So the upshot is that after 25 years in the business Lisa’s lips are getting a well earned vacation, pending possible retirement!

if the wind changes you’ll stay that way

Now lip might sound a bit far fetched but lip explosions really can happen. Stephanie Seymour’s lips are rumoured to have burst during a transatlantic flight. Her mouth was packed with enough gel to get her on a no fly list under today’s restrictions. When the jet hit high altitude and the cabin pressure dropped the pressure got too much and one of her lips ruptured.

Lisa lips – the scariest thing in her life!

So Lisa is taking no chances. She says that she’s taking it easy on her lips until she gets the green light from her doctor. Until then there’s no smiling, no laughing, and she’s avoiding talking as much as possible. Just to be on the safe side. In fact both Lisa and her husband Harry Hamlin are quit concerned about it. Says Lisa “This is turning into the scariest hing in my life. I just hope it doesn’t look deformed.” A friend goes on to comment that concerns over her lips are driving her crazy. So that’s proof for all of you who think that celebs are vain, insensitive, and shallow folk with egos instead of human feelings. It may have taken awhile but Lisa’s lips are having the same effect on her now that they have on many others for years!

One thing remains the same; whether she’s getting them pumped up or deflated, her lips continue to be a big deal. In fact they’re still one of Lisa’s most talked about characteristics! You could say that Lisa’s relationship with her lips is a little like the case of the tail wagging the dog except it might be even more like those old horror films about the ventriloquist who gets taken over by his dummy! Now – like Pamela Anderson and her breast – it’s tough to tell who’s really running the show and who’s just along for the ride. Congratulations to Rinna for finally putting her mouth in it’s place before it ate her career & life. Hope everything works out for an otherwise good natured lady! Besides, maybe Bill Clinton will finally stop stalking her now.

best face forward – just don’t get off on the wrong foot

You can’t blame Lisa. Woman are judged more on appearance than on performance. The result is that even very accomplished women can fall into the insecurity trap of image tweaking. By taking matters into her own hands perhaps Rinna can send out the right message. Just in time too, before Contessa Brewer’s new lips became permanent!

Contessa Brewer looks swell, and maybe swollen!

contessa brewer big lips
PS. Lisa, if you’re reading vitamin E oil – like you get by breaking the capsules, greatly speeds the healing process. As usual check with your physician before trying. As for Contessa, try putting an ice pack on that till the swelling goes down!


Anna Nicole Smith asks "What Drugs?"

“Of course I do drugs! I’m fucked up right now!”

Anna Nicole Smith’s
drug use is common knowledge these days. Back before her untimely death it was an open secret. Rumours of drug use hounded the model through out her career. Many of these rumours were fueled by her frequent drunken and drugged up appearances in public. Anna Nicole always adamantly denied drug use. In the following short video interview Smith addresses the question of drug use with a “Who me?” type response. The odd thing is – Smith was obviously stoned while giving the interview! Just look:

Celebrities have probably done more to discourage illicit drug use than a whole army of Nancy Reagans and Dr Lauras could ever hope to accomplish. Now if only they could discourage the alarming plastic surgery trend!

Wow – Sly Stallone’s mom looks just like Carrot Top. More like Carrot Top than her own son even! Perhaps that resemblances is from using the same plastic surgeon. What possesses the stars to get these horrible things done to their faces? It can’t be because they think it makes them more attractive. They would have to be beyond delusional, and into vision impairment, to believe that. Perhaps it’s just another version of celebrity personality disorder – Let’s get which often involves both attention seeking and addictive behavior. Let’s get Larry King’s opinion on the matter.

We can only hope that Carrot Top returns to his senses before he winds up looking like Lisa Rina!

Rock the Casbah

Celebrities are people who will go to any lengths to stand out. Naturally everyone likes to have their moment. However you shouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb to get it. If you must stick out like a sore thumb then you might wind up like Khurram Syed. He was a contestant on Canadian Idol, where he failed to impress judges with his Avril Lavinge Complicated cover. He made an impression on the public though. He also made an impression on the RCMP when he got busted as a member of a homegrown terrorist ring. When picked up he and his cronies had the ingredients for explosives, and were still trying to figure out how to put them together. At least he didn’t let his CI experiences discourage him, or he might never have gotten his 15 minutes of fame.

Now that might have been pretty bad, but just think about it – if Hitler had received more encouragement as a painter we might have avoided World War 2! At least Khurram didn’t do classic “Rock the Casbah” for his Canadian Idol number.

BTW speaking of celebrity sore thumbs keep your eyes open for next week’s issue of the Pulitzer nominated National Enquirer! It’s their “Spill the beans on Oprah” issue!

wondertrash national enquirer spills the beans on oprah winfrey
& from the non Pulitzer nominated competition:


Celebrity Fuckery

It’s been a busy time for celebs. For one thing Chelsea Clinton has gotten , or is getting, married or something. That’s the event President Barack Obama wasn’t invited to – according to the President on the View.

Now it never hurts to suck up to the boss, even if you’re a Hilary Clinton caliber bitch. Besides it couldn’t hurt to have another Nobel Prize winner at the festivities – assuming that disgraced environmentalist Al Gore was invited. Maybe the Prez’ RSVP got lost in the mail or something. Anyhow the main thing is that l’il Chelsea has the guts to go through with this, and not let her parents loveless arrangement, or her father’s sleazy shenanigans (I hear that Big Bill is desperate for an introduction to Oksana Grigorieva. He might have heard that she’s a manipulative gold digging whore, but when Bill hears blow job everything else gets blocked out!) sour her on the institution of marriage. You have to admire that kind of crazy optimism!

The full Monty

Speaking of crazy sex shenanigans, that brings us to CSI star Lawrence Fishburne. Now it’s not Larry that’s gotten into sex related scandal, though working along side the latex clad Carrie Ann Moss in 3 Matrix films would pout a strain on any man. His daughter Montana has decided to break into show business by way of pornography. Now that might sound like the back door into the business, and in more ways than one, but young Montana (Larry was originally gonna call the girl Karma Amethyst Fishburne but wasn’t famous enough for an outlandish celebrity offspring name at the time.) claims she knows what she’s doing. Monty says that she’s been a close observer of Kim Kardashian and couldn’t help noticing that KK’s sex tape was a career breakthrough! Look for Monty’s sex video to be released this very month!

Celebrity Zombies & Hollywood Undead

janice dickinson loves her body enough to want it to be the best looking corpse on the planet - no kidding, unless she's kiddingFrom the ridiculous to the obscene: former supermodel and current rehabbing bitch Janice Dickinson claims that she loves her body. Now that sounds like a tall tale (or a creepy adult film) since most people would be hard pressed to find anything lovable about Dickinson’s weather beaten, booze pickled, plasticized body these days. In fact it would be hard to find much even vaguely human about it.

Dickinson says, however, that she’s put in too much work and invested too much money to be indifferent to it. She’s had enough botox injected into her to blight proof crops in the entire 3 world. Plus she’s had a lot of drastic plastic surgery. Her mouth keeps varying in size and shape each time she’s photographed. In fact when you look at her photographs together they come off a little like one of those police Identikits where the features can be randomly changed.

However Dix attachment to her bod goes deeper then time and money wasted. She confesses that there’s an obsessive compulsive element to it to. For instance she’s going beyond plastic surgery and into flaky New Age techniques like yoga and meditation. Says Ms Dickie: ‘I have to make sure I exercise and that the ingredients that go into my body are completely organic.
‘I relax, meditate and do 80 minutes of yoga every day. I hike and make sure everything I eat is organic. I eat steamed fish, chicken and turkey, plus salads, carrot juice and supplements.’

Besides, Dickie has a goal in mind. As to what possesses her to go through the grim ordeal of age defying, Dickie replies: “I’m going to be the best looking corpse on the planet!’ If that’s the plan then she can relax. Some of us think that she already is. Well she’s got the corpse thing down anyway!


Sexy ‘n’ Sorry

positions with perks

Brit motor cross boss robin mortimer died after a nitrous oxide fueled s&m sex session with top european dominatrix mistress lucreziaWhen you’re a big high powered celebrity doin’ some screwin’ is just one of the perks of the position. Of course sometimes things get out of hand. Like in the strange case of Robin Mortimer. Mortimer is the founder, and boss,of British Motorcross. he also had a healthy interest in some unhealthy pastimes; like bondage and extreme sadomasochism.

Mistress Lucrezia bills herself as europe's most pervesrted and dangerous dominatrix and has claimed a high profile casuality in the person of robin mortimerMortimer had a wife, however still felt the need to go trolling around London’s numerous sicko clubs looking for a little relief from his urges. That’s where he made the acquaintance of Mistress Lucrezia. Ms Lucrezia is one of Europe’s most perverted dominatrices, and a prostitute. Together with her partner Mistress Juno, the woman who describes herself as “sadistic, intelligent & perverse,” and “a sadist of the worst kind,” entertained Mortimer at her Belgian flat for over the course of a weekend. Somewhere between the whips, chains, and nitrous oxide, Mortimer died. Prosecutors are awaiting the results of a full autopsy before deciding how to proceed. That leaves everyone else asking “How did Jesse James ever miss out on this bitch?

BTW nitrous oxide fueled sex is what killed Brit funny man Peter Sellars.

Destiny’s love child

Beyonce KNowles has stopped speaking to her father after DNA tests confirmed him as the father of a son by tv actress Alexsandra WrightThe combination of sexy & sorry has reached into the rarefied world of super entertainer Beyonce Knowles. Knowles has stopped speaking to her father, and completely shut him out of her life after it was revealed that he fathered a love child with a woman 20 years his junior. DNA tests confirmed that Matthew Knowles father a son, Nixon (that name never works out) on his 38 year old mistress Alexsandra Wright, and he did it while still married to Beyonce’s mom!

Matthew managed Beyonce’s career through her early rise to fame with Destiny’s Child. However things have reached an all time low point between Beyonce & her dad. Unnamed sources are quoted as saying:

Beyoncé was horrified to find out her dad cheated on her mom. She always looked up to him, and she is very close to her mom, so this has hit her really hard. She is refusing to speak to him, which is making things difficult where it comes to managing her career. Some people at Columbia now think it would be better to move him aside.

The suit was filed back in October, and the resulting DNA tests have allowed the courts to compel the Knowles the elder to pay almost $9000 a month in child support. It also helped trigger a divorce between Beyonce’s parents. Naturally Beyonce’s PR reps are hard at work denying the obvious. Says one: “There is no merit to this. This is absolutely false.

BTW if Wright’s name sounds familar it might be because she was no the TV series Scrubs.

celebrity quote of the day:

People write to me and say, ‘I’m giving up, you’re not talking to me.’ I just write them a simple message like, ‘Never give up,’ you know? And it changes their life.
~Justin Bieber

That Bieber is really on the ball. Speaking of which baseball season has begun and a healthy interest in sports is a good remedy for an unhealthy interest in sexy time – Unless you’re ARoid!. So Keep you eye on the ball & remember something inspioring that some one else told you sometime! That way you can avoid bugging Bieber.


Speaking of freaky sex Lexx hottie Xenia Seeberg has veered into the extremes of drastic plastic surgery. Since splitting with her hubby (he called it quits after Xenia, a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, beat the shit out of him. The poor man had to show up at the Berlin premier of Inglorious Basterds wearing shades and an eye patch – also with a new chick!) Xenia has had a insecurity crisis. She assumes that the marriage tanked out because she’s losing her looks, instead of because she beat the crap out of her man – men never complained about it before. So she’s gone under the knife for extensive touch ups. Here now is a world exclusive of Xenia’s post surgery face!

xenia seeberg's post plastic surgery facexenia seeberg's post plastic surgery face
I’m sure that it’ll look just fine once the sharp edges flatten out out. On the bright side her fore head is very smooth.


Heidi Montag – go big or go home

making mountains out of Heidi’s Hills

Heidi Montag - go big or go home  Alexis Neiers Ali Lohan Amazing Race Ann Curry Barbara Walters Beauty Betty White Biggest Loser Bobby Brown Bruce Beresford-Redman Bruce Willis Burglar Bunch Casey Johnson Celebrity Feuds Celebrity Justice Charlie Sheen Chaz Bono Cher Chris Brown Chuy Bravo Conrad Murray Contest Courtney Love DMX David Boreanaz Deadliest Catch Dina Lohan Dirk Nowitzki Dirty Divorces Dr. Arnie Klein Dr. Drew Dr. Phil Elena Kagan Elin Nordegren Frank McCourt Fred Durst Gossip / Rumors Heidi & Spencer Heidi Klum Heidi Montag Hoda Kotb Hook Ups Hot Bodies Hot Mamas Hot Vegas JWOWW Jake Harris Jamie Foxx Jamie McCourt Jani Lane Jason Alexander Jenna Jameson Jersey Shore Jesse James Jessica Simpson Jim Bob Duggar Joel Osteen Jon & Kate Jon Gosselin Josh Koscheck Josie Brooklyn Duggar Joslyn James Kate Gosselin Kathie Lee Gifford Kevin James La Toya Jackson Lawrence Taylor Lindsay Lohan Lisa Bloom Lorenzo Lamas Lost Louis Stravato Malcolm David Kelley Memba Them Meredith Vieira Michael Jackson Michael Lohan Michelle Bomshell McGee Michelle Duggar Michelle McGee Monica Burgos Beresford-Redman Naomi Campbell Natalie Morales Nurse! Oprah Orlando Bloom Paparazzi Photo Paparazzi Video Party All The Time Paul Daley Photo Galleries Politix Rachel Uchitel Rihanna Robert Downey Jr. Roxanne Shante SNL Sammy Sosa Sandra Bullock Scientology Seinfeld Snooki Spencer Pratt Stars In Heat Steve Schirripa Steven Weber Survivor TMZ Live TMZ Sports TV Tamera Mowry The Duggar Family The View Tia Mowry Tiger Woods Tim Daly Tito Ortiz Tom & Katie Tom Cruise Valerie Perrine We're Just Sayin' Weekly Select Whitney Houston

Full Tilt Tits!

Heidi Montag is becoming better known for her plastic surgery than her wooden acting on The Hills. She went full tilt tit on the plastic surgery until she looked like a porn star. Her new tits are probably big enough to refloat the Titanic (a shame that avid sailor and amateur explorer William Buckley jr. isn’t still alive to utilize this rare opportunity!).

F Cupped, F Listed, & F’d up

Heidi currently has a “F” cup. She wants to go even larger though. Seems that Ryan Seacrest (him again – always stirring up trouble!) made a few unintentionally disparaging comments when Heidi was a guest on his show last month. Trying to reassure a nervous Montag, Seacrest told her that her monstrous boobs ‘weren’t that big’. I think he meant not that bad, but Heidi naturally jumped to conclusions, and hearing ‘not big enough’ she hit the panic button. That led to more attempts at plastic surgery.

bigger breasts or bust

Fly in the ointment is that American docs are unwilling to do anything more to her (American health care might not be as bad as they say!). That leaves a desperate Heidi looking around over seas for some one willing to bump her boobs up from their current 700 ccs to a whopping 800 ccs. That would give her a “H” cup. Heidi mentioned that “H” stands for Heidi (she’s not as dumb as they say), so it must be a sign or lucky or something (then again maybe she is). That leaves pundits, bloggers, and other know nothing know it alls speculating that she might be working on the wrong end. Her head might need a bit more professional attention than her out sized milkless mammaries. Get well soon Heidi!

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Speaking of boobs here’s a word from our sponsor. Now they’re not really a sponsor, but the vid, from the early part of this millennium, does feature a certain Dancing With The Stars hottie named Erin Andrews. Let’s see if you can spot the mystery blonde in this Darrin’s Dance Grooves ad.

What can you say after that but…

Now that’s what I call a laugh track! Some might say that this gives Erin an unfair advantage over the likes of Pam Anderson and Kate Gosselin. I can’t help thinking that “you’ve come a long way baby!” – right back where you started from!

Now more fun with The Simpsons!

BTW gossip fans, here’s your one convenient link to all things TMZ!

Alexis Neiers Ali Lohan Amazing Race Ann Curry Barbara Walters Beauty Betty White Biggest Loser Bobby Brown Bruce Beresford-Redman Bruce Willis Burglar Bunch Casey Johnson Celebrity Feuds Celebrity Justice Charlie Sheen Chaz Bono Cher Chris Brown Chuy Bravo Conrad Murray Contest Courtney Love DMX David Boreanaz Deadliest Catch Dina Lohan Dirk Nowitzki Dirty Divorces Dr. Arnie Klein Dr. Drew Dr. Phil Elena Kagan Elin Nordegren Frank McCourt Fred Durst Gossip / Rumors Heidi & Spencer Heidi Klum Heidi Montag Hoda Kotb Hook Ups Hot Bodies Hot Mamas Hot Vegas JWOWW Jake Harris Jamie Foxx Jamie McCourt Jani Lane Jason Alexander Jenna Jameson Jersey Shore Jesse James Jessica Simpson Jim Bob Duggar Joel Osteen Jon & Kate Jon Gosselin Josh Koscheck Josie Brooklyn Duggar Joslyn James Kate Gosselin Kathie Lee Gifford Kevin James La Toya Jackson Lawrence Taylor Lindsay Lohan Lisa Bloom Lorenzo Lamas Lost Louis Stravato Malcolm David Kelley Memba Them Meredith Vieira Michael Jackson Michael Lohan Michelle Bomshell McGee Michelle Duggar Michelle McGee Monica Burgos Beresford-Redman Naomi Campbell Natalie Morales Nurse! Oprah Orlando Bloom Paparazzi Photo Paparazzi Video Party All The Time Paul Daley Photo Galleries Politix Rachel Uchitel Rihanna Robert Downey Jr. Roxanne Shante SNL Sammy Sosa Sandra Bullock Scientology Seinfeld Snooki Spencer Pratt Stars In Heat Steve Schirripa Steven Weber Survivor TMZ Live TMZ Sports TV Tamera Mowry The Duggar Family The View Tia Mowry Tiger Woods Tim Daly Tito Ortiz Tom & Katie Tom Cruise Valerie Perrine We’re Just Sayin’ Weekly Select Whitney Houston

Read more:

lovers, liars, & clowns

The celebrities have taken time out from their PETA photo ops to converge on Washington. This happens very so often, and usually when celebs get some big ideas about making a difference. That often happens during elections and when some hi profile but otherwise inconsequential piece of legislation is getting kicked around.

This time it the convergence was harmless. It was for the White House Correspondent’s Dinner – in other words a political non event. It’s a win-win situation: Celebs get to see and be seen among the politico and ‘respectable’ journalists, plus the chances of them doing any harm by trying to sway public opinion is minimal.

I hear that the Pres got a ton of laughs. Now that’s not a distinction. George Bush got tons of laughs to. The difference being that we were laughing at Bush and not with him.

People are still speculating about what caused the split between Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry. Both parties are being tight lipped and playing it close to the vest. So far the only public statements sound like vows at a commitment ceremony – “we’re special people who will always love each other”, etc.

The only definite info in the story is that Halle dumped Aubry. Apparently he was going through some sort of mid life crisis and that made Halle feel awkward about her age or something.

Age is a touchy issue in Follywood and the glitterati can’t start fending off the ravages of age – and their fast lane lifestyle – soon enough. Take Heidi Montag for instance. Though not yet 30, she’s had a ton of plastic surgery. Some said that it was completely unnecessary while Hedi felt that it made her feel better. Beauty is confidence as those relentless TV ads say.

When asked about it by TV chat host Wendy Williams, Montag’s The Hills co star Kristin Cavallari decided to hedge the issue completely, rather than resorting to the half truths of TV adverteasing. Watch and learn how to handle a hot potato.

That wasn’t so much a hot potato as a live grenade with the pin pulled out. Just glad that no one got hurt in the taping of that segment.


Reille Hunter & Plastic Surgery

Reille Hunter & Plastic Surgery

The candidate with everything – & one too many women!

Reille Hunter
is finally breaking her silence about former Democratic Presidential hopeful John Edwards – the man with Al Gore’s charisma and Bill Clinton’s libido – and about her part in his downfall. Now Edwards was the guy how trotted out his terminal ill wife during the primaries to get the sympathy vote. All the while he was carrying on a torrid affair with his sleazy side piece. John might have something to learn about the finer points of sympathy.

another kind of bombshell

Now Reille insists that she can’t be blamed for pouncing onto John Boy while his wife languished. Hunter claims that the marriage was over before she got involved. Of course that’s what they all say. Even Denise Richards. RH also takes exception to the phrase home wrecker as applied to her. She adamantly denies that’s she’s a home wrecker. I guess that makes her a sort of nuetron bomb for the married man. After she goes off the marriage may be over, but the home is still standing, & probably up for grabs in divorce court. I bet lawyers really like that gal.

Lifting her face & stretching the truth? Keep your chin up!

A DUI and a love child later John’s name is mud and his political aspirations are over. Life for Reille is only beginning. She’s chatted with Oprah, she’s done a few magazine interviews, and if the following video is to be believed she may or may not have had plastic surgery. The world is really opening up for her!


warning: bullshit below

In other news Tiger Woods has announced that he’s adopting a baby. Tiger says that his decision to adopt has nothing to do with his failing marriage, or the scandal that has sabotaged his career. In fact Tiger was so determined to bring a new little cub into the fold that he kept the adoption a closely guarded secret. Now that wasn’t easy especially with his participation in the Masters. However the resulting but unintended media distraction value of the child should make the adoption more than worth the trouble!

There’s no official word on where the child was adopted from, but Tiger’s PR reps assure us that it is from somewhere both political correct and sympathetic. Perhaps it’s a New Orlean’s child that was originally from Haiti by way of a long and dangerous journey through Tibet. Now if Elin Nordgren can only find herself a nice lesbian partner (Melissa Etheridge just became available!) then the whole situation could be salvaged, from a media image stand point.

everyone loves a prequel

Speaking of running out of original ideas they have a saying in Follywood “It’s better to have a good idea than anew idea”. With that in mind the following trailer is submitted for your approval!

That project was intended for Ku Klux Kramer – but his racist outbursts have made it impossible for him to ever work again – except for private Mel Gibson parties. The best part is that it was done without the participation of the actors, by merely splicing old scenes together and posting it to youtube. This idea might just catch on – after Merkin Megan Fox runs out of cartoon based films that is!

Megan fox and cartoon based movies

me. myself, & I – 3’s Company!

No idea why Meggers got the bag over her head in that picture. Should could be justifiably ashamed of herself. Perhaps she was hyper ventilating. Then again she could be working her way towards the dreaded pink wig (some one should offer an annual Award called The Wiggies for the celebrity flip out of the year, and present the winner with a pink wig). While she was probably just bracing herself for more Angelina Jolie (or “Angina Jolie” as Brad Pitt calls his significant other – together with his ex they become Brangifer or even Brangiston!) comparisons; it comes to the pink wig sooner or later in that racket.


Charlie Sheen shaves head

Charles is Charged

Charlie Sheen
has had his share of troubles. It’s not easy juggling a porn addiction, a crack using wife, and greedy ex and a hit comedy series. He snapped sometime around Christmas. according to his wife Brooke Mueller. Her lawyer says that he pulled a knife on her, she says it never happened if Charlie says he’ll take her back, and her lawyer says of course that’s what she’s gonna say. The police report says that she was way more looped than Charlie, and Perezhilton says that she’s been in rehab a bunch of times and on crack while pregnant. Meanwhile the charges against Charlie are still outstanding!

from buzzed to buzz cut

Maybe all that pressure has made Chuck start to come unglued or something. He was recently pictured going to his mistress wearing an outlandish disguise. Charlie got some kidding over that in the media. So Charlie has taken his first step towards Britney Spears style 5150 madness and shaved off his hair. Here’s some pix of Charlie showing off his new bald pate, and his InTouch cover. I haven’t witnessed such hilarity since Klinger tried to get out of the army by wearing dresses on MASH! Klinger should’ve skipped the dresses and gone straight to bed wetting – that works! Perhaps it might work on Brooke too, although in Follywood it ain’t worth the risk. She might be into that and then he’d never get rid of her (unless he intro’d her to John Mayer the Pee Pee Playboy).

move over Lisa Rinna – a new case of collegen overload

You have to admire his sense of humor. In fact it’s the give away. Humor is a sign of sanity and Charlie has too much self awareness to be genuinely crazy. Now if he really wanted to pull off insanity then he might have followed the example of this young woman. She’s Priscilla Caputo (formerly known as Priscilla Russo). She’s a model, actress, host, D Listed’s hot slut of the day, and ready for long term institutionalization. She poses for the camera as if nothing is wrong, even though it obviously is. Don’t look at this until after your breakfast has settled because it’s disturbing.

Ms. Caputo might have a possible malpractice suit against whichever surgeon did that to her, assuming he doesn’t work out of a mall or share the back of a van with an illegal abortionist. What could have made her think getting surgically deformed was a good idea? You don’t have to be crazy to work in entertainment, but it helps!

There were plenty of fat lips last night in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Just take a look at the following short video clip – narrated by Don Cherry – featuring some of Alexander Ovechkin’s greatest hits. He goes through the opposing team like a bowling ball through ten pins. There was some other good action too.

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