Megan Fox is made of fail

fox bitten

An update on the Shia Vs Spielberg story. Shia was recently churlish enough to pull a Megan Fox & bite the hand that feed him. So what could’ve gotten into the young man? Maybe Shia’s just PO’d lately because the studios want to tap him & Megan Fox for a Sonny and Cher bio pic.

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Megan Fox will take you all the way to her grass hut to play on her waterber

Strangely Megan doesn’t seem to mind the idea, but Megan’s a scamp a camp and a bit of a V-A-M-P vamp! Besides, Kim Kardsahian really really wanted the Cher role, for credibility! However Cher is the woman Megan Fox was supposed to be (if she’d known her role – we’ve watched her struggle with that).

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Apparently some studio executard got the idea after watching I Walk The Line with Phoenix & Witherspoon. I can’t wait to hear Shia & Megan sing I Got You Babe.

Though there are similarities, Megan & Shia remind me much more of Hansel & Gretel in the above pic. It must be their youth, and the fear in their eyes *shudders*.

BTW the Sonny & Cher parallel also works in reference to John McCain & Sarah Palin! Their break up was just as painful for some. Elizabeth Hasslebeck, or Nel Flanders – the goofy 2 shoes, was crying over her Bible for weeks, asking young Grace “Why Honey, Why?”

If Megan Fox was offered work in a Sonny & Cher biopic she might welcome it right now, ’cause current rumor is that she’s been fired off of Transformers 3. I guess that thought she was out of line with the Hitler crack. Actually what really got his goat was when Meggers described T2 as all flash and fx without much acting or story. In fact Michael Bay is currently busy trying to find a replacement for Fox as Shia LaBeouf’s love interest. Don’t be surprised if Bay gets Fox’s Jennifer’s Body co star Amanda Seyfried to take on the part, or even Lindsay Lohan. That depends on how spiteful Michael Bay is during the casting process. As for Megan Fox she will probably return from whence she came – TV sitcoms. Either that or directly to entertainment hell – reality TV!

BTW – Amanda Stayfried has just busted up with her boyfiriend. Now in the entertainment world a bust up goes with a career status change. Everyone in Follywood is out to do well, and, like Halle Berry, don’t want to date no losers. So as players move up and down the food chain they, like molecules, come unglued and form new bonds. If you drop from a B Lister ( a Blister?) to C or below, then you’re former partner might want to cut you free so that they find themselves a more appropriate match. You can’t blame them for it – if you moved from B to A then you’d do as much for them. So If Stayfried has dropped her guy then it might because she’s just quantum leaped up the food chain recently. This could support the idea that she’s being considered for Foxy’s replacement.


Coming Soon from the National Enquirer

What are they saying about cheating & betrayal while huge amounts of money are spent? It’s not GOP politics; it’s the whole human tableau right there. Worse still the subjects are made to seem so ridiculous and corrupt that they no long evoke human pity. An astonished “did she really do that to her face?” might be as much as can be mustered! So, can you ask from more in a tabloid?

In fact there are many others whose predicaments we might wish to examine as cautionary tales on the pitfalls of fame.



If you doubt that Miley Cyrus is capable of being two faced then just look at these ‘before and after’ pix of Miley with and without make up. I warn you that it’s isn’t pretty. The one without make up is really scary!

Miley Cyrus without make up
The state of Miley’s poor little face is nothing compared to the deplorable condition that Nicole Kidman’s is in. DListed is reporting that her blown up lips are now worse than Meg Ryan’s, and so bad that they are scaring people! The rest of Nix face is a sight for sore eyes too!

nicole kidman botched face without make up
For more pictures of celebrities without make up head on over to GOSSIPROCKS. I warn you that those images aren’t for the faint of heart! Helen Hunt was a shocker!


Melrose Place: Drama begining before the show starts

heather locklear gets ashlee simspon booted off of melrose placeColin Egglesfield & Ashlee Simpson have already gotten the boot from WB’s Melrose Place revival. Since Ashlee was one of the biggest names amongst the cast that had some observers asking themselves – and each other – “WTF?”

Now the producers are saying that this is the result of a plot development. However sources on the set have over heard Ashlee having it out with MP alum and current castmember Heather Locklear. Ashlee was their big name, but they wanted Heather from the original because she was a big draw and breing in former fans during those first and most important weeks after a TV show airs. That’s when the rating decide whether you live or die. Since the producers are betting the farm on Locklear, Ashlee was the one who had to go. So don’t bother looking for the younger Simpson sister when you tune into the new and improved Melrose Place! Amanda has claimed her first victim!

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