Is Wonder Woman under MK Ultra mind control? Just ask to feel up her boobs and find out!

Wonder Woman strikes again

You have to like Gal Gadot. She’s gone from fast & furious to good naturedly controversial! She’s done that by becoming Wonder Woman! After that she experienced a series of lightening strikes!

Strike 1 was the fanboy outrage over Gadot’s boobs. Not that there’s anything wrong with them. On the contrary. They are a stunning feature on a generally stunning young woman. It’s just that fanboys were expecting Dolly Parton or something. So her boobs became a big deal on the internet!

Strike 2 was a TV commercial she did a couple for years back for Castro’s where she gets into an elevator naked though discreetly pixealted! People thought that was a bit too extreme for the religious sensibilities of veiwers!

Strike 3 was a recent commercial for Castro’s where she’s fully clothed but twerking. No one likes twerking – which is wiggling your ass around for spectators – since Miley Cyrus gave it a bad name at the MTV VMA’s or what ever it was.

Here’s strike 4! Gadot was on another TV interview show and got her controversial boobs felt up! Now the interviewer did ask politely. So it’s not like Wonder Woman was ambushed or anything. Also the interviewer was a woman. So that make sit better, or worse, depending on your religious sensibilities! Now here’s that playfully controversial interview!

Wonder Woman’s a handful, gets taken by surprise

Now here’s a blow by blow account of that!

Host: “Can I touch your boobs?” 

Gadot: “Yes.” 

Host: “I’m cupping Wonder Woman right now. That’s what I’m doing.” 

 Gadot: “Oh, no. Oh no [laughter].” 

Host: “I just cupped Wonder Woman.” 

 Gadot: “I don’t know how I let that happen. I can’t believe you cupped me. How did I let that happen?” 

How did she let it happen? My guess is mind control. Or possibly some kind of hypnosis. It happened to Wonder Woman in the comics back in the old days on a semi regular basis. However it must be said that she never got cupped. She often got tied up with her own magic lasso instead. Now that would be a perfect opportunity for cupping Wonder Woman, except super villains always got distracted when they had her tied down. They’d turn around and go back to their control console to continue with their plans for world domination. So Wonder Woman would have to squirm loose and then kick their asses in disgust.

In this case starting the interview with “Can I touch you?” seemed to lead to trouble. Now maybe that was one kind of MK Ultra trigger phrase that got implanted in Gadot during her stunt in the Israeli army. Readers of Fritz Springmeier will be well aware of the use of mind control, especially in the military. Fritz’s own journey began with his West Point experiences of sleep deprivation and and fudge brownie feeding frenzies. The combo  of low melatonin and hi sugar can really trip you right the fuck out! Gadot has done some time in the armed services so she was just ripe for some kind of mind control brainwashing programming experiments.

Justin Bieber vs the Starwhackers

Now one of the points that Fritz makes in his numerous writings is that every celebrity in Hollywood is under Monarch mind control. Monarch is when a combo of trauma drugs and disorientation is used to shatter the human ego into numerous fractions, each of which can then be developed and groomed to play various parts (They are often unaware of each others’ existence)! Eventually, as Robbie Williams says in Monarch video “Madonna” when the personalities get together it’s one hell of an after noon! Robbie Williams was  a sad case of an MK Ultra programming breakdown (just like poor Justin Bieber, who’s gone completely rogue and fled his controls to Canada. Perhaps seeking refuge like Randy & Evi Quaid).

more princess programming

Fritz further goes on to say that once a celebrity has been brainwashed then they are cast in movies that reinforce the programming script. Just like poor Anne Hathaway who’s been in one mind control movie after another – from Princess Diaries (hidden bloodline scripting, Ella Enchanted ( magical mind control scripting), right up to Batman (she was Cat-woman so no explanation need for those familiar with Fritz’s work), and Le Mise (sex slave scripting). The idea is that acting out the programming in highly staged scenarios – like moves – reinforces the brainwashing. Now that Gadot is Wonder Woman, complete with a Diana Prince secret identity, looks like she could be getting some Hollywood MK Ultra! That would explain how a relative unknown bags a plumb role and bags a 3 picture deal!

So there’s one possibly explanation of that incident  of on air cupping. Is she really under mind control? If she’s had back up amnesia installed then there’s no way to know for sure. That’s because she’s forgotten that she’s forgotten what she’s forgotten. Then the next thing you know a pair of strange hands are on your bosoms! However and whatever the cause of Gadot’s on air friendly feeling – you still have to like her. She’s a handful and possibly a real live wire – in the nicest way of course!

BTW Wonder Woman was created by Harvard psychiatrist William Moulton Martson and contained many mind control and occult themes.

now here are a few words from Fritz Springmeier.

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