Pussy Riot

Pussy Riot is the Russian girl punk band that got in trouble over blasphemy for criticizing Vlad Putin – so he’s a god now. The gals got jailed and were facing 2 years in prison, even though many celebrities tweeted for leniency. Eventually even the Russian Othrodox Church asked for the gals’ release, perhaps moved by the plaintive postings of such luminaries as Adrien Grenier, Mia Farrow, & Madonna.

The Russian court system proved a tougher sell but one of the young ladies has gotten released on a technicality. Yekaterina Samutsevichwas sprung because – & as her lawyer explained, she wasn’t actually involved. A guard stopped her before she could make it into the cathedral. Therefore she shouldn’t be punished to the same extent as the other girls. A judge agreed and turned her loose. As for the rest of Pussy Riot tough luck!

Lindsay Lohan and mom Dina get into Long Island limousine fight

Speaking of a pussy riot the cops were called in on an altercation between Lindsay Lohan and her mother Dina. Police arrived at around 8 PM Wednesday to the Lohan family home in Mineola, NY in response to an incident which involved “no criminality”. No one is quite sure what the brouhaha was about except that Lindsay called her dad who then called the cops on Dina. It might’ve been about an unpaid hotel bill.

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