Dog marks territory – & makes a stink

Duanne Dog Chapman gets results. He also pisses people off. In this case the result was felonious drug fugitive Andrew Distel, 29. In the process he pissed off a local Sherif Lobo, Stan Hikley. Hikley claims that Dog dropped of a prisoner at his jail in a sorry state, and with a lack of professionalism that you wouldn’t accept from a pizza delivery boy!

crime time

Andrew Distel was on the run and living a life of crime around the Mesa, California area when justice, in the form of Dog the Bounty Hunter, caught up with him. Andy had been a busy boy, and keeping in trouble by jacking cars in his spare time. When he wasn’t frightening citizens he liked to hang around local hotels. That’s where Dog picked up his scent.

hot peppers and a dilly of a pickle

Dog and his crew confronted Distel in the lobby of a local establishment, and then gave him two options. The easy way or the hard way. Some like it hot and hot is what Andy got. When the fugitive resisted arrest Dog unleashed a volley of pepper spray on the poor wretch. After dosing him up like a hot tamale, Dog then cuffed him, hosed him down, and delivered him to Hikley for due process. That’s where Hikley got hot under the collar.

a scene to bring tears to your eyes

According to Sherif Stan, Dog dropped the special delivery package off at his jail smelling like something you’d want to send back to your local Indian curry take out. The guy was shot full of so much cayenne and paprika that he registered several hundred thousand on the Scoville scale. Local sherif’s dept officials were so busy wiping the tears out of their eyes that they had trouble booking the man. Hikley said that Distel smelled so bad no one wanted to touch him.

prime time crime

Now Hikley has a bone to pick with Dog. He claims that Dog is much more interested in grandstanding for ratings than in responsible law enforcement. Says Hikley “I get it, you have a show to produce and shows need drama.” So that leads to “profit driven peacockery!” He also claims that Dog was doing a lot of “prancing around” with his shirt off and waving around his thinning blond mullet for the benefit of the camera crew that follows him everywhere.

Justice is served a hot mess – what’ya gonna do, send it back?

Dog, on the other hand, says that he helped get a dangerous offender off of the street. That’s the main thing. Also he was responsible. He hosed the hot mess off after seasoning him to perfection. Then he even wrapped a new shirt on him so he’d be fit for booking. So justice was served. It’s not his fault if justice was served a little too hot & spicey for small town tastes. Besides, celebrity law enforcement is about getting the job done in an entertaining way. That means you can’t worry about currying favour when you’re currying flavour! Revenge may be sweet and best served cold, but you take justice any way you get it! Plus, Distel’s scent is gonna be hard to miss for awhile!


Shannon "Tweed off" with Gene Simmons

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Jon & Kate didn’t make it. Neither did Hulk Hogan & whatshername – you know, that greedy old bitch who looks like Dog Duayne Chapman’s wife and screwed a 23 year old pool boy – She Hulk. So has reality TV claimed another marriage? Looks like that Family Jewels couple Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed might be hitting a rough patch. Or at least that’s what they’re saying publicly. With their son and daughter pretty much grown and out of the house Shannon has pretty much had enough of Gene’s constant fucking around philandering ways. Though she knew he was a rock star with a 12 inch tongue when she didn’t marry him, she claims that she’s your average wide eyed, naive, ex Playboy bunny, and thought that some how marrying a satanic rock star would be a fairy tale come true. In what Monarch mind controlled brain washed delusion baby?

TV Bunny gets hopping mad on camera

Apparently it was some pictures of Gene out with younger prettier bunnies that has Shannon’s tweed (since she’s from Newfoundland I assume that her tweed is herring bone) rubbed the wrong way. As you could see in the above clip Shannon is pretty worked up and maintained her pique for the reality TV crew that follow the couple everywhere. Shannon also managed to appear on the Kathy Lee & Hoda (Hoda sounds like one of those banned diet aids) with her despised common law significant other – partner I believe is the accepted term for some one you’re doing long term but not formally committed to – to promoted their reality TV show and impending potential bust up. They traded some cute barbs too. So Shannon ain’t exactly sharing a Kleenex box with Huma Abedin over their respective wayward wieners. IN fact the lady seems all business!

full disclosure or plausible deniablity?

So that has folks of the cynical variety – like Internet bloggers between UFO disclosure posts – speculating about the reality of this reality TV. Could Shannon and Gene really be on the outs after 20 odd years – and odd they must have been – of a fairly stable and highly successful partnership?? Could some pictures of Gene-O out and about with a couple of random floozies but not pictured in any incriminating positions really have gotten her goat? Maybe with the kiddies grown and flown she’s ready to pull the usual maneuver of pulling the plug on a relationship that’s outlived it’s usefulness, then cashing in on alimony and community property as a show biz bride’s retirement package! Any of these options might be plausible, if reality TV wasn’t as scripted and staged as pro wrestling!

Sounds like a publicity stunt

The consensus among the skeptics is that this is just some ploy to hype up their already popular and well liked series. For one thing marital domestic fireworks might be a gimmick to get folk to keep watching. For another it take s a couple on pretty firm ground get on TV and pretend to jab at each other. If there were any real friction there then the sparring could well bleed over into unmanageable animosity. Besides, Gene is fresh of playing a concert down in Newfoundland. As stated that’s Shannon’s birth place, and rumors on the rock was that he did the show as a favor to the missus. So I’m calling bullshit on the dog & pony act, unlike Sarah Palin’s hotly denied separation. If those two are still together now then I doubt that either is going anywhere. At least it’s entertaining bullshit. With a couple as likeable as those two, viewers will probably play along with the corny play acting.

Bogus bust ups

P.S. Here’s a hint about how you can tell when a bust up is bogus or for realz. When German adult film actress Xenia Seeberg -best known from Lexx and some widely view porno type flicks, separated from her husband Sven Martinek the shit came to blows. Xenia is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. So when the pair showed up at the Berlin premier of Inglorious Basterds they not only showed up separately, but Sven showed up wearing sun glasses and an eye patch! Apparently Xenia got riled a beat the snot out of the poor man while in one of her kung fu fits! Now if violence ain’t for real then it certainly gets points for realism!

Dave knows a creepy thing or two

Now here’s part 2 of Hollywood & MK Ultra. Betcha didn’t know that the real reason Joaquin Phoenix went cuckoo was because his brain washing backfired. That’s when they sent him to Dr. Dave. Letterman knows a thing or two about handling slaves, that is if the blackmailer’s stories can be believed!
proceed at your own risk!

BTW this won’t need pointing out to the observant among you, but in the above Gene Simmons Shannon Tweed simulated fight video, Gene is shown flashing the Illuminati hand sign at one point. Now that hand sign has been seen everywhere lately and everyone from George W to Betty White to Justin Bieber to Prince William has been seen making it. Just for your information the technical name of that particular occult gesture is the Baphomet Sign.

“Hello Princess – Brown Levi 2003 11A!”

More on the occult: a helpful hint for those of you trying to pick up a little action is that Monarch sex slaves, such as Paris Hilton, can sometimes be triggered using the code phrase “Hello Princess“. This activates their Monarch Mind Control Brain Programming. Once the trigger phrase is used, princess, whomever she may be, will have the bit in her teeth and be ready to go to the races. You may then have your will of your hot to trot hottie.

in my mind and in my car, we can’t rewind we’ve gone too far – entertainment & entrapment!

However unless you know the appropriate follow up trigger phrase there can be some strange side effects; like the lady can suddenly seize up and go ridged on you. That’s a precaution the slave handler programmers put into to make sure no one messes with their action. It can be damned inconvenient too if it happens at the wrong time and in the wrong place! I know a guy who says he once had a hell of a time trying to get a half naked Liv Tyler out of a phone booth, and eventually had to leave her there. He was afraid the cosplay costume she was wearing would start attracting unwanted attention! Of course that could be just shit you hear a the conspiracy conventions!

julia voth as wonder woman


The Prince and the Housewife

When Harry Met Cathy!

Catherine Ormanney is the star of Real Housewives of DC. She’s also the wife of Newsweek photojourno Charles Ormanney – whom she is now in the process of divorcing. She was also a former acquittance of Prince Harry. Now the ex pat Brit has always been upfront about her Harry connection, or so everyone thought.

According to Cat she met Harry years ago, while hew as still and impressionable young royal and before she had matured into cougar status. She claimed that she met Harry in some night club or another and they spent the evening drinking talking and smooching until about 3 AM. Nothing happened and it was all very sweet. Her former housekeeper Monica Herrero has a different story.

According to Monica there was more going on between them then anyone – except her – realized. Monica was in a position to know because even though she was a lowely servant when every Catherine got excited she spilled her guts tot he help. This is gewtting kind of Usptairs Downstairs!

Anyway Herrero says that one Cat implied that she and Harry were pretty cozy. She even went further, showing the house keeper personal messages from HRH Harry in which he claimed he wanted to take Ormanney – then named Davis and bouncing back from a previous divorce – by the hand and take her around the world. So she was over the moon!

The plot thickens. Every so often a chauffeur driven car would pull up in front of the house. According to Herrero Ormanney’s daughter would tell her that it was the car Prince Harry sent to pick up their mother. Now Harry is no doubt a great chap, but we can assume that he wasn’t merely lending the single mom the use of the royal limo so that she could get her errands done.

Now with William about to wed Kate Middleton in the wedding of the century, Ormanney has been thinking about her past brush with royalty. She’s even been asked about it a few times. She’s had to answer questions like would she hook back up with Harry again is the opportunity presented it’s self. Ormanney responded that “There’s no way in a million years that anything is going to happen between us. But is was lovely to spend the evening with him – and be kissed by a prince!” That’s reassuring. It shows that Ormanney at least has retained a basic grip on reality. As well it’s a relief for those wondering just how far reality TV was gonna go. The world just ain’t ready for Harry and Ormanney in a Prince & Showgirl type of TV show. That would bethe kindof dog and pony show where viewers might not besure which member of the pair was playing the back end of the horse!

Speaking of Real DC Housewives here’s the latest picture of Mrs Robert Altman. It’s taken shortly after he big 6-0, and you’ll probably agree that she looks wonderful. BTW for everyone wondering who Mrs Robert Altman is – she’s better known by her alter ego, Lynda Carter!

For those Gary Bell View From Space followers here’s his latest broadcast. Enjoy & don’t freak out!


Gordon Ramsey – Hot Potato

“Joe was a brilliant chef, and our thoughts go out to his family, friends and staff”

Now everyone who’s watched high intensity TV chef Gordon Ramsey knows he brings the heat into the kitchen. Some people are now saying that the loud mouthed celebrity chef is too hot too handle. The somebody is his fellow Hot Potato TV judge Eric Ripert. Ripert lashed out at Ramsey via social networking site Twitter following the death by suicide of their colleague Joseph Cerniglia.

“Your business is about to f–king swim down the Hudson”

Cerniglia has his problems. His restaurant was 80 000 in debt. To make matters even worse he’d recently gotten busted for cocaine. The bust took place in his restaurant. Now that leads to a whole other bag of trouble. In addition to jail time, he could’ve wound up losing the business, depending on whether or not prosecutors felt like making a federal case out of it. So Cerniglia decided to beat them to the punch by jumping the gun. He jumped off of a bridge into the Hudson River.

Though Cerniglia had plenty of personal problems not everyone is willing to let Ramsay off of the hook. Ramsay’s co judge on his latest reality TV chef show, Eric Ripert, took to Twitter to give Gordo a blast. Said Ripert via the social networking site:

“Nothing personal against Gordon Ramsay but he is a poor inspiration for
professional chefs in his shows,” Ripert tweeted. “I have my bad days to but
always try to improve. TV or not – its no excuse! Ultimately I believe in the
goodness of Gordon but he is very wrong.”

Ramsay can be hard to take. On one episode he made reference to Cerniglia’s personal troubles by telling him that his business was about to swim down the Hudson. Nor is this the 1st Ramsay chef to cash in their chips. In 2007 a Hell’s Kitchen chef, Rachel Brown, shot herself in her Dallas home. There’s another Ramsay connection – the chef’s brother is a long term heroin addict. For the uninitiated, heroin is a major pain receiver. So some are speculating that Ramsay is a hard man to deal with. At the very least he’s probably not the guy to call if you’re standing on the George Washington Bridge thinking about jumping and looking for some one to hand you a life line.

Success stories & shit news

This kind of casual, cool realism has given the new British films easy ascendancy. Room at the
Top features the new cool realism. Not only is it not a success story, it is as much an
announcement of the end of the Cinderella package as Marilyn Monroe was the end of the star
system. Room at the Top is the story of how the higher a monkey climbs, the more you see of his
backside. The moral is that success is not only wicked but also the formula for misery. It is very
hard for a hot medium like film to accept the cool message of TV. But the Peter Sellers movies I’m
All Right, Jack and Only Two Can Play are perfectly in tune with the new temper created by the
cool TV image. Such is also the meaning of the ambiguous success of Lolita. As a novel, its
acceptance announced the antiheroic approach to romance. The film industry had long beaten out
a royal road to romance in keeping with the crescendo of the success story. Lolita announced that
the royal road was only a cowtrack, after all, and as for success, it shouldn’t happen to a dog.

~Marshall McLuhan, Understanding Media


Is it worth it?

the fame problem

These days everyone seems to want their 15 minutes of fame. As Bart Simpson said, when Milhouse wanted to chuck his role as Fall Out Boy in the Radioactiveman film, “It’s the duty of every patriotic American to want to be a movie star!” This strange form pf patriotism persists despite the ever growing number of cautionary tales in the from of fallen stars and disgraced celebrities – many of whom have been covered on this very site. Even though the Mel Gibsons, Gary Colemans, Tiger Woods, and countless others have crashed and burned in front of an international audience, others seem willing, and even eager to pay a terrible price to take their place. They seem heedless to the pitfalls of ego tripping and glory hounding.

Slumdog America – sad sequel to success

What are the pit falls? Well you might get e brief taste of glory, and then have it yanked away from you. While you doggedly chase the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, you might have to do many embarrassing things for the sake of chasing that dream. Worse still you might have to do these things in front of gawkers who ask you all kinds of humiliating questions like “What the fuck happened to you?” Take the case of the Slumdog Millionaire actress who couldn’t walk away from the rat race gracefully, but went on to sell flowers on the street. That’s bad enough, but what happens when some paparazzi recognize her and put her on the spot? Now this situation isn’t hypothetical, and worse, got recorded on video!

That was so bad, still the paps got to the crucial question “What happened?” In show business shit happens – it’s the nature of the business.

George goes Wham, again

It doesn’t just hit also rans either. It can claim established winners too. Back in the day George Michael was one of the biggest names in the business. Lady Diana was in love with him, despite the rumors about his homosexuality. He had string of hits, and established himself as a producer par excellence. Then he started getting old, lonely, and irrelevant. That’s when he started drugging. Now Michael wasn’t discrete in his substance use. He’d get stoned, hop into his car, and then hit something – usually after falling asleep at the wheel.

Naturally this state of affairs couldn’t be tolerated for long, even from a celebrity. So the law caught up with the former WHAM front man, and he had to face the music. That resulted in a recent trial in which Michael was sentenced to 6 weeks in prison. When Michael got the bad news he broke down in tears. Sons of bitches like the paparazzi were there to record the sad sorry seen, and other assholes such as myself were quick to repeat the story over the Internet. On that note here’s the video coverage of GM.

It’s important to always wear sunglasses when you’ve got it made: it’s a way of getting attention by trying to go unrecognized, plus no one can see the tears when you smile for the cameras!

So fame isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be. Even if you manage to grab and hang onto some attention, you might be unemployable. After OJ Simpson’s fall from grace everyone could cash in on him except him. He finally got busted over some sports memorabilia he was trying to sell through a friend who was trying to rip him off. When some other friends convinced him to take a stand on that – it wound up with OJ brandishing a gun in a motel room as the Vegas cops ruched to the scene. They bagged big game that day, in the form of the one that got away.

Your personal tragedies might become common knowledge to. The National Enquirer made a meal out of Annette Funicello’s struggle with MS. Sometimes you might even collaborate in your own exploitation. That’s what some suspect of the White House Gate Crasher and Real Washington House Wife who recently announced that she has MS.

Surely no one could be far gone enough to get a serious diagnosis and start wondering how they could use it. Some might question whether she’s really sick. Most celebrities are sick, but not in that way.

Catcher in the Rye or Scarecrow on the tracks?

So fame really is a dirty dangerous business. It’s chewed up and spit out many over the years. My hope in writing Wondertrash is that maybe one aspiring celeb out there will read this, think twice, and turn back to mundane reality. Perhaps that makes me more of a scarecrow than a Catcher in the Rye. Still, asking yourself “Is it worth it?” before it goes too far is a good idea. At least while there’s still time to jump off the train. Once it reaches break neck speed, you’re stuck on that ride.

Success may not be what it’s cracked up to be, especially as currently narrowly defined. In fact I briefly toyed with the idea of starting another organization called PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Actors. It wouldn’t work, since unlike animals, actors insist on being exploited.

gambling on divas

It not only costs celebrities, but those who exploit them. As celebs come undone the closer the come to ultimate success, studios and corp. are faced with having to replace valuable assets – in whom much has been invested. A multi million dollar project can be deep sixed if a key man goes Kayne or Chris Brown during production. Imagine casting Russell Crowe in a studio blockbuster, then investing millions in promotion, talking backing out of your corporate superiors, staking your personally reputation as a director or producer on the out come, only to have Russ, or whomever, go nuts and smack some one in public days before the premier. He goes down the tubes and takes you with him!

That raises the question about the future of fame. It maybe be why indie films are getting big. Low investment, minimal over head, with potential major pay off! It’s also why networks are going 24/7 reality TV. For Survivor (still around) you only have to assemble a cast of ambitious unknowns and drop them some where. Only the winner gets the million. So that beats paying the cast of Friends 20 million a year each. Every body wins, except for all the ones who lost. The winner might go Richard Hatch – but that’s his problem.

my modest proposal

There’s another novel solution. Michael Bay got very close in Transfomers (Bay could’ve sacked the actors, kept the robots, and the flick might’ve done at least as well), and James Cameron got even closer in Avatar. It’s not 3D (leave it to the rest of the industry to miss the point), but using computer simulated animation. Yes, digital celebrity might be the future of fame. Think about it; the messy human factor is eliminated from the bottom line equation. There would be no melt downs, & no fuck ups. Computer sims potentially look better than real actors, they don’t age, don’t get messy plastic surgery, & don’t have agents cause they don’t get paid. Plus you can turn them off! Sounds like an ideal solution!

Now that did come off as a little stiff and mechanical, but so do many pro actors. Plus tech development is increasing geometrically. so in a few years there will be no distinguishable difference between the performance of a robot, and a flesh and blood performer like Megan Fox! Of course it might puts rehabs out of business. Then again rehabs failed to teach celebs an important lesson: there is no fulfillment outside one’s self.

“You’re ready for the bigtime – once we fix your hair and get rid of the cornball costume, you’ll have it made!”

is the fast lane a short cut to skid row?

There’s no word yet on whether celebrities are going ot be replaced with robots. It would fit with the automation trend – using machines to do work too hazardous for humans. However if it happens, hopefully it will be covered right here. Wondertrash is your total celebrity source, covering the high life from the red carpet all the way to the gutter!


Levi Johnston is shooting for the stars – but still firing blanks!

Moron doesn’t know when to quit

Levi Johnston seems serious about his mayoral run in Wasilla. That’s promising since so far the guy has show a real lack of follow through! He knocked up Bristol Palin – soon to be seen on Dancing With the Stars – and went on to be a dead beat dad. Then he said alot of stuff about Sarah Palin, which he took back publicly. He even apologized to Sarah, but then he took that back claiming he’d been tricked into making it. Then he announced his engagement to Bristol. That went bust – much to Sarah Palin’s relief – when word got out that he’d knocked up another gal. When the engagement went bust so did his plans for a reality TV series with Bristol. So the lad has had some real trouble making things stick.

more schemes and scams

When he announced his plans to run for office up in Alaska, people naturally assumed that this was some kind of lame publicity stunt. They also expected it to run it’s course in about 15 minutes or so. That’s the usual half life of a Levi Johnston scheme. However that lad is out and about trying to win the voters over.

bullet boy takes aim, sets sights on whatever

For instance Levi recently made a public appearance at a Wasilla gun store. Johnston showed up at Chimo Guns to meet and greet anyone silly enough to vote for him (don’t count him out ’cause Alaskans did vote Palin in as governor). Naturally he showed up with a camera crew in tow – don’t leave home without one. Levi does seem to have more than public service on his mind. He’s taping his mayoral run for a reality TV series called ‘Loving Levi: The Road to the Mayor’s Office‘.

let’s give ’em something to talk about

So how did this recent fiasco turn out? Well here’s what TMZ employees had to say: “We’re told Levi talked with some of the employees at the shop about hunting — but according to our source, the political hopeful hasn’t had any time to kill some Dall sheep [Levi’s game of choice] … probably because of the whole reality show thing.

So he’s staying focused! Maybe his manager Tank Jones has something to do with that. The fellow seems to have an insane confidence in Johnston. Tank told RadaronlinePeople questioned Jesus Christ, so I definitely don’t care about these mere mortals questioning Levi Johnston. People can question whatever they want. I mean, he’s going to keep on doing his thing. He was going to do this, even if this wasn’t a reality show. If you live in a town and things are happening in that town, and you’re displeased with it, what do you do? You try to change those things.”

2 heads better than one, but 2 half wits don’t add up to whole wittedness

So Levi is bigger than Jesus now. I don’t know what Mr Tank is taking or even talking about, but by the sounds of him he better check himself into one of those rehabs fast. He already sounds like he’s got some advanced brain damage going on. He can’t rely on the ‘2 heads are better than 1‘ principle either, ’cause the other head in this belongs to Levi – a man who publicly admits to being out witted by Sarah Palin. So that would make this a case of 2 half wits failing to add up to whole wittedness. Never mind Levi. there’s plenty of opportunities left. Octomom is broke and desperate – so there’s got to be an in there for you! Besides, now that he’s staying focused, the next step on the path to maturity might be developing a plan B. It’s good to have a fall back position, in case his efforts to undermine democracy come up short.


Salahi’s get sued & Mothers Against Mel Gibson

celebrity gate grashers the salahis get into more legal troubleWhat kind of people are the Salahi’s? Well they’re the kind of people who can get high powered Washington operators like Desiree Rodgers fired. Desiree was the White House social director who got canned after the Salahi’s gate crashed an Obama event. They can also get things heated up on The View. After the White House stunt some View resident liberals (that’s everyone except Elizabeth Hasselbeck – but she might be coming around) made some strong statements like the Salahi’s are criminal and should be locked up. Even though this seems obvious, even without the White House stunt, the Salahi’s took exception and decided to sue. They also claim that Whoopee Goldberg roughed them up, verbally that is.

The Salahi’s are also the kind of folk who can get sued by they former manager Mahogany Jones. The gruesome twosome owe Jones a significant amount of money and that’s let to a law suit of it’s own. That’s also started Mahogany’s tongue wagging. Mahogany describes the Sahali’s as soulless sociopathic grifters who can seem nice at first but who will stop at nothing to get what they want – and what they want is publicity. At least that’s what she told Geraldo:

Now that’s some pretty strong language, especially there towards then end. It seems like the Salahi’s have a way of getting folk hot and bothered. So then it’s unfortunate that they have an insatiable desire of publicity. Maybe they should try taking the sage advice that TV Mom Shirley Jones gave to Mel Gibson by way of Hollywood TV:

BTW Hollywood TV seemed to be stalking TV moms that night. Shortly before pouncing on Shirley Jones they surprised Meredith Baxter. They pounced on her out side the Geffen Playhouse in Westwood:

Meredith’s advice and response was fairly sensible. Then again she’s been out of the business for a while, maybe long enough to return to her senses.

Meredith wasn’t the only TV Mom – Florence Henderson also had some compassionate words!

She has a heart! Well God bless her. Looks like Hollywod TV tracked down every TV Mom except Marge Simpson on this. In case you’re wondering what they’e all doing out side the Geffen theater, Dick Van Dyke was performing there.

Good ole Dick can still pack ’em in. What’s more he had some genuinely useful advice – “Hide out!“. Sooner or later fame comes to that.

They Salahi’s aren’t hiding out, but are getting a bit much with their series of annoying poses and their constant publicity hounding. It also seems like there aren’t too many lines that they wouldn’t cross to get to the top of the Celebrity D List ladder. At least no one has gotten hurt yet, except possibly Desiree Rodgers – who lost her White House job after the Salahi’s pulled that infamous stunt. It might be worth while to remind them that fame isn’t much of a game since there’s no challenge at all to getting attention. Just take the ladies of Comic Con for instance. They can turn the world on with just their smile, & some eye catching co play gear.

BTW for the many Gary Spaceman Bell fans – here’s his latest show.

Now that’s conspiracy theorizing! Let’s see Tila Tequila top that!

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