Reel Love will only get ya so far, even in the movies

Rumor has it that RPatz dumped Kristen Stewart at the Golden Globes. They showed up together and hung out at an after party, but were not officially dates. Now they are apparently going their separate ways. That’s because, sources say, Patz was getting pressure over taking Stewart back. Basically he was a laughing stock and Stewart was hurting his career & image. Meanwhile Stewart has accepted the split and decided that it’s okay for them to go back to being really good friends.

the shimmy sham show – Stewart & Pattinson leave em wondering

looks like there are more Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson break up rumours this time involving the Golden Globes they say it's good bye's ville for the pair after that which will have conspiracy theoriests saying I told you so
Stewart leaves em wondering

The thing is that this is exactly what all those Twilight conspiracy theorists said would happen, that Stewart & Patz would patch it up for the premiere, to get everyone interested & talking, then once the ticket sales are in they will quietly go their separate ways with the usual believable explanations that are heart felt and right from the publicist’s pen. Of course these are the same people who claim that Stewart and Pattinson were never a really a couple and that the relationship was a sham to hype the movie. For some reason paranoid types think movie goers will be more interested in a film if they think the stars are screwing in real life because they don’t know the difference between fantasy & reality. So the illusion has to be protected with tons of make believe. Now that the show is over the players merely need credible excuses so they can exit gracefully and move on to others acts.

Celeb gossip don’t answer question –  it’s just spreads shit around!

Now obviously that’s delusional thinking. The question is how many delusional thinkers run Hollywood studios? That is a question beyond they scope of celebrity gossip blogging’s ability to answer. However for the questions that we can answer take a look at the following short and informative video from CelebTV where they discussion the whole developing Pattinson Stewart break up story.

Now it may be true that Kristen may be through with Twilight. Who can say. They important thing that in Hollywood there are no shortage of ambitious and beautiful women waiting for any available void to be filled. So the show goes on. If some one can ‘t play the part then another person will. So I can not confirm the rumors that Angelina Jolie is currently trying to talk former co star Johnny Depp into an on screen rematch where they play the Pattinson and Stewart characters in a future set story line. Just because she has a human blood fetish is no reason to jump to conclusions. I will just say that Jolie is currently considering any and all offers from her undisclosed location – possibly the Bat Cave or the Fortress of Solitude.

could Angelina Jolie be considering the role of Wonder Woman in an upcoming movie?
Wondering Woman – Angelina Jolie has kept people guessing for years!

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