Latest allegation – Jimmy Savile was a Satanist!

More confirmation on the 2nd Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson bust up & this time from the Sun. It’s basically the same story: that he went out to California for the Golden Globes, that she was supposed to be his date, but he said “No way, let’s just keep it platonic“. Kristen was devastated naturally because this is the love of her life, but she was also totally cool about it. No word on who got custody of dog Bear this time (Pattinson & Stewart’s rescue pooch that kind of got caught int he middle last time around) or whether Kristen will be hanging onto any of Rob’s unwashed T Shirts and wearing them in public this time around. I just hope Twilight fans don’t need the grief counselors called in this time.

The Jimmy Savile case is taking on strange new twists. Savile is was the Brit TV presenter who is accused of molesting about 450, and growing, underage kids over the past 50 years. That would have to make him one of the most prolific pedophiles since Alasteir Crowley. Well it seems that Savile had something more in common with Crowley than disreputable sexual practices. Savile was also on a first name basis with Satan! That is he was if the latest report out of England is to be believed.

The report comes from a woman who claims that Savile and secret coven of Brit satanists raped and beat her while chanting “Hail Satan” (or “Ave Satanas” as she reported. She claimed the whole thing was done in Latin, and her repetition of the phrase gives credibility to her story. Now even ex Illuminaiti slave Svali, who claims she was raped in the basement of the Vatican during a Satanic initiation, was able to repeat specific phrases. , and wearing funny clothes (cloaks hoods & full Halloween regalia etc). The girl was 12 at he time and kept quiet for 20 years but the therapist Dr. Valerie Sinason has gone public – through the Express – for her.

According to the woman, who was a a patient at Stoke Mandeville in 1975, Savile and a group of masked individuals subjected her to ritual sexual abuse in the hospital’s basement. She describes the room as being full of candles and claims that she was beaten and raped by Savile and other unknown assailants. She claims that Savile wasn’t the group’s leader, but was important. Incidentally the girl’s testimony is independently supported by that of another complainant.The woman, also a patient of Dr. Sinason (who works with the Clinic for Dissociative Studies in London) claims she was abused by savile and others in a house in London sometime during 1980. Once again masks and rituals were involved in the abuse.

Now most people think that SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) went out with the 90’s. That’s because the whole phenomenon was largely discredited as the result of hysterical therapists leading impressionable clients into experiences they never had, through hypnotic regression techniques (this also explains much “past life regression” in the New Age movement). The work of leading shrinks like Dr. Elizabeth Loftus, on False Memory Syndrome, helped to cinch that. However the idea never really went away – partly due to the popularly assumed idea that split personalities – or dissociative identity disorder (or multiple personality disorder in the old days), was caused by ritual abuse. In fact some people take  it very seriously, like author and conspiracy theorist Fritz Springmeier; and former FBI Agent Ted Gunderson, who has gone on the speaking tour warning people of SRA.

So this is a very controversial topic. Since you’ve heard from Ex LA FBI Chief Gunderson, here’s a link to some articles by Dr. Loftus, which deal with False Memory Syndrome.


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