Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen) World’s Most Desirable Woman 2014

Who can turn the world on with a smile?

It’s award season. Everyone likes to stand out. So people are getting acknowledged for having talent, working hard, having low friends in high places, or even merely lifetime achievement. The entertainment industry likes to give feedback so people will know how well they’re doing. So sometimes they even acknowledge what entertainment is about – being really really ridiculously attractive and making a living out of that. Now that’s not my opinion but comes straight out of the industry. Zoolander said it. Maybe it was Megan Fox. The point is that they are both ridiculously good looking and make their respective livings out of that – except for the fact that Zoolander isn’t a real person. Then again it’s the entertainment industry so what does that have to do with anything?

What really matters is that Askmen have compiled a list of the top 99 hotties of 2014. No1 is that Game of Thrones chick Emila Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen, & you can say that again). Now I’ve never seen GoTs. As near as I can reckon it’s a show about power trips, and one of the actors looks like Luke Skywalker. So it sounds like Lord of the Rings on meth or something. You however can get a good look at Emila/Daenerys in the following short video courtesy of Askmen.

Now Emila is a very attractive actress, and this is a great honour; but personally I wouldn’t believe it unless i got it straight from Maxim. They seem to be the authorities on fluff and soft porno. Then again we’ve all got cynical about “World’s Hottests” lists every since Megan Fox, Jessica Alba, and Scarlett Johansson split the honour and the whole thing went the way of World Heavyweight Champion in the now totally defunct sport of boxing. Next year look for more sexy singers like Rihanna and Katy Perry to top the list by backing their beauty with talent & performance – to give it more credibility. You know, the way mixed martial arts filled the boxing void! Coming soon – World’s Hottest Female Athletes!

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Rihanna Posts Chris Brown Bed Pic

This is how you know that Chris Brown and Rihanna are officially back together – Rihanna Tweeted this pic of Chris Brown in bed. It’s nobody’s business but she shared it with us anyway! While Chris face isn’t seen int his picture you can see his tattoos plus the Bart Simpson jacket that he was pictured wearing only hours early that evening. Chris has a strong Bart Simpson theme going on in his life as you can tell by the comforter on his bed.

 From EOnLine.

Milla Jovovich playing Natasha Romanov in Black Widow movie? Now that’s not what I said!

MILLA JOVOVICH – NATASHA ROMANOFF/THE BLACK WIDOW: Milla Jovovich is Russian, looks like Natasha, and is a good actress. As seen in Resident Evil, she can be a badass. Milla Jovovich is ideal for Black Widow,

 More of the news in pictures – Natalie Portman is hard at work filming Thor over in London.  The full name fo the flick is Thor: The Dark World, and it’s out in about 1 year. Actually it’s out on Nov 8th 2013, but there’s really no point in telling you that because you’ll have forgotten what I posted and a bunch of other bloggers and entertainment reporters will have reminded you. In journalism 1st isn’t always as important as latest! It would be as pointless as reminding you that it’s called The Dark World instead of simply Thor because it’s a sequel to one of the numerous films in the whole Avengers related franchise that includes 2 Iron Men and counting, the aforementioned Thor, an Avengers film, and they also have a couple of Hulks. In fact they’ve done everything except a Black Widow flick, which Scarlett Johansson likes to remind people about. She may have a point since this would be another opportunity for Samuel Jackson to pick up another pay check for playing a Nick Fury cameo.  Of course if they hired Milla Jovovich to play Natasha Romanov in the film it might teach Scarlett something about running her mouth in public about Hollywood related business. Anyway the point is that anything I tell you hear could get lost in a lot of unrelated detail before it eventually becomes relevant again – so if you take only one thing away from this then it might be this picture of Nat looking all scruffy and smudgy, like a cat that got lost on a dark & stormy night! That’s more picturesque but less representative than saying hot bag lady in training. 

NAtalie Portman reports for service in London looking like a hot bag lady

Hot BAG Lady of the Enternet

Speaking of hot bag ladies we move on now to the entertainment world’s No 1 Hot BAG Lady and that is BAG’s old lady Megan Fox. AS you may or may not be aware Megan burst forth into public attention by starring in a couple of Michael Bay flicks called the Transformers. She then went on to take over the internet like a computer virus. That’s largely because single men like to look at her – a lot. Other men’s girl friends won’t let them – protecting them from unrealistic expectations. 

Megan’s big mouth

Just when it looked like Firefox might go Skynet and take over the planet in some unintentional form of world domination, Megan’s big mouth stepped in to save the world. People had already had so much of her that they wanted to scream if anyone even mentioned the name “Megan Fox” so the powers that be booked her onto one of those late night chat shows that were so popular a few years back, before Jay Leno allegedly stabbed Conan O Brien in the back, and David Letterman got caught getting friendly with the staff. Those scandals ruined late night talk and Dave’s popular satirical commentary routine (Dave either had to tone the act down or change the name of his show to The Glass House).

“That oughta shut her up!” – Bigfoot in her mouth

The point is that back then late night chat was still relevant and Megan was way over exposed so the two had to get together. Besides Meggers had a picture to promote. Megan made her famous comment “I’m not gonna sit hear and blow smoke up your ass” – Transformers isn’t about the acting”. She also called Michael Bay Hitler. The next time we say Miss Megan in a flick she was gagged and awaiting human sacrifice in Jennifer’s Body – which goes to show that you gotta watch what you say in Hollywood even if you got a mouth on you like Megan’s! Either way she was out of the Transformers franchise. Everyone thought that Bay got ride of her but he swears it wasn’t him and that Steven Spielberg called him up and told him to get ride of Foxy over that Hitler remark. No one was sure what to believe except we did start seeing a lot less of Foxy right after Jonah Hex tanked out at the box office.

post preggers Meggers

Megan Fox was almost briefly Wonder Woman in addition to her other duties a a fan boy dream girl

Megan did go on, so it’s not like she’s sharing a career with Katherine Heigl or anything.  She was briefly almost Wonder Woman! She did some roles in films that got mentioned  but which no one talks about having seen. She also recently had a kid – young Noah Shannon. Meggers was pretty sneaky about that one since the child was a month old before anyone knew she had delivered. That left folk wanting to know how motherhood had changed Megan Fox. She did post a very gracious letter to her fans on Facebook in which she expressed her gratitude for participating in the miracle of motherhood. That’s probably not what people meant  and were more interested in “how does she look?” meaning “has she still got it??” Well you can see for yourself by clapping your eager little peepers on the following post preggers Meggers pic posted here below. 

Post preggers Meggers shows up at the Writers Guild Theater on Wednesday to support This IS Forty looking fantastic

As any fool can plainly see Foxy is one hot mama! Meggers showed herself off Wednesday night in Beverly Hills @ the Writers Gould Theater during a party held for the cast and crew of This Is Forty – her new flick.

Meantime keep checking the Trash where no body’s business is everybody’s business!

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Jennifer Aniston pregnant?

Is Jennifer Aniston pregnant? According to Star mag she is cause they put it right out there on their cover, with no question marks to qualify it! Read more @ Jennifer Aniston “Pregnant” For Real?http://bit.ly/TLghGG

Is Jennifer Aniston pregnant? She is if supermarket tabloids canb be believed

Aniston may, or may not, be pregnaqnt but others, like Scarlett Johansson, are still trying ot get lucky! In Scarlett’s case she’s trying with the help of an eye catching and discreetly placed tattoo!

with jennifer anioston pregnant others like scarlett johansson are still trying to get lucky, sometimes with the help of eyecatching and discreetly placed tattoos

So congrats to Jen on finally getting knocked up – allegedly.

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Year of the Bunny

A green Playboy Bunny attending the Karma Foun...Image via Wikipedia

Bunnies are a big deal. Ever since they invaded the island continent of Australia people realized they needed watching. Of course many already figured that out from watching they mayhem these warm cuddly creatures regularly created in Saturday morning children’s cartoons. It seemed like they were constantly thwarting attempts to murder them, often with the use of mallets, high explosives, and even spring loaded boxing gloves – often provided by ACME Inc., probably free in exchange for product placement.
It was only a matter of time before these menaces found their way into popular culture – a wasteland that like the Australian Outback is tailor made for them. Hugh Hefner introduced the bunny to the world back in the 60’s through his chain of fetish cocktail clubs. There hard up unfaithful swingers could be waited on by attractive young women in rabbit costumes – floppy ears, fuzzy tail, etc. I even hear that the original costume featured oversized plastic “Bugs Bunny” teeth, which were quickly phased out – possibly following some injuries.
Hefner’s strain of Playboy Bunny proved even more popular than the cartoon breed. Soon we were up to our ear holes in grinning, bulging young varmints who were on the make with a vengeance. They sported every charm plastic surgery, and Hef’s substantial check book, could provide, up to and including over bites of buck toothed cartoon rabbit proportions! Hef made a good living marketing human bunnies for public consumption. The trouble started when these things began getting loose and roaming at large – free range bunnies began making trouble!
The first one to really get in the public eye was Anna Nicole “Big Bunny” Smith. Once she got a taste of the Golden Carrot she decided she liked it, and went on pursuing it with a vengeance that Bugs might envy! She left no stone unturned – plastic surgery, mercenary marriage, and even videoed herself giving birth to daughter Dannilynn so that the footage could be marketed! Anna eventually came to grieve, but not before she made a major mess out of her own live, the lives of her family and acquaintances, not to mention the Marshal clan – that;’s the family of the 90 something oil billionaire she married for true love back in the 90’s. Hey, it was the Clinton era!
Now people should’ve learned their lesson from ANS, and started treating these fluffy fearsome creatures with as much trepidation as the Monty Python Knights faced that killer rabbit in Holy Grail! Unfortunately the beast was loose – and the Aussie can tell you how hard those mangy critters are to handle once they get a foothold. Anyhow there was a five hundred channel universe for them to roam free in now. In fact there was far more air space than there was content to fill it. That’s why they invented Reality TV. So it seemed like there couldn’t be too much harm done by these friendly menaces. Soon bunnies were popping up everywhere, in The Bunnies Next Door Playboy reality TV show, as Gene Simmons sig other in Family Jewels, in the form of Gene Simmons sig other Shannon Tweed, and even in the news if you count the local weather slut or Katie Curic on the Evening News! Tom Cruise even tossed his long time partner Nicole Kidman for creepy bunny Katie Holmes. Australia knows no respite from these beasts!
With the rise of Britney Spears & Scarlett Johansson it looked that bunnies had not only gone mainstream but were about to gain a credibility that they had heretofore not enjoyed. It was only when a rare breed of Alaskan Killer Bunny, named Sarah Palin, started to invade America’s capitol, & even beginning to encroach within the belt way, that the public started to become fully conscious of the threat. Bearing a relentless smile, Sarah gnawed away on the collective mind of her country like some rogue bunny working it’s fearsome choppers through a cabbage patch! It was touch and go for awhile, and even David Letterman had about as much luck dealing with her as Elmer Fudd. Eventually the Alaskan Killer Bunny was deflected into the realms of reality TV and the tabloids – where she burned herself out. Another critter nearly invaded the White House by attaching herself to pres Candidate John “Pretty Boy” Edwards. However she was an extremely destructive version; ruining Edwards character, marriage, and career before he could get her anywhere near the Nation’s # 1 position. It worked out like a virus destroying it’s host! However It was a close call.
So where does that leave bunnies in the future? By now they’ve left such a track wreckord – in the form of the usual trail of wreckage, that the public should be well aware of the threat posed! However there still seems to be a place for these worthless destructive creatures. Word has it that Charlie’s Angels is rebooting, and going back to what was the original title and premise of the 1st series. Produces say that they are adding much more jiggle and fluff to the series, and plan to rename it “Bunny Squad”.Producers claim they were inspired by the small Southern town that announced plans to give the local Sherif’s dept. a public image make over by hiring Hooter’s girls as officers. Citing that “It worked for Hooters”, the sherif claimed that public attitudes towards law enforcement might improve if officers were perceived as more friendly and attractive! He also claimed that there was some enthusiastic support for the proposal, though only from small town criminals – “Are you gonna take me away officer?” “I might have to cuff and taser you too!” “Then the day only gets better. Lead on Sgt Pepper!“ ”Oh she’s Pepper. I’m Salty!” “Hallalujah!” As it turned out the whole report, that started the Charlie’s Angels reboot, was an article in The Onion – a herb so refreshingly toxic that even bunnies avoid it! – but by then the damage was done. Once it gets started it’s hard to stop. For instance I hear that David E Kelley is trying to get his Wonder Woman pilot redone in a new fluff and jiggle format tentatively titled Wonder Bunny! Just don’t get your carrot stuck in the Magic Lasso of Truth!
The Goodies: The Goodies vs the Moon Bunnies
Watch Invasion of the Moon Creatures – The Goodies in Comedy | View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com

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