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Bad News BAG

Life isn’t all beer and skittles when you’re married to Megan Fox. There are also out standing unpaid debts from the ex to deal with. Back in 1990 Brain Austin Green was involved witht he mother of his now nine year old child. Her name is Vanessa Marcil. For some reason he gave, or loaned, her $50 000. Who knows what possessed him to hand over that kind of money except that it was probably cheaper than paying off some lawyer. Then he topped that off by giving or loaning her another whopping $150 000!

Well that was over 20 years ago and BAG says he ain’t sen one thin dime of the cash she allegedly owes him since. Even though he asked for pay back as recently as November! So he’s going off to court to get satisfaction! To that end BAG has filed suit against his ex to the tune of 200 000, for the unpaid loan and for unspecified damages. Now 20 years might seem like a long time to wait to get a 200 000 loan paid back but give BAG a break. Meggers ain’t been making any Transformers lately! Incidentally Brian and Vanessa worked together back on 91210.

Gene Hackman had a run in recently literally. The 81 yaer old was out and about riding his bike in the Florida Keys when he got knocked over by a passing motorist. He was reported as suffering serious injuries to the head and body, and was airlifted to hospital. Before the Hackman fans start freaking that was at 3 PM local time yesterday. By 2:40 PT he was released from hospital. Hackman inists that he’s fine and onl;y suffered bumps and bruises after being hit by a driver from behind. So let that be a warning to you aboutt he dangers of exercise and other forms of physical activity!

the latest on Scientology

It’s been awhile since there have been any good Scientology stories but that seems to be changing. For years Marty Rathbun was Scientology’s No 2 exec. Rathbun recently revealed by way of his blog that for years Scientology used a man named Michael Doven, now a celebrity photographer, to keeps taps on one of their top assets – Tom Cruise.

Back in 1990 Cruise was with Kidman. That put some strain on his relationship with the Church of Scientology and with it’s leader David Miscavige. It seems that Ms Kidman didn’t care for Miscavige and feared that he would be some kind of bad influence on Tom. So she laid down the law – no more hanging around Int Base. Tom was eager to please his high strung and demanding partner, so he went along with it. That lead to a period of estrangement between him and the church.

Just because Tom stopped coming by didn’t mean that Miscavidge had forgotten about him. In act the head Scientologist had his ways of staying in touch. Among them was Michael Doven, an employee of the Cruise, and a Church member. Doven would report everything he saw and heard int he Cruise household back to Miscavige and his then associates, like Rathbun. By everything I mean everything, like Cruise’s marriage with Kidman, his concerns about the Church, and his working relationship with Steven Spielberg. This allowed the Church to win Cruise back by tailoring an approach around his personal issues and concerns. Cruise eventually returned to the fold back in 2001.

For more on this story head on over to the Voice, where they have an extensive transcript of conversations between Michel and Marty:

Village Voice: running scared

Village Voice: What Is Scientology?

BTW most of the anti Scientology stuff that’s been coming out since 2000 has been from former Church members, often high ranking ones. In some cases officials who were defending the Church in one new show might be blowing the whistle on the same program a year later. So that raises the question as to whether or not the whole Scientology brouhaha is just some power struggle within the Church by people who may be unhappy with Miscavidge’s leadership, and are using the media to stir things up. If Miscavidge goes the same people may be in reverse spin a little later, and then you’ll hear a lot of pro Scientology stuff coming out of those same sources. It’s the media spinning game. Unfortunately the ever vigilant media seems to have missed the deeper story – vicious infighting, in spite of so many ex members dropping by in eager tattle mode to drop of the latest Scientology scoop.

Hopefully I’m not coming off like a Scientology sympathizer. Though some groups can be very quietly critical of Scientology, here at Wondertrash every dogma gets it’s day!

Since we began with BAG and his lovely wife Megan Fox, let’s end with some Megan Fox inspired Wonder Woman art!

Megan Fox Wonder Woman
Megan Fox Wonder Woman
Megan Fox Wonder Woman
Megan Fox Wonder Woman
Megan Fox Wonder Woman

Tabloid preserved for posterity online!

For those of you who loved the old Weekly World News you can now go back in time a read read your favorites about Bat boy, Hilary Clinton Impregnated by Aliens, and World’s Fattest Cat Eats Owner! They’re stored online @ GoogleBooks!

image courtesy of the Cave of Cool


JLo divorce – unsubstantiated rumours

The unofficial official story on the JLoMarc Anthony split up is that he was a domineering control freak who broke Jenny’s fragile spirit. Miss Piggy Lopez had to ditch Kermit Anthony because he was just too much macho for her. To that end she gave some interviews about loving herself enough to walk away. No one ever doubted that JLo loved her self enough. Many suspected that she loved herself a bit too much. While Jenny may think of herself as as tender shoot and delicate blossom, the rest of the world finds the idea of her being dominated about as believable as – well – the idea that I regularly beat up Mike Tyson for his lunch money! Still the current story had Marc A clearly to blame, at least according to JLO’s official and unofficial spokespersons.

According to the Daily Mail Online there’s another reason behind the bust up: JLo’s commitment to Scientology. JLo is a good friend of the church’s Vice Thetan in Chief Tom Cruise. She’s also been very publicly sympathetic towards the church, defending it through such statements as ‘I just wish that people wouldn’t judge it without knowing what it is.’ Fair enough. Reasonable people might feel that way about any religion – except for those mad, radical Muslims with their irrational hatred of promiscuous sex and scantily clad women – oh wait that whole war on terror thing is over now! So we can put aside our irrational fear and paranoia towards Muslims, and they can get back to their secret repressed interest in scantily clad promiscuous Western women – those dirty little tramps!

JLo’s sympathy to Scientology goes a little bit beyond defending the Church in public. She also has considered sending the Royal Twins her kids to a Sci School. At least if she meant what she said in the very same interview where she defended Sci. In fact she said she “wouldn’t mind” sending her kids to space school. Now according to an unnamed source close to the couple Marc wasn’t as enthusiastic about Scientology as JLo. So when the whole school issue came up Marc said no and that made the couple go Tom & Nicole! So it looks like this divorce is about to get more interesting.

Now here are some handy links on that story:
KHMX Radio



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Tom Cruise is in the news

Wondertrash – chewing the fat through thick & thin

It depends what you mean by gay…

The National Enquirer has a provocative cover this week. While the issue contains no definitive proof that Tom Cruise is now or ever has been gay, it does take aim at Sci, based on a new book by defector Amy Scobee. First Scobee tackles the gay rumors, claiming that they were made up by imprisoned Hollywood PI Anthony Pellicano. According to Scobee, Pellicano was in the habit of making up rumors about his celeb clientele and then running to them with offers to fix the problem.

… and by lies!

The new book says that the gay rumors really broke Tom up. He even had to have a heart to heart with Katie Holmes about them. Tom confided his secret anguish to the lady in his life. He told Ms. Cruise that the gay talk was “a pack of lies”. Katie was shocked and had never heard the stories. I had no idea Dawson’s Creek was so far off the beaten path! It must be up in Alaska or something.

High on life, and on auditing

Worse still were the drug rumors. Tom feels that his image was tainted by the stories (though nowadays his image is tainted by much worse). Now the drug rumors are supported in the book. Scobee claims that auditors regularly spill their guts about what goes on in sessions, especially if anything interesting gets dredged up. This goes on to be in church gossip of the Mrs. Rev. Lovejoy variety. According to Scobee she got it from a very high source (David Miscavige’s wife Shelly) that Tom was turned down for Seeorg due to past drug use. Ms Miscavidge goes on to say that pot or coke wouldn’t be enough to disqualify you.

The walls have ears and the spies have eyes

Shelly had even more to say to Scobee. Ms Miscavige at one point confessed that there was a gay sex tape on the loose featuring one of the Church’s most prominent spokespersons. Now that’s not necessarily Tom. John Travolta does a lot of work for Sci, and has been known to enjoy a kiss on the mouth from attractive men, who are often in his employ! Anyway Shelly gets herself all upset and finally exclaims “we had to do something about that man!” Scientology regards homosexuality as a disease, like alcoholism or Tourette’s Syndrome.

may the force be with you

The plot thickens. Scobee goes on to reveal that everyone in Tom Cruise’s household, from the lord chamberlain down to the court jester, is also working for Miscavige as spies. Naturally the staff reports back to Darth Vader, who is their real boss of bosses. As a result Davey Boy knows everything about everything about the Cruise’s.

To boldly go

No question that Tom is a star in the Scientology galaxy. His former auditor Mark Rathbun, has become officially the second highest person in the organization (de jure that is, Tom is de facto). Mark was even assigned the touchy Nicole Kidman situation. Apparently Miscavige was no fan of Nicole and made Rathbun point man on the divorce, to get it done. Well no organized religion is all bad. Rathbun has confirmed this in his own words (as written for him by David Miscavige – we know that no one in Scientology would break wind without his permission): “in 2001 through 2003 Miscavige personally assigned me as Inspector General RTC – the second highest ecclesiastical position in the religion – to coordinate Tom’s divorce from Nicole and to serve as his auditor.”

very interesting

So it seems like Ms. Scobee’s book is gonna be even more interesting than Kitty Kelley’s Oprah bio. Now the book is called Scientology: Abuse at the Top. You might want to keep a look out for it at your local bookstore. Meanwhile here are some more interesting related links:

Anthony Pellicano

Tom Cruise’s lawyer has responded


Charlie does Klinger

Meanwhile it looks like Charlie Sheen has managed to get clear of his drug addicted wife Brooke Mueller, and without the help of David Miscavige! The pair were back and forth following their Christmas Day altercation. An impasse had developed where Charlie wanted Brooke to drop the charges and go away, while Brooke wanted to stay around and help Charlie collect his $20 mill.

Joke’s on Brooke

Sometimes the best way out of a stalemate is not an ultimatum but a good old fashioned game of chicken. Charlie started saying that he was gonna quit 2 1/2 Men cause he no longer gave a damn. Bye bye $20 mill! Then he shaved his head and started walking around in pajama bottoms to show he was crazy enough to mean it. He even posed for paparazzi while holding up his InTouch issue entitled Dumbest Disguise Ever. He was grinning ear to ear.

Do short cuts get you anywhere in the long run?

Brooke probably couldn’t take the embarrassment any more. A genuine sense of humor is always worrying to earnest game players. So much so that it’s often mistaken for insanity. Soulless Morlocks just don’t get humor – their minds are too tactical. Fortunately this got clued up before Chuck started wearing dresses and bed wetting and then talking to TMZ about it.

Reverse spin = no spin? Is spin in the eyes of the beholder?

Now a South Park update. As you’ll recall the producers got themselves into some hot water with another swipe at organized religion. Now FOX News (Is “FOX News” becoming oxymoronic? That’s a step up from moronic I guess) has come to their defense, sort of. FOX has not so much come to their defense, or even the defense of free speech in general, as they have taken the opportunity to make a point about their favorite pet peeve – liberals. It is FOX, so you know what to expect.


Spaced out Saturday: L Ron Hubbard & Scientology

Swingin’ with the stars

You can’t write a blog about celebrity without occasionally mentioning the beliefs of some celebrities. Celebrities are people who wanted to stand out as the best of the best and then settled for ‘different’. If they were anymore different they’d be special. Being special is the ‘operatinational’ code of every celebutard, and that includes having ‘special needs’; whether it be in cars, sexual partners, wacky children names, radical political beliefs, and out of this world spiritual views.

The Post-modern Profit

Among celebrity gurus L Ron Hubbard is easily the most celebrated. He even eclipses the Beatles guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Mahesh Yogi naively tried supplying westerns with answers. Since that had been a losing proposition ever since the days of Sigmund Freud, Westerners quickly cottoned on to this. Hubbard instead offered personality, space ships, and unbelievable PR combined with the promise that anything is possible for those who obey (the “operational” mantra of any cult leader).

Walter Mitty: “When can I stop pretending to be some one else and get back to pretending to be myself?”

In other words he made a lot of stuff up. He claimed that he had fought with pirates, bonded with Hopi Indians, discovered Uranium while mapping the interior of Africa (“It was through my exposure to the radiation that I was able to access inner sections of my Akashic memory”), and in fact enough for ten lifetimes. So much stuff that he had to include reincarnation into his schema to account for being in too many places doing too many things. Reincarnation left him too much time to fill, and so he had to spend ten million years as a clam (Hence the “Operation Clambake” motto of some of the cults equally fanatical detractors).

Truth is stranger than science fiction

His real life exploits as a megalomaniacal con man were easily more interesting than his made up life as a swashbuckling adventurer. L Ron Hubbard was a failed con man who was never a WW2 combat hero – as he claimed. He was a member of Aliester Crowley’s ORO Templis lodge. Crowley later kicked him out for being too crazy (an opinion Charles Manson would later voice about Scientology). By then Hubbard had met Jet Propulsion Laboratory founder and rocket scientist Jack Parsons. They were both heavily into the occult. Hubbard cheated Parsons out of $5000 and his wife. This was also about the time he came up with Scientology/Dianetics, since he had concluded that “In order to make real money I’d have to start my own religion“. After allegedly stealing a lot of ideas and also some writers’ manuscripts he was in business. The rest is tabloid history.

Minds should be free, but the tech is gonna cost ya!

Now here’s Doc Film about the strange life of Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard.



Scientology Defector Mark Headly Blows Whistle on Cult’s Strange Inner Workings


Scientology TV blow up


What Scientology can do for you!

From Scientology Handbook: How can Scientology Help Me

The Scientology religion contains workable answers to the problems people face in their lives. The subject matter of Scientology is all life. It contains practical means through which predictable improvement can be obtained in any area to which it is applied.

Scientology recognizes that man is not just so many vials of chemicals fortuitously combined into a remarkable stimulus-response machine. Scientology views man as a spiritual being with native capabilities which can be improved far beyond what is generally believed possible. In fact, it has been demonstrated that man deteriorates to the degree that he denies his spiritual nature and ceases to live with moral values, such as trust, honesty, integrity and other sometimes intangible characteristics.

Scientology: Before & After

Suri Cruise starting pre school brainwashing course

Suri Cruise as a birthday coming up on the 19th of this month and her parents have already picked out a very special gift for her – they’ve enrolled her in special $6000 a year pre school Scientology brainwashing classes. Suri will be signed into Will Smith’s Scientology based New Village Academy only days after her birthday.

Swingin’ on a star
Once classes begin, the Space Princess will be educated in the ways of her people. She will learn such things as the importance of ‘study technology’, and a low carb diet. Hopefully this will prepare her for more advanced classes, like purpose driven telepathy and target oriented visualization, when she comes of age. Eventually she may even learn to pilot her own UFO, but one step at a time. Education begins with a blank slate, so that’s where the intensive junior brain washing comes in.
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