Sean Young arrested trying to crash Oscar party

Sean Young was a big deal back in the 80’s. Then she was a potential It Girl. She was kind of like Megan Fox with an air of class and intelligence. She starred in a couple of big films like Blade Runner and Wall Street. Then she started dating James Woods and went nuts, allegedly. She began stalking him and eventually was suspected of leaving a mutilated doll on his front door. The doll stunt was either a veiled threat or a cry for help, depending on what you want to make of it. Sean got the reputation for being so insane that in a show down with Dexter’s Leila Tourney poor Leila would probably wind up on a platter with an apple in her mouth! So she was bad news and that meant Hollywood stopped calling with fabulous opportunities.

She did reappear from time to time. Like the incident where she had to be ejected from a award gala (Directors Guild of America ) for heckling a director. She was apparently drunk and began circling the room as the poor man received his award. Then she began hollering and making some kind of a scene. Then it was time to go. So a friendly security guard landed on her and escorted her from the premises. Then, back in 2006, she got caught trying to gate crash a Vanity Fair Oscar party. Naturally award ceremonies can be rough on a former “girl most likely“.

Now when it comes to award ceremonies there’s nothing bigger than the Oscars. So a lot of emotional pressure builds up around it. All those esteem issues come into play. So perhaps that’s why poor Sean Young had another ‘episode’. Seems that with the numerous Oscars parties being held in and around the Thirty Mile Zone last night no one bothered to invite Sean Young to any of them. They were probably afraid that she’d make a scene. A scene is what she wound up making.

Sean tried to crash an Oscar party at the Governor’s Ball. She showed up around 9:25 PM in a evening gown and was not allowed in. This lead to an altercation with a security guard which on lookers ( Tom Januszewski, an Associated Press business executive witnessed the incident ) said happened very quickly. The guard subdued Young by placing his forearm on her head and neck while another guard slapped the cuffs on her. She was then taken into custody. In other word they landed on her like she was the underwear bomber caught trying to sneak into first class. They didn’t taser the poor woman and that’s about it. Though Sean came off the worst of it she was the one who got charged, for misdemeanor battery!

No one seems to be saying much about the incident. Tara Lee Curtis – a publicist for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences didn’t not return voice mails. Sean Young’s agent – & yes she still has one named David Shapira, didn’t respond to questions about Ms Young’s behavior either. Even Ms Young herself was kinda close lipped as she was lead away in handcuffs. About the only thing that we do know is that she is on the loose and at large after posting $20 000 bail this morning. So watch your step Hollywood because no one knows where this woman may strike next – but anywhere with free bar service is a strong possibility!

Sean did make it into some Oscar events that night. Early she was spotted by USA Today reported Claudia Puig getting friendly with Angelina Jolie. Jolie was a the bar with partner Brad Pitt when Young sidled up and asked for Angie to pose for a picture with her. “Darling, we have the same hair dresser, and girls like us need help with our hair,” she told Angelina. was her intro line. The couple graciously posed with Ms. Young. Young was apparently hitting up everyone for photos.

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