Justin Bieber Going to Trial in DUI Case, Not Seeing Miley Cyrus

Is Justin Bieber celebrity No. 1? He’s getting a to of media attention these days. That probably has something to do with his youthful high spirits, and many of the “problem” behaviors that go along with the that. Behavior like driving drunk. He’s gonna be standing trial over that. So expect even more media attention. Here’s brief video from the good people @ HollyscoopTV.

Could the news get any worse? When you’re a professional celebrity it can always get worse. now Bieber is rumored to be hooking up with the equally notorious Miley Cyrus. Some kind of photoshopped picture of them has been making the rounds. Miley has had to make some kind of public announcement saying that she & the Bieber are not any kind of item. At least that’s the story from HollyscoopTV.

About 4 years ago JB was an anonymous teen ager making youtube videos for his mom. Then the ugly hand of fame reached down and plucked him from obscurity and into a Pandora’s Box fame & fortune. Now the poor kid hasn’t had a dull moment in quite a while. Hopefully he can get his act together before Dr. Drew gets in on the act. Or even worse he winds up Dancing With the Stars.

So I guess the moral of the story is that super fame can open the doors to fabulous experiences like driving around drunk in a Bugatti, or whatever brand of car Bieber got busted driving drunk in. It can also open the door to some hairy misadventures. Then you can go from hero to heel as fast as the National Enquirer can hit the presses, or your latest tweet hits the Internet, or even worse your mugshot gets into general circulation. So if you must be famous, then watch your step, use your super powers wisely, & maybe think about developing some kind of secret identity!

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Why Selena Gomez Left Rehab Early

It’s harder being Selena Gomez then  you think.  For one thing there;’s the whole Justin Bieber issue. Her erstwhile boyfriend has gone rogue or something. He could be on an international crime spree – I’m not sure. Selena begged him to let her go Bonny and Clyde with him. The whole thing could be valuable life experience that she could use in a new album. You know, the way Taylor Swift uses relationships. However it just wasn’t on.

Selena ain’t the only young woman with problems though. Take Miley Cyrus for instance. She’s had an interesting and eventful year that didn’t leave much room for an encore. However she found it, sort of. A Brit mag called starting floating quote from Cyrus dissing Beyonce. Basically she said allegedly that Beyonce is all washed up so it’s Miley’s turn now. In fact the mag had Miley saying – “As Beyoncé grows in motherhood and all the crap it does to your body, it will create a vacuum for fresh young faces to rise up and no one else can properly fill that void right now,” she’s quoted as saying. “I got the total package, you know, the curves, the rhythm, and the voice. I’m just the best.”

Now if she had said that it would be sheer madness. For one thing Beyonce’s husband is 32 degree freemason and music impresario Jay Z. He’s a kind of important man in the entertainment world. So if you have an aspiring music career then you don’t go around talking shit like that, unless you want you next gig to be on Dancing With the Stars.

So not surprisingly Miss Miley says she never said it. She took to Twitter too, to make that known. However she does more or less repeat the quote in her denial. At least the whole “hotter than Beyonce”, “Got the curves”, and “total package” stuff. She just bracketed it with “I never said that” and “So some liar made it up”. Or as she said – “That quote people MADE UP about Beyonce just made me lol! Imagine if I said I got ‘the looks and the curves I’m just better!’ Hahahahhaha,” she tweeted. And later, “making the liar retract the statement. U can cause ALOT of drama but NOT between me & B!”

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Justin Bieber’s good deed

Justin Bieber has had his share of controversy what with his alleged pot smoking and Selena Gomez break up make up relationship. The Bieb took time out from the bad press recently to visit with a young fan. The fan is Millie Flamm and she’s a cancer patient living in Salt Lake City, Utah. The 7 year old is receiving treatments for her condition at Primary Children’s Medical Center.

Millie has been battling leukemia for that past 3 yers. She had planned to see Bieber in concert when he passed through Utah (scheduled for Saturday night at Energy Solutions Arena). However the 7 year old became too sick to attend & had to sell her concert tickets That led to a online campaign to get her and the Bieb together. A personal meet & greet witha  celeb is a tough trick to pull off. So no one was really holding their breath over it. Then at the last miunte the unexpected happened.

At the last minute Bieber arrived to visit Millie. The singer spent time with Millie and her family in a private meeting during which he sang her the song “Baby” while holding her hand, and then gifted her with the guitar pick he had used whole playing. Millie’s Mom Amanda says that her daughter still hasn’t let go of the pick – “She is squeezing on to it with all her might and will not let it go,” Amanda Flamm said.

 Millie’s mom Amanda goes on to say in an interview posted by Desertnews.com that Bieber’s visit has made a big difference in their lives. “It just has re-energized all of us. We are ready to keep going and fight harder with all this backing and this fun thing that has happened today, and keep going and keep fighting.

Now many of you cynbics out there are gonna be saying “he only did this to distract attention from the whole pot thing” Well there are two repsonse to that 1. does it matter why he did it if it made a difference to the youn g girl, & 2. Biebs has dfonet his sort of thing before, like in the following youtubne vid posted 10 moinths ago:

& again 2 months ago:

& again in london about 1 yaer ago:

So perhaps it’s okay to give the kid some credit for this. Not every celebrity is so plugged into their fans.

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Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Back On: Hold Hands At AMA’s

& Now something to balance out the Chris & Rihanna reunion!

There’s very good news for all you Bieber believers out there. The news seemed pretty bleak for a while. That’s because Justin Bieber and his pretty girl friend Selena Gomez were on the outs. Selena’s people issued some kind of a press release saying that the junior power couple were splitzville cause Selena was having some trust issues with the Bieb. That was bad timing because The Bieber had just giving a big interview in which he proclaimed his love for Gomez and talked about how proud he was to take thing public with her. The bust up announcement came before the interview got aired so it made things look kind of bad for Bieber.

However true love has prevailed – just like in the Twilight universe, with this recent announcement that Justin and Selena are back on again. Just watch this short video from TMZ for confirmation, and then relax and settle back into a feeling of well being that comes from knowing the universe is in harmony!

Although those little rascals did have me worried for awhile!

Justin TV

Justin and Selena’s teeny bopper break up had to be the biggest news since Kristen Stewart turned trampire and cheated on poor Robert Pattinson, or since Wonder Woman kissed Superman. Wonder Woman swears on her Amazonite bracelets that he kissed her, & that kissing a man “wasn’t that bad” – “I just closed my eyes and imagined Katy Perry!“. Official word from the Man of Steel‘s people is that Diana was on him like a dog on a fire hydrant the minute his guard was down, and it was as much as he could do to eventually restrain her! In fact sources close to the MoS claim he says that for a while it was like Wonderlips thought that she was a Baywatch lifeguard taping a rescue scene with poor hapless Supes as a drowning victim to be mouth massaged back to life. AS for Justin & Selena you can read the score card of their bust ups and reunions over @ EOnLine! It’s compelling reading that you just can’t miss!

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Bust ups

Surly Sam

Sam Worthington was the star of flicks like Terminator Salvation, Clash of the Titans and Avatar. His most recent appearance has been in a police mugshot. That’s because Sam got into a bust up with a doorman @ The Vortex down in Atlanta. Seems that Surly Sam wandered in last Saturday but got turned away at he door. Seems he was intoxicated.  At least that’s what the police report quoted on Celebuzz.com said. Sam didn’t care for the Southern hospitality and got pushy with doorman Jerry Link. In fact Worthington shoved him twice. So Link pepper sprayed Worthington, handcuffed him, & then called the cops. Worthington got charged with disorderly conducted, but was sprung again by Monday. So he could head right back to work on his Ten film, which stars Arnold Schwarzenegger. Worthginton’s managber was contacted for a statement but naturally repsondded no comment – “We can’t make any comment.” but did confirm the incident to People Magazine!

Selena Gomez leaves ya wanting more!

Speaking of People they’re reporting that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are officially splitsville. There have been rumours about that for awhile now. People sez:

“She broke up with him about a week ago,” a source tells PEOPLE. “With them being apart so much it got complicated. She had some trust issues. It’s not easy, but the relationship needed to end.”

The actress, 20, and Bieber, 18, officially stepped out as a couple in February 2011 after months of dating quietly.

The couple fought off breakup rumors in August 2011 and again this past July, but were spotted enjoying a haunted house together on Sept. 30.

“I don’t ever want her to feel like I’m ashamed of her,” the pop star tells Oprah Winfrey of his decision to go public with his relationship despite fan backlash, in an interview set to air Nov. 25.

So the word is that she dumped him!  It’ll be interesting to hear a response from Bieber on who dumped whom and what the trust issues were.

Dumped by the Beeb

 The BBC has some trust issues these days. That’s because the late Jimmy Saville has been accused of having molested hundreds of underage girls during his career as a Brit pop cult icon and BBC mainstay. Worse still he had some of his cronies like Gary Glitter in on it with him. Glitter still has to answer to those allegations but is currently under arrest and awaiting a Dec hearing. Meanwhile Freddie Starr swears he had nothing to do with the whole sorry mess, is deeply offended by allegations from ‘head cases’, and is hiring private investigators to clear his name. Brits are waiting for the shit to hit the fan in the form of a wave of hi profile celebrity sex arrests!

One head has already hit the chopping block. BBC director general George Entwistle has just stepped down. The BBC dragged it’s heels on reporting the Savile story and Entwistle was quoted as saying the controversial broadcast on Savile should never have been broadcast. He was referring to the Newsnight program. He made that statement on Saturday – and a little later the same day gave the following statement “I have decided that the honorable thing to do is to step down.” The report wrongly implicated a former Conservative Party official, Alistair McAlpine.

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