Crimes and Misdemeanors

Looks like it’s hard times for politicians. Public personality Anthony Wiener is recently catching some flack over his impromptu Twitter appearance. seems that he was texting some pictures of his little namesake to some random floozy he connected with when he hit the wrong button and the pix went public. You know how these things can happen in the excitement of the moment. Tony originally said that his twitter account had been hacked into, probably be political enemies, but that came clean and admitted that he was in fact himself the culprit!

Now this bad news couldn’t have come at a worse time since Tony’s lil wifey is preggers! They got hitched up about a year ago this July. That wedding made some headlines at the time since Tony’s Jewish and his lovely bride is Muslim. So the Islamic internet message boards kept saying that this is what happens when you let go Muslim gals go west!

Not that Mrs Wiener is any stranger to controversy. She was formerly known as Huma Abedin back in her pre Wiener days. What makes that significant is that she was Hilary Clinton’s No 1 personal aide and trusty staffer back during the Democratic Primaries! Huma was so dedicated to her job that she seldom left Hilly’s side. In fact it was aid that if you tried to call Clinton late at night Abedin picked up the phone. Same deal early in the morning. That little arrangement had tongues wagging – maybe even Hilary’s! Anyway when she married Wiener she was consider de lesbo’d – officially anyway. So the up side of this is that Hilly’s a daddy, sort of.

So that leaves Wiener assessing his politically future as FOX News howls for his resignation, and possible castration, on the grounds of his being a dirty liberal who got caught at something so let’s make the most of it. Howling over John Edwards might be an easier sell if folk weren’t sick to hell with hearing about him. That’s a dang shame to since things are just coming to a head for that good ole country boy.

Edwards has just recently been indicted on some very heavy charges. Charges like violating federal campaign finance laws. There are 6 charges – one involving conspiracy, four involving illegal payments and one involving false statements. If guilty he could get a maximum of 30 years fed time! That’s in addition to the possible 1.5 million dollar fine! When it rains it pours!

So how did a bright, successful, good looking fellow like John Boy get himself into this mess? Well that had something to do with a professional yoga teacher and full time bitch named Rielle Hunter. She apparently picked him out after a chance meeting and started filling his head with shit. Shit like “You’ve got rock star charisma” and “You’re gonna be president at least – you just need me to guide you“. Guiding him meant having a torrid affair while Edwards wife was dying of terminal cancer. in fact John Boy and Hunter often got it on in Edwards marital bed. Then they’d daydream about how good it would be when Edwards wife finally kicked off, John Boy got the White House, and they could live they way they knew they should.

This is where things get ugly, and allegedly illegal. Naturally John Boy and Hunter couldn’t be up front about their hot psychopath love since John was married, running for president, and the public wouldn’t understand – even though Dexter Morgan and Leila Torney have paved the way for this sort of thing. Not everyone is as enlightened and open minded as professional yoga teachers! That meant Rielle had to be kept out of sight. That meant money had to be spent to protect the delicate flower of their love. So John Boy went to some wealthy friends – like banking heiress Rachel Melon and Fred Barron to get some help. Mellon helped tot he tune of 750 000 and Barron coughed up 200 000.

Now here’s the catch. An individual can only donate 2300 to a campaign. 750 000 is way more than that. It’s over by a couple of decimal points in fact. Edwards claims he’s in the clear. He says that it wasn’t for the campaign, it was for his mistress. The prosecutors say that it was in fact for his campaign since if word about Rielle got out, the campaign would be over. So Edwards is basically claiming that he’s a crook but didn’t break the law, so he should be in the clear. The courts are claiming that there’s a fine line between crooked and criminal and Edwards might have lost track in the excitement and desperation of the moment. It’s a Law & Order question of intent that’s due to go to trial on June 11. So stay tuned for that one. It’s bound to get juicy!


Jesse James threatens to write book – anti climax expected!

running out of tiger blood!

After taking a few days off to mourn Charlie Sheen’s gradual return to sanity – God that man came up with some interesting shit! – I’m back to dish, though with much less inspiring shit to work with. For those of you afraid that it has something to do with Justin Bieber’s hair, or Kim Kardashian revealing she has had silicone injections but won’t say where, don’t worry. I can offer livelier fare, but it ain’t much liver.

who’s who

Today’s offering involves a gal more sympathetic than Jennifer Aniston. IN fact she’s only slightly less sympathetic than Rihanna! This chick would be none other than America’s Sweetheart – well one of ’em anyway. The whole America’s Sweetheart deal is kind of like the Heavy Weight Boxing Championship: there’s about a half dozen belts on the go and the public has lost interest. She’s also one of the reining Queens of Romcoms; I guess that’s kind of like the Heavyweight Sweetheart deal. Anyway it’s not Katherine Heigl, but poor humiliated Sandy Bullock.

if you can’t find fresh freaks then send in the clowns

If you’ll recall about a little over a year ago Sandy was on top of the world. She had a blockbuster film career, a skeezy tattooed husband with a pick up truck for the kind of ‘real people‘ credibility Angelina Jolie hasn’t had since she stopped wearing billy Bob Thornton’s blood around her neck, real affection from the movie going public, oh yeah and she had that Oscar in her hot little hand too. It looked like everything was coming up Sandy, until the shit hit the fan.


The shit hit the fan in the form of her husband’s sleazy mistress Michelle Magee. Magee was nicknamed Bombshell – at least that was her working name, and she was the sort of greasy bitch that Tiger Woods wouldn’t have touched with a shitty stick wrapped in an asbestos condom. Not unless he was on his usual Ambien & Viagra cocktail anyway. What Bombshell worked at was stripping and posing for fetish websites. By fetish think vomit and dog shit. It’s all about what don’t wash out! So the chick had a serious career she was working on, with white power and home wrecking as a sideline. All work and no play will leave people asking “why is there stale vomit in your hair?

Vanilla Gorilla makes a monkey out of Bullock!

The shit couldn’t have hit the fan at a worse time either, since as I mentioned people had just watched Sandy pick up her shiny chrome celebrity validation award in a highly televised ceremony. Sandy had been waiting for this moment for a very long time – ever since she wanted to be an actress when she grew up – so she made a big deal out of it. Unfortunately she made a big deal out of the Vanilla Gorilla too. She made some public comments about how real he was, how he’d made her more real, and how he was charming the pants off of Morgan Freeman (although hopefully not with some cooked up scheme that involved getting him to bend over!). In short she said he’d made a Hollywood actress a better person – which is no small feat. Then it got too real.

who’s Ricky Gervias?

Hot on the heels of this all these scuzzy photos of Bombshell licking dog vomit up in her under wear while baring her swastika tattoos to the world came up. Apart from maybe Mel Gibson no one was impressed. It made Sandy look lower than all those mentioned at the intro of the last Golden Globes (almost forgot about that since Charlie Sheen’s wild over the top media blow out didn’t you?). The difference was that this shit actually stuck, and for days and days after. What was sticking was a question: If Jesse was really a bad piece of shit, like we’re finding out; and he was really the most important person in Sandy’s life, like she said; then how could she not know about any of this nazi shit? Something smelled rotten, and it wasn’t just the leftovers from some fetish sex orgy; though that might have been part of it.

there’s more to outrage than pretty pretty dresses

Well then if this question has been plaguing your mind, then you’re as socially aware and conscious as Natalie Portman on a pre Oscar clothing spree. So you might also be interested to know that Vanilla Gorilla has a new book coming out. Normally no one would dignify that book with the purchase price. They’d simply wait for the National Enquirer to give them the gist of it, or borrow it from the public library. However this time there’s a very good reason to put our high minded outrage aside and indulge our morbid curiosity. The reason is that Jesse addresses the Sandy question.


According to Jesse in his new book Sandy probably had no idea about his fringe interests in nazism and fetish sex. For one thing she was never really that interested in any part of his life. That included their time in bed together. Jesse claims that bed with Sandy involved books, newspapers, scripts – the kind of shit grease monkeys with Hitler tattoos hate, and as much as 6 dogs. The dogs didn’t even figure in the way he liked either – they were lying affectionately at the foot of the bed, instead of licking fresh maggots out of her vagina! Now Jesse hasn’t come right out and said that she drove him into the arms of sex offenders because she was too damned boring in bed. Gentleman Jesse just left that to be inferred. However some are saying that he has come right straight out and implied that the ex is a lesbian or something, allegedly! Here’s some excerpts of what he did say.

“Jesse would always say that Sandra went to bed with a book or script and five or six of their dogs, leaving little room for him in bed and no chance to have sex,” the source said.

“He also told friend that he and Sandra had zero physical attraction, and they hadn’t had sex for months before they split. Sandra is on edge because Jesse could justify his cheating by creating the false impression that she withheld sex from him or is a lesbian.”

Publishing insiders say that Jesse’s book royalties are tied to how much he reveals about Sandra. She’s agonizing over the possibility that Jesse will spill heartbreaking details of her failure to conceive, and even accuse her of condoning his Nazi fascination.

“Jesse owns a large collection of Nazi memorabilia, including a surfboard with a life-size Hitler doing the Nazi salute that he kept in his office at the garage. He also had swastikas, helmets and Nazi uniforms at the home he shared with Sandra. While Sandra wasn’t a fan of his Nazi stuff, did she turn a blind eye to it? If Jesse tells the world she was OK with his collection, that could come back to haunt her, especially since her late mother was German.”

put the titillate back in tittle tattle!

So that should clear everything up, unless it makes everything a lot more confusing. That’s the problem with tell alls, especially when they tell you nothing. I say if you’re gonna tittle tattle than have the guts and basic honesty to rat out the bastards like a mafia fink trying to get into the witness protection program! That means all bets off, no holds barred, and the Marquis of Queensbury rule book gets tossed right out the window! If not, then don’t waste everyone’s time by getting their hopes up and then pussy footing around ’cause your lawyer told you to be careful and Bullock’s business a manger said “don’t worry something can be worked out!” You’re just taking precious work away from Andrew Morton. At least Jesse’s people are still making some noises about a possible Jesse James ‘alleged‘ sex tape. Though it should be said that the alleged tape doesn’t involve Sandra Bullock, but Miss Tila Tequila and a German Sheppard named Shitler! That ought fill some attention in the post Charlie Sheen celebrity outrage vacuum!


Shit Happens – How John Edwards lost his chance & got into tabloid hell

Rielle Hunter
was a troublesome tiresome bitch even back when she was called Lisa Druck. That description might be a bit harsh. Maybe she was an accident waiting for a place to happen. That’s if you want to believe one of her oldest friends. The friend is Pigeon O Brien, and Pigeon is the one now taking credit for ratting Rielle and her presidential candidate boyfriend John Edwards out to the National Enquirer. So Pij has some explaining to do. Explain she has in a recent HuffPo piece, the gist of which is below.

Pij knew Rielle back when she was Lisa. That was in the 80’s at a place called Nell’s bar. According to Pij, Lisa was either always swaggering around hollering her head off, or frightening guys out of the bar and into taxis that sped away rapidly. No one really liked the obnoxious little twat, but she was interesting. There were lots of stories about promiscuity, other women’s husbands, and strip poker. Besides many were a little too afraid of her to stand up.

Pij & Druck moved on and lost touch, the way friends will. Then one day O Brien meets her old friend again. It was 2004 @ a swanky NYC dinner party. Rielle shows up, but totally reinvented. She’s got a head full of new ideas too, like Buddhism, MTV, motivational speakers as the new rock stars, and of course striking it rich! Pij was at loose ends (that’s what you call it when some one is into web design & PR on a freelance basis), and Hunter had a lot of ideas to keep her old friend occupied. So they got together to do a website aimed at getting Hunter into the motivational speaking racket by way of MTV. Now this wasn’t just a big idea but was backed up with a lot of hot air, as the pair spent hours a day jabbering with each other on the phone.

Since swinging their jaw bones was as close as they got to productive work, the website never really took off. O Brien and Hunter’s relationship got a little strained. They’d occasionally lose radio contact. Then one day and out of the blue as it were, Hunter calls up and says that she’s in love. She describes a guy from North Carolina. While Pij is busy thinking Jethro Beaudine (Those Yankees and their ethnic-regional stereotyping! It’s the white middle class educated liberal’s version of racism.), Hunter goes on to describe a golden god with rock star charisma. O Brien didn’t put 2 + 2 together right away. Maybe she was expecting Robert Plant. When O Brien heard the words”John” and “North Carolina” on TV and looks up to see John Edwards on the screen with Hunter hovering near by, the jig is up.

“SHIT,” I thought to myself, “we’re in trouble now.”

Now this is where the story gets interesting. Pij & Hunter had a sort of up and down relationship; as you might expect with at least one drama queen, and when bills for services rendered aren’t getting promptly paid. Hunter had stopped teaching yoga to devote herself full time to the Golden Meal Ticket. Meanwhile she’s constantly babbling on and on about love. Meanwhile Edwards was positioning himself for a run at the White House. Since his wife Elizabeth was a big part of his public image package, things were about to get really interesting.

standing out in a crowd and still spell check fixable!

It was about the same time as Hunter began producing a set of cheesy promo videos for Edwards that people began calling O Brien to inquire as to the nature of her friend’s relationship with Edwards. O Brien says that the media tracked her down through her listing on Hunter’s website. The fact that her name is Pigeon makes her stand out from the Jennys and Janes (now you know why celebs love to have outrageous names). Pigeon says that at first she was very tight lipped about the whole cheating on his dying wife with the crazy bitch from my old bar story. The reporters just wouldn’t leave her alone though. Eventually the constant nagging got to her. She started asking herself whether this kind of behavior is acceptable in a public figure. She states in her article that it’s no one’s business who you sleep with, but issues of trust and betrayal are very important. I guess that’s supposed to make what she did next come off as noble.

a raw nerve in a barrel of monkeys

According to O Brien some where along the line she got the idea that the public needed to know. Getting herself out of hot water wouldn’t be so bad either. So she started phoning the numbers of some of those publications she said were eager to talk about Hunter (I think she mentioned about 2 before she got to the National Enquirer, though to hear her tell it the phone was off the hook and she was cracking from pressure. So the assumption is that she got a few calls from a couple of places that noticed who did the video and then checked out the website. Since Edwards was in the primaries they may have thought that it was worthwhile to call and ask a few general questions. They may not have had anything specific in mind, which is born out by the fact that when she got back in touch they didn’t know what she was talking about when she mentioned “the affair“. It’s either that or she didn’t get all of her facts straight for her big HuffPo article. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt ans assume she was a bit histrionic and overreacted.). Her first few ventures didn’t come off – people who wanted to know didn’t believe anything was going on. Finally she got around to The Pulitzer Prize Nominated National Enquirer. That’s when she hit pay dirt!

The Candidate & the TV Psychic!

According to Pigeon the NE wasn’t exactly sure who Edwards was at first. So she had to bring them up to speed, so they’d understand how the affair fit in. Once they got the general idea they didn’t need much encouragement. A presidential candidate cheating on his dying wife with a TV psychic sounds like something just made for them. Only the additions of Bigfoot and a UFO could’ve made the tale complete! So they started sniffing around for whatever smelled like shit.

faux vox popoli

That’s the point at which the cat crawled out of the bag. Edwards got Hunter under wraps – hiding her out in a series of rented mansions according to Pigeon. Meanwhile HuffPo, sensing that the shit was about to hit the fan something might be up, printed an article questioning why the Hunter produced promo vids had all of a sudden disappeared. That got them a lot of hate mail from outraged people pretending not to be associated with the Edwards campaign. It also nearly got the article’s writer Sam Stein fired. However things had gone too far by that time. Within a week or two the NE published it’s Edwards Cheating story.

This is the point at which anyone with any sense would’ve dropped out. Edwards plowed on. Pressure was put on the media to shut the fuck up ignore the stories. After all it was only unsubstantiated rumor based on the kind of circumstantial evidence that failed to convict OJ Simpson. John himself began throwing around cruel and hurtful phrases like “tabloid trash & lies” (celebrity types can be so unkind when they’re on the defensive). His long suffering wife made off the record comments about the Enquirer as the UFO paper. Meanwhile Edwards’ functionaries memo-ed the LA Times begging them to take the journalistic high road and not to go down market with the gossip shit rags. The shaming and bull shitting might have worked too, except Johnny Boy got caught spending a night with Hunter in a hotel. If you play around with fire long enough you’re bound to get burned!

John Edwards – a frickin totally bitchin rock star from Mars!

Lying-John-EdwardsSo now the cheating story went into overdrive. Hunter’s pregnancy got out too. Edwards tired to deny that at first. He claimed that he’d only been in that hotel late at night with an emotionally unstable woman because he desperately wanted to help her with her troubles. Besides the woman was clearly some sort of slut on the make so her kid could belong to anyone – Mel Gibson, 007, you name it. That kind of desperation is the sign that the chips are down.

John Edwards is like the last rat on a sinking ship

When the chips are down is when you find out who your friends really are. Some of Edwards friends, like Andrew and Cheri Young, decided to make their own deals. Young wrote a tell all about the man he backed to the hilt for years, called the Politician. Since he’d done a lot of work keeping the Hunter story under wraps, his damage control experience must’ve made him credible. Of course Pigeon went to the National Enquirer to get the dung ball rolling. Who knows what possessed her, beyond her self professed Jimmy Stewart style commitment to American Democracy (note to readers, never watch Mr Smith Goes to Washington while you’re on acid, ’cause it will mind fuck your brains down into your socks! “My God – I’ve got to go out and get into trouble by doing the right thing so that the cavalry can rescue me!“). Readers will get the impression that flighty and self involved Hunter could be a tough act to take, and if you had to deal with her long enough you want to see her get what was coming to her too. Of course if Edwards had any real friends, or even trustworthy handlers, they’d have recognized what Hunter was before she ever got through the door, and run interference.

the upshot on this shit -“let’s be careful out there

So I guess the upshot is that we live in a global village or something now. That’s like living in a semi detached housing complex – think Melrose Place. So it’s an environment where news is increasingly gossip; and that kind of bad news can do you in (as John Galliano has found out the hard way – suppose France wants Jack’s Legion of Honor back?). So don’t piss anyone off, or you’ll get their goat – and they might even get yours, as Rosesanne Barr’s Hawaiian neighbors recently and allegedly pointed out. Now go out there and behave yourselves!

Angry Samson

by Robert Graves

Are they blind, the lords of Gaza
In their strong towers,
Who declare Samson pillow-smothered
And stripped of his powers?

O stolid Philistines,
Stare now in amaze
At my foxes running in your cornfields
With their tails ablaze,

At swung jaw-bone, at bees swarming
In the stark lion’s hide,
At these, the gates of well-walled Gaza
A-clank to my stride.


Tila Tequila sex tape

Tila Tequila shows us her disturbing little snippet

Tila Tequila is a very ambitious personality in the entertainment related field. She also lives a very activie *ahem* social life. So it was only natural that we’d be seeing more of her. See more we do in the following disturbing little snippet. It show Miss Tila and an acquaintance gettin’ it on. So if you want to have a gander at her goosy, put the kids to bed and lock the livestock in the shed, then proceed at your own risk.

I think that was more ‘entertainment related’ then actually ‘entertaining’.

Oh yeah and the unofficial story about this is that TT staged it her self and is now faking some official outrage through the usual channels – lawyers – but only to promote her home made porno project; which she hopes will hype her career by getting her back into the public eye. It worked for Kum Kim Kardashian didn’t it?

BTW this is the first sex vid posted to Wondertrash and I’m so pleased that Miss Tila Tequila is my first! Although I think that thing may have given my computer a virus!!


That’s So Wrong.

Wondertrash & Wonderflash

KnockknockknockPennyknockknockknockPennyknockknockknockPenny......If you’re and up and coming professional celebrity attention is money in the bank, and if you don’t get it you’re out of business. So the $64 000 is “what’s the easiest way to get a lot of attention fast?” There is an old saying in the business that “Sex sells“. That means that if you’re young, attractive, and of the female persuasion (Don’t ask “who persuaded you?” because if you are female it won’t be the last time you’ll get talked into something!) there’s one sure fire way to get everyone talking about you fast – flash your goodies, or come as close as you can get away with to that! With that in mind, and who doesn’t have sex on the brain at least a little bit? – it shouldn’t be any surprise that some up and coming eager beavers are giving people something to talk about. Our first case is a young lady whom we’re gonna be hearing more about as her wedding to a certain high profile TV & radio personality approaches!

Hassling the Hough

Julianne Hough (the chick who looks like Dexter’s wife – Julie Benz from the show, not his on the show sister Jennifer Carpenter who’s his real life soon to be ex) is a popular young country & western singer. She’s also engaged to Simon Cowell’s side kick Ryan Seacrest (Ryan is the Gracie Allen to Cowell’s George Burns if you will). Now the couple have a big 3 million dollar wedding planned for Paris. However life ain’t all wine and roses and April in Paris for the Hough. She’s currently embroiled in a country music controversy that’s got her on the wrong side of the Nashville establishment, and the CMT network. It all has to do with her video That’s So Wrong.

Now the video in question features Hough caterwauling about love, or something like it, while she takes of clothes and squirms around like she’s got a bad case of bed bugs. So it’s a soft core strip tease (& more tease than strip) act of the kind music video viewers are familiar with. It’s nothing that isn’t seen regularly on TV and in family viewing hours. However CMT ain’t happy about it. CMT has banned the video from their network allegedly on the basis that it’s too hot to handle. CMT likes to keep country traditional. Traditional means gals with big hair and bigger boobs wearing more grease paint than a circus clown and singing about cheating or getting cheated on. So Hough’s skanky antics have no place on their airwaves! What’s more Youtube and Truveo have followed suit and banned the video from their sites (BTW for all you aspiring Mark Zuckerberg’s out there, the domain name Youtune is currently up for grabs!)!

Hough doesn’t know what the brouhaha os about. For one thing she insists that she’s a religious gal. She’s probably as religious as any other country western chick who ever went out into a bar and got drunk while lookin’ for temporary love, so I’ll leave that alone. Anyway Hough says that she comes from a small town (Sandy, Utah) where takin’ off your clothes for money is shameful. I guess that means she just gets sexy for attention. Attention she’s getting too, though it should be said that CMT claims Hough’s Miley Cyrus routine had nothing to do with banning the video. It was a contractual thing. Contractual thing in business is the equivalent of a celeb saying that they’re suffering from exhaustion when they check into hospital from a booze overdose – a flimsy excuse.

Hough has been trying to shed the good girl image, along with her clothes, recently. She did something wear she appeared covered in gold paint. It was a mermaid shoot with Kristen Bell and Mena Suvari. She’s also booked up to play Ariel, not a mermaid, in the new Footloose flick. Hough says that the Ariel character will be pretty wild – in a modest small town religious way I guess.

bottoms up to the bottom line

The upshot is that the sex act is paying off. So Hough can’t be blamed too much for responding to encouragement. Country isn’t cool if no one watches, right? Fans are right behind her too. She’s getting tons of support on Internet message boards, where Hough Helpers point out that she wore less clothes on her Dancing With The Stars appearances. Now that’s DWTS business and DWTS has flexible standards. For instance that’s where Erin Peephole Andrews went to save face after her privacy was violated by some random pervert. You may recall that Andrews was video taped prancing around her hotel room naked. Andrews was so humiliated that she had to book on DWTS to get her esteem back, by wearing slinky clothes, flirting with her partner, and flashing herself around. Andrews wasn’t being hypocritical but making a valid point, that her privacy is her’s to violate! It’s the working principle that pro attention whores live by!

So this whole pseudo scandal is still up in the air: with CMT saying that they don’t object to the video though the won’t show Hough, and Hough saying that though she’s outwardly defiant she’s inwardly hurt and humiliated. There’s no sign of a resolution either. That’s okay though since Hough doesn’t have to rely on CMT for her bread a butter. As said she’s gettin’ hitched up to Ryan Seacrest (take that everyone who thought he was gay!). Anyone who can afford to drop 3 mill on a Paris wedding in this economy can afford to keep Hough in snake skin cowboy boots and bedazzled Stetsons. besides, I hear that Seacrest has a few connections in the music biz! So y’all can look forward to seeing a lot more Hough!

Girl Power!

Speaking of music industry attention whores Katie Perry is no stranger to sex and attention. She outs out a pretty strong sex vibe in her act. That’s got her a lot of fans and Booky Wooky author Russell Brand as her hubby. Russy’s the guy who got kicked off of BBC Radio for having sex with Andrews Sachs (Manuel from Fawlty Towers) grand daughter. In Russy’s defense Sach’s grand daughter is some kind of a burlesque artist – or a palm reader. Judging by her out fits it might be either.

Anyway marriage made Russel a changed man – he apologized to Manuel and started slapping around paparazzi like Sean Penn back in his Madonna days (Russ got out raged when a paparazzi tried to get a closer look at something Katey’s shown everyone via TV, the Internet, and the Brit tabs. While Russ insisted that he was in his rights, most were left asking “what was the point?

Sex has gotten Katie so much fan enthusiasm that when she recently mentioned that she wanted to play Wonder Woman about have the Internet said “Right on!” That’s about half as many as when Megan Fox said that she didn’t want to play Wonder Woman. Katie seems to be reinforcing that point in her public appearances too. For instance here’s a recent pic of Perry prancing around the stage in a little red one piece outfit that’s gonna look real familiar to comic book fetishists out there. Now here’s Ms Perry:

… and here’s where some of you might have seen that nifty little number before:

That’s right – Katie’s channel Diana Prince Jr, aka Wondergirl, also known as Wonder Woman Lite, Wonder Reduced, and the Economy Version. Even the sequins match the stars on Donna Troy’s red catsuit. If the microphone had a line attached then it could’ve doubled for a magic lasso! As for myself, though I was doubtful about Perry as Wonder Woman, she might be a better Wondergirl. Besides, that was the role that gave Debra Winger her start!

Socially acceptable bondage – in one form or another!

So there you have it: a couple of cases of young celebs who’ve found a short cut to top. Talent and performance aside they’ve made sex a bog part of the package. It’s paying off too. So we can expect a lot more wonderflash from the wondertrash coming soon. Just be careful if you decide to try this at home. There’s bound to be strings attached to these short cuts, and they won’t be the magic lasso of truth, either! Those ties that bind can get awfully tight if those high profile celebrity fuck ups are any indication. It seems to happen more sooner than later too!


John Travolta sues Gawker over sex life smear

John Travolta has recently welcomed his new son Benjamin into the world. Even though this is a blessed event, now is not a time of undiluted happiness for the actor. Travolta is suing the Gawker over a series of articles on his ‘secret sex life‘. The article in question was penned, or posted, by Robert Randolph, and contained excerpts from his salaciously titled book The Secret Sex Life of John Travolta. According to Randolph’s self published book, the author claims to have seen Travolta frolicking about steam rooms with hunky young men on multiple occasions. In fact Randolph claims to have stories on Travolta going back some 15 years.

There are usually at least two sides to every story. In this case Travolta’s law talkin’ guy Marty Singer is there to present the B side. According to Singer these allegations are “false and outrageous”. Singer also goes on to point out that these stories go back 15 years, yet Randolph has only just recently brought them to light. Singer then goes on to point out that the idea that Travolta “engaged in multiple adulterous sexual encounters in different public locations in Los Angeles (where he does not live), and that each time, the (nonexistent) events were coincidentally witnessed by [Randolph], is absolutely ridiculous.” Singer then goes on top point out that Randolph – by his own admission – suffers from permanent brain damage. According to Singer this adds up to “blatant defamatory lies” from a “patently unreliable source.

Now when your good name is besmirched like that the usual recourse is to the law. So Travolta and Singer are suing. They claim that Gawker is “significantly compounding the damages” incurred by Travolta. With that in mind Singer is demanding – on Mr Travolta’s behalf, that the Gawker immediately and permanently remove said article from their site & and publish an “unequivocal and prominent retraction of the false and defamatory statements.

If you’re gonna take aim at big game like that then make sure you’ve got a unimpeachable source, or at least some one without brain damage. Without the wonder, it’s just trash.


The Party at Kitty and Stud’s

Coming soon!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Have you got $412,100.00 to throw away? Unless you’re a crooked CEO the answer is probably “no“. If you did though then you might be able to buy a little piece of motion picture history. The piece of history in question is a 35mm film featuring a future Hollywood superstar in his unlikely first role.

Most actors didn’t start out at the top. Sean Connery was an undertaker’s assistant, Brad Pitt dressed as a giant chicken (not Peter Griffith’s animated nemesis), Courtney Cox & Johnny Depp were telemarketers, and Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger had that unfortunate Hercules Goes to New York flick. Now Sylvester Stallone’s contribution to show business regret has come to light. It’s the aforesaid movie being auctioned off on EBay, and what makes it really special is that it’s soft core porno.

The movie is called The Party at Kitty and Stud’s, As you can probably guess Sly plays Stud. He was paid a mere $200 for 2 days work. However after his career took off, the producers of The Party At Kitty And Stud’s renamed their little venture The Italian Stallion. Stallone went on to make well more than $200 a picture. His latest release The Expendables has put him back on the Hollywood map by grossing $265 million worldwide. So who knows what future collectible value this little gem might have! I just hope Stallone’s little outing is as entertaining as Oscar dela Hoya’s home films!

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