Shia Labouef shows up with a bag on his head!

When Shia Labouef says he’s not famous anymore he really means it. However that means he still can’t draw his fair share of attention and then some! Now drawing attention when you’re not famous is a bit more challenging. You could support a radical fringe political cause, start wearing your underwear on the outside, or in Shia’s case just cut the crap and start walking around with a paper bag over your head. That’s how Labouef showed up at the Berlin Film Festival to promote Nymphomaniac (The movie is actually called Nymphomaniac Part 1, by Lars von Trier – so good work Shia on lining up a franchise!). He also had “I Am Not Famous Anymore” written across the front of the bag – I suppose by way of explanation.

Labouef has been getting shit recently over stealing some ideas, or at least borrowing them with extreme liberty. He based some short film on work that a cartoonist had done and then forgot to attribute it or something. So once people caught on the hounds were on the trail and in hot pursuit. That means Labouef must’ve been very glad of Justin Bieber to draw the fire off. Anyway the upshot is that after multiple scoldings on Twitter, Labouef decided that he was now some kind of pariah, and made the point by declaring himself no longer famous. I was hoping for some kind of celebrity manifesto to go along with that catchy new phrase but it seems that it went straight onto twitter in hashtag form. Let’s be thankful that the phrase is no longer than it is, or Labouef would’ve needed a bigger bag!

Now here’s Shia from Berlin in a bag that cries out for Ray Bans!

Shia Labouef in Berlin as The Unknown Celebrity

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