Jennifer Aniston pregnant?

Is Jennifer Aniston pregnant? According to Star mag she is cause they put it right out there on their cover, with no question marks to qualify it! Read more @ Jennifer Aniston “Pregnant” For Real?

Is Jennifer Aniston pregnant? She is if supermarket tabloids canb be believed

Aniston may, or may not, be pregnaqnt but others, like Scarlett Johansson, are still trying ot get lucky! In Scarlett’s case she’s trying with the help of an eye catching and discreetly placed tattoo!

with jennifer anioston pregnant others like scarlett johansson are still trying to get lucky, sometimes with the help of eyecatching and discreetly placed tattoos

So congrats to Jen on finally getting knocked up – allegedly.

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After Show: I Smell Sexism

a smell that’s hard to swallow – choking on the sexism sandwich

For those of you who thought that love was in the air then take note, some one else smells sexism a midst the sweet scent of success! I’ve heard that the movie picture business had a BO problem, but who had any idea it could be so bad? Then again this stink could be an over reaction. Maybe what was smelled were just some old cheese and coleslaw sandwiches that were starting to go off!

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TMZ’s Sneak Peak at the Oscars

Everyone likes to see pretty people wear fancy dresses and pick up shiny awards while they’re scanning the crowd for signs of low key hostility and smoldering rivalries. In that line the Oscars are kind of like a high school prom on steroids! TMZ is on the beat to, and giving a sneaky peaky to anyone who wants a gander!

The Oscars should attract even more interest this year since there’s a Republican Presidential Primary going on and people might like a break from watch Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum blunder awkwardly around largely irrelevant issues like how many children a Mormon should have, and how much tax should he pay! If only politics could replace primaries with awards shows then the democratic process would become relevant again! Of course at least one politician would have to show up drunk at each awards ceremony and then say something that he probably shouldn’t.

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