George Michael goes wham in car – gets arrested.

Oh boy, George

George Michael was one toke over the line one more timeWhile George Michael may be no Boy George, but he’s no stranger to trouble either. For instance he got busted performing a lewd action in a public washroom. He’s just lucky that happened before Twitter come on line!

idling trouble

Georgie has also had his share of car trouble. It’s usually the Lindsay Lohan type technical problems like “I temporarily lost track of the road while I was trying to figure out which steering wheel to focus on!” Those troubles have been pretty well documented, even the time that the cops hauled him off after finding him sitting up asleep behind the wheels of his parked but idling car. George may have got a reduced sentenced based on his “I wasn’t asleep; I was just resting my eyes!” defense.

“The car did it!”

Well the former Wham front man is gonna have to go digging deep into his bag of tricks for another clever story because George has had yet more trouble with cars and cops. Here’s the official story about that.

That report leaves a lot to be inferred. That’s what you call talking between the lines.


Atomic Kitten is Ballistic!

atomic kitten kerry katona's drugged out private life exposed in new documentaryHow fucked up is Kerry Katona? Fucked up enough to lose her lucrative endorsements after her coke snorting home video got leaked to the media. Kerry’s been trying to reform her image, but that effort is about to get blown out of thew water with yet more video. A documentary on the former Atomic Kitten singer is about to be released that was done at the worst of her addiction period.

The doc, due to be aired in February, shows Katona so messed up that she usually slurs her words. It also shows her losing it with the kids. During one segment Katona howls at her brood ‘You miserable bunch, you think you’ve got problems in life!‘ Her partner Mark Croft also gets in on the act telling 8 year old daughter Molly ‘I’m just about to smash your head in.’ Molly is a target for Katona too, who threatens to”knock out” the girl.
Since filming the documentary Katona has dropper her husband Mark Croft, and hired a new manager, Claire Powell. Powell has tired to clean up Katona’s trashed imaged. She’s booked Katona to star in anew reality TV series intended to show a clean and sober nice and easy version of KK. Powell has also tried to get the unfortunate documentary banned. Her attempts have been unsuccessful The flick is due to air as scheduled on C4, Thursday @ 10PM. So if you want to see how screwed up Katona is, then you can see for yourselves. Sounds like there’s a not ready for prime time family that’s in even rougher shape than the Gosselins!


Cameron Douglas sentenced to 5 years

Cameron Douglas sentenced to 5 years

When heroin addict Cameron Douglas got busted with 20 000 in cocaine and meth amphetamine he got himself into more trouble than his famous father Michael could get him out of. It didn’t help Cam’s gal pal tried to smuggle him drugs hidden inside an electric tooth brush through open court.

Michael really went to bat for the kid during his trial. He gave a number of interviews saying what you could find out right here on Wondertrash – that fame and fortune will fuck you up. Michael tried to intervene and even used the tough love approach. He cut the kid off without a dime until he cleaned himself up. That left the kid in a tough spot. As a Hollywood kid he really wasn’t qualified to do very much except hang around the pool and attend parties. In fact a life time in Tinseltown really only left him suitable for one non celebrity position – drug dealer. Not all life experience can be put in a resume!

IN retrospect the tough love approach might not have been such a hot idea. Cameron began supporting himself by dealing. Being bright and otherwise ambitious the lad worked his way up to trafficker. That’s when the cops nabbed him. Since this wasn’t like walking out of a party with a joint, or through airport baggage with your coke stash, Cameron would be getting more than the obligatory slap on the wrist followed by rehab if found guilty, and found guilty he was!

U.S. District Judge Richard M. Berman said that before passing sentence he had read over 35 letters of support for Cameron. These came from family, friends, well wishers, and Catherine Zeta Jones. The were unanimous in insisting that the lad had hit rock bottom and was ready to turn his life around. Cameron himself stated that he was sorry for squandering the many disadvantages his name and family brought with them. He even swore to turn his life around.

Well everyone must’ve been very convincing because the judge sentenced him to 5 years behind bars. The judge’s explanation was that he felt this could be Cameron’s last chance at whatever he had a chance at. I just hope that doing time works out better for the boy than Mikey’s tough love tactics. Besides it’s only 5 years. Prisoners don’t start going religious or getting seriously crazy till past the 7 year mark!

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BTW this is currently being hotly debated over @ Gossiprocks forum. Go on and join in!


The Widow Cobain Freaks out Twitter

twit-pics courtesy of HuffPo.

are those new tattoos – or is she breaking out in something?

Courthey Love shocked those following her career, and even those with nothing in particular against, when she began posting the following pictures of herself via web platform Twitter. The Widow Cobain recently lost proprietary custody of her daughter Francis Bean, to the family of her late father Kurt Cobain.

Since then Courtney has come even more unglued than usual: posting rambling and incoherent tweets, giving silly interviews, and getting involved in nuisance legal cases. These new Twitpic photos are only the latest in her downward spiral,


Harry Potter denies being pothead!


Sweetin low

Full House star Jodin Sweetin has penned her memoirs. I’m surprised that she can remember much, but the book has some dynamite stories; like giving an anti drug lecture to a bunch of high school students while she herself was stoned! As you may know Jodi was very fond of a drug called crystal meth, which has also plagued the life of Michael Douglas’ oldest son (currently standing trial for possession with intent to traffic some $18 000 worth of the drug). In fact Jodi has dropped a ton on staying happy; some $250 000 according to her douchey ex, with whom she is locked in an ongoing custody battle with!

She’s had thrills, chills, spills, & pills! She’s lived a rough life but at least she turned out less creepy than her co stars Scary Kate & Trashley Olsen! So was that Full House home in Amityville or something?

Hollywood is no place for kids because one way or another people there never grow up. Getting old there is practically forbidden by law!


Brad Pitt Meth Eyes

Photos courtesy of busybeeblogger

“Now there’s a look in your eyes, like black holes in the sky”

Just get a load of the look in his eyes. That seems like something a lot stronger than Heineken! He looks more like a strung out panhandler than a multi millionaire and movie star. The last time I saw a pair of eyes like that they were just above a crack pipe! When will he learn? Pills may kill you, but at least they’re legal!

It’s no wonder that he usually wears sun glasses. They make him look much less demented!

If life with Angie is a bowl of cherries, then why is he in the Pitts?


Pill popper Paula Abdul comes clean!

Lindsay Lohan – worse for wear!

Life has been hectic for Lindsay Lohan. Since splitting from Samantha Ronson, she has starred in a video dating spoof, attacked paparazzi with eggs, and gotten a Marylin Munroe quote tattooed on her wrist. The tattoo, reading “everyone’s a star and deserves the right to twinkle” is seen by friends as a cry for help.

What might be even more worrying is her none stop partying. 10 days and counting so far. She was recently heard arguing loudly with her mother over rehab. Her mother was trying to get her to go. Then again her mother has also been seen driving Lohan and her sub legal sister Allie to bars. Dina even accompanied the girls on one outing, and got into a snit when Allie was denied entrance. I think that she gave the old “Don’t you know who I am?” response.
Dina could stand up to her daughter, but is probably just relieved to have her away from Ronson and back in the family orbit. Why push it this soon? Lindsay on the other hand is looking the worse for wear. British tabs describe her as looking pale and bleary eyed (since when is that out of the ordinary?). They also describe her as looking disheveled, wearing torn jeans, a grey jacket, a scruffy scarf, and a trilby hat (it would take the Brit tabs to get that right!). The picture accompanying the article isn’t good either. Featured at he top left of this post, it shows Lohan looking like she’s been recently revived. So now, I guess, we’re in the count down to rehab. Lindsay’s an emotional girl who doesn’t take life’s disappointments in stride.
Oh yeah, and for those keeping track Lindsay is giving girls an break and is back to guys. She was most recently spotted working it in Leo DiCaprio’s direction! The scene oft he crime was My House – yet another trendy Hollywood nightclub, some time Wednesday evening.
For more on the Leo & Lohan connection, including some background of their shenanigans down in Miami around early 2006, link over to Mocksure!

Ryan O Neal – like son like father?

Redmond O Neal has disgraced himself and his family by getting busted for meth possession while his mother Farrah Fawcett fights for her life. The news of Redmond’s latest drug bust came just as word broke that Farrah’s cancer had spread to her liver. Naturally people felt that he was being a selfish little pig, and the mob desperately wanted to have a chance to knock some sense into this thick, drug addled head.

Well it turns out that Redmond might not be the only thoughtless pig in the family. Word has it that Ryan O Neal, Farrah’s long time partner, has been spotted with weed! RadarOnLine has posted some very incriminating pictures of O Neal’s car ash tray. You don’t have to be Cheech or Chong to pick out the doobie lying in the ashes either! So how can we expect good behaviour from a mixed up kid when his whole family is a mess? What we can expect is 3 years without probation, according to The Scandalist.

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