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Heather Locklear hospitalized

Things are heating up so hold on to your hats. 1stly Heather Locklear is back in hospital. She’s had an off and on battle with booze and pills for over 15 years. She kept it a well hidden secret by drinking on the sly and checking into hotels with a sobriety coach to dry out. It came to light back when her ex Richie Sambora started seeing Charlie Sheen ex Denise Richards. The strain may have been too much for Locklear and she went off the wagon. That’s when her years of secret drinking got out.

The on and off battle is on again with a vengeance. TMZ is reporting that Heather has been admitted to hospital for a booze and pills overdose. Heather’s sister found her and phoned authorities on 2:05 PM. That’s when the Verntura County Sheriff’s Dept got involved. Paramedics who arrived on the scene decided Heather needed to be hospitalized. This comes on the heels of her bust up with former Melrose Place co star Jack Wagner.

Lindsay Lohan – Lien on me

Locklear isn’t the only celeb having a hard time of it lately. Lindsay Lohan specializes in hard times and things are now getting seriously hairy for her. She’s had her brushes with the law from time to time, and usually she comes out ahead. This time the big guns are pointed straight her way. The big guns in question belong to the IRS, and these dudes don’t mess around.

Now everyone who’s been following Lindz knows that she’s run into some serious fiscal trouble lately. That’s because she’s been out of work for awhile. Paying of a pack of lawyers to keep her ass out of jail didn’t help the situation. Some stories have had her bumming money out of friends at the super market check out so that she could afford her Ben & Jerry’s. Her current situation is more serious. Seems that she owes Uncle Sam about $93 000 that she neglected to pay. SO the IRS is putting a lien on her.

Lindz, through her spokes persons, says that shew as unaware of the problem. That’s believable, since for one thing she’s had a lot of plates spinning. Sources also say that the tax bill got lost in the shuffle – Lindz recently replaced most of her financial management. The problem should be easy to fix. Lindz recently got a million dollar pay day for doffing her duds in Playboy. Besides, if things really get rough there’s always Dancing With the Stars!

Sinead O Connor in crisis

A mess with the IRS is bad but it could be worse. It seems to be for radical Irish songstress Sinead O Conner. If you’re beyond a certain age you’ll remember that she’s the one who tore up a picture of the Pope on SNL to protest Andrew Dice Clay’s participation in the show! Clay’s Jewish so it didn’t really make sense – but it was a long time ago.

Lately Sinead’s been erratic. Things started out innocently enough. She had a gig to cut some tracks for some new album. She got herself a Twitter account about the same time. At first the tweets were straight forward – the “hi how are ya” kind. There was even a good dose of self effacing humour – “I’m a gal you can take anywhere twice, the second time to apologize“. Then things started spiraling out of control.

Sinead got married to some guy. It only lasted 16 days. Then she started tweeting about how she needed a man real bad, especially if he was Robert Downey jr! She tweeted that she was developing some strange preoccupations with fresh supermarket produce, what without a good man being handy. Finally she took to the Tweet to ask her followers if they knew any good shrinks in the Dublin/Wicklow area. She explained that she was crying out to the world because Ireland is a poor place to look for help. Well it’s now been revealed that Sinead has attempted suicide a couple of times recently – once by overdose after a performance in LA last Thursday, in which Glenn Close was in attendance! Hopefully things will improve for O Connor.


Michael Jackson: Murder by suicide?

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Just because disgraced cardiologist Dr Conrad Murray continues to twist on the hook over the death of his celebrity patient Michael Jackson doesn’t mean that the fellow has stopped trying to wriggle off. Murray got himself in a fix when he made a special house call to Jackson to supply the troubled pop star with Propofol – a powerful OR anesthetic. It turned out to be the last time they’d work together, though it would be far from the last Murray would hear about it.

After Jackson made the full transition from man to myth, Murray was held responsible for the singer’s death. After all Propofol is only supposed to be administered in an OR and by a qualified anesthetist. The surviving Jacksons were particularly keen to get to the bottom of this, and so began using their money and power to make sure that Murray wouldn’t walk away Scot free.

Soon nasty stories came out about the Jackson 3: Paris, Prince, and Blanket, watching in tears as Murray scurried around hiding med bottles and Jackson lay dying. The good doctor even interrupted CPR on his high profile patient to cover the evidence. The ambulance was on the way – so what was the big deal he might’ve thought.

Stories like that didn’t help Murray’s cause in the court of public opinion. Now the Doctor is coming out with his side of the story. He claims that Jackson gave himself a second injection after Murray left the room, and that this was a deliberate attempt at suicide. I guess he feels that he can’t be expected to save some one from themselves. Since the Jacksons themselves have been singing that song for a while now Murray might hope that the argument has precedent value in the court of public opinion. Now that only leaves him with his own irresponsible conduct to excuse. So progress is being made. As for Justice being served, if she hasn’t learned to serve herself by now she never will.

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Dr. Murray will be back in court this afternoon to continue his quest for wiggle room. He might want to consult some better lawyers since even if Jackson did give himself the final lethal dose, that doesn’t absolve Murray from negligence in bringing Propofol onto the premises, and then leaving Jackson alone with the drug. As a physician he had to know better.


Former WWE Star Chris Kanyon Commits Suicide

Yet another pro wrestler has died young. This time it’s former WWE performer Chris Kanyon. He committed suicide with an overdose of pills.

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pop music video is a gate way to fame addiction

NOW naturally this sort of thing has to be stopped fast. Today the young girl is in a folk rock video with Badu, but where might that lead? Possibly on to commercials and then the really hard stuff – reality TV. Reality TV is the crack cocaine of fame addiction (I would have said that it was the crystal meth of fame addiction except that clearly refers to pro wrestling!). So mom jumped in and made an official complaint. The authorities were quick to step in too, charging the naked Badu with a misdemeanor and a fine.

flavor of the month – I used to be the next main course but no one named a sandwich after me!

Meanwhile Badu, who hasn’t been relevant in years (she used to be the next Tracy Chapman), now has a lot of free publicity for her soon to be released naked head shot video! So she won’t try a smutty stunt like that again soon! Just as long as she’d learned her lesson, she can have a second chance. She shouldn’t take too many chances though, or folk will think that she’s learned your lesson not wisely but too well!

Celebrity: Live forever, in plastic!

WWE Star Chris Kanyon

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