Samuel L Jackson gets mad on air!

Even in this day and age on air TV can be unpredictable. Hosts can get so excited by interviewing famous people that they get carried away and loose their heads a little bit. When you add the recent Superbowl into the excitement mix then the fizz can really settle into the brain cola!

Not that Sam Rubin is  a man to get the bends on live TV. He’s a consummate professional. He works at KTLA in Los Angeles. So he plays in the big leagues. However when he recently interviewed legend Samuel L Jackson  Rubin, who was in a  better place at the time – Happy Hour at Charley Brown’s Steakhous. Then Sam got a little flustered. That’s understandable. Jackson is a major movie star. It’s a live interview. Oh yeah and Jackson wouldn’t get off Rubin’s ass about mistaking him for Lawrence Fishburne!

At least that’s how Jackson took it when Rubin mentioned his recent Super bowl commercial. Jackson hadn’t done a commercial. Fishburne had (Kia). So Jackson assume that Rubin was confusing his major black actors. Although Rubin didn’t actually come right out and call him Morpheus or anything. So we don’t really know. However you can have a look at the blow by blow video footage and decide for yourself!

shameful spankings!

Wow that was awkward! Now Sam says that he can explain. He says that he was actually referring to Jackson’s Captain America trailer. Now he didn’t say that at the time. That’s why it’s so important to be quick witted when you’re a broadcaster. So that what you mean to say will occur to you when, or even before, you say it; instead of sometime afterwards and when things have gone horribly horribly wrong!

However it should also be said that at the very beginning of that tape the Capt America image is up on the studio screen. Just as Rubin begins talking about the Superbowl Commercial. He also reference’s Marvel (“You’re working for Marvel”). So maybe that’s what he was referring to. Maybe he was so taken off guard that he couldn’t explain himself? Perhaps there’s a happier hour waiting at Charley Brown’s Steakhouse? Sam could order a Good Grief Special!

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