Adele flips off Brits

Adele makes ‘irrelevant‘ gesture

Adele was the big winner a the last Grammy Awards and the Brit singer may already be starting to feel her oats. Adelle flipped the bird to the camera, just like MIA did at the Superbowl. That might’ve been a much bigger deal than it was for MIA had Gisele Bundchen overshadowed with her ill advised foray into sports commentary. As it was Madonna put it into perspective by diminishing MIA’s gesture as immature and “irrelevant”. You can’t say that Madonna doesn’t know thing or two about spin, however she should be thankful that Lady Gaga ran out of steam or people might be questioning her relevance. She has been known to flip the bird herself from time to time though.

So what got into Adele? The singer explains that the obscene gesture wasn’t for her fans but a special message to the suits at the Brit Awards. She admits that the gesture is insulting bu claims that they insulted her first. Now here a video on that.

Madonna may say that the bird is irrelevant and immature but I remember a time not so long ago when the was the unofficial celebrity salute.

Celebrities are no strangers to trouble with the law, especially when drugs are involved. However ordinary people can be touched by scandal too. Take the case of Shapelle Corby. She’s an Australian woman who got herself into the middle of a situation that became an international incident. Here’s her story.

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Tom Brady becomes an Internet meme

Gisele Bundchen‘s current had an awkward run in with her ex recently and Mocksure has pictures!

That must’ve been embarrassing. Tom Brady has been popping up in a few unlikely places since the Superbowl. Let’s take a look.

Sad Keanu was bound to get in there.

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Gossip Round Up

Today on Wondertrash: more distressed celebrities!

a tactless act

The big story of the week has been Gisele Bundchen and the way she spoiled the Superbowl by defending her husband. Standing by your man is admirable enough. The problem is the way in which Gisele did it – by slamming the rest of the Patriots. It was very tactless and Gisele ought to have known better. Slamming patriots in this day and age can get you on a no fly list. So Gisele is more than just some bombshell, her mouth is like a live grenade with a loose pin!

Dizzy Gizzie didn’t get any visits from Homeland Security – that we know of (Though if Alex Jones stories about The War On Natural Milk are to be believed her breast feedings comments probably got her on some kind of government shit disturber watch list). It did get her a whole heap of blow back from foot ball fans who feel that women who make their living by strutting about in their undies have no business critiquing the performance of pro jocks. The consensus seemed to be that she should be satisfied with spoiling Tom Brady‘s game an not add insult to injury by airing her comments out in public.

angels rush in where fools fear to tread

Well it’s times like this that you find out who your friends are and Gizzie has found herself a guardian angel. That angel came in the form of her Victoria’s Secret colleague Adriana Lima. Lima is the other Superbowl model. She was picked to appear in multiple Superbowl ads. Any way when Adriana was recently interviewed the subject of Gizzie’s recent hoof in mouth attack came up. Adriana’s response was “Leave her alone!

It’s great that Adriana stuck up for her colleague like that. Then again considering that this mess is currently more radioactive than Fukoshima she might have thought twice about stepping into the middle of it. You don’t have to say everything you think – unless you’re a blogger. When dealing with hot potatoes – and this thing is still like a grenade with a lose pin – it’s better to say something supportive and non committal.

Christian love and amicable divorce

In other there have been some developments in the Russell Brand Katey Perry divorce. That was bound to happen after the Superbowl since Katey got in on that act. She made some comments about what a Christian catch born again Quarterback Tim Teebow would be. I’m not sure a gal who shoots cream out of her boobs in public is really his type. Still Katey casts a wide net. She was also seen trotting up to Gizzie and Brady after the Superbowl blow out. She looked at the and grinned, waiting for some acknowledgement from higher up the food chain. The pair ignored her. They had bigger problems.

Back to the divorce. That thing started to get ugly with rumors leaking out – somehow – about Brand’s idiosyncratic porno viewing habits. Then there was the news that they married without a prenup. Since Katey made a ton since hooking up with Brand that put him in line for a community property windfall! So when final divorce papers were filed by Brand on Tuesday people took note when Brand announced that he would not be seeking Katey’s money. “This divorce is as amicable as it gets” a source told TMZ. If only more marriages were like that! That must be good news for Katey’s parents, and will give her more time to pursue Christian celebrities!

Perry earned $44 million between May 2010 and May 2011, according to Forbes.

the big dirty

Speaking of nasty divorces with financial undertones that brings us to Kim Kardsahian. She was briefly married to Kris Humpheries. By briefly I mean for a few weeks. The marriage allegedly made Kim a ton of money – maybe as much as 20 million. So naturally everyone thought that this was some kind of reality TV scam – like Octomom‘s misadventures with artificial insemination, or the Balloon Boy‘s stab at back yard aviation.

Humpheries recently came out and made some statement about the marriage being for real and for love. However latest developments have Humpheries suing Kardashian for fraud! According to Anything Hollywood Humpheries is prevented by prenup from speaking too freely about the Kardashian marriage. Since Kris can’t speak for himself he and his lawyer Lee Hutton want the divorce to be televised. This may be intended to “expose the modus operandi of reality TV”. This could further show that Kim never intended to stay married to Humpheries, and support his counter suit – annulment. This thing is getting messy ain’t it? So feel better Katey, even a prenup ain’t exactly marriage insurance!

So the moral of the story is that if you make your living by wearing your underwear in the outside – like superheroes & celebrities – then make sure your shorts are clean. Also watch your back, just to be on the safe side! Also read Wondertrash, the blog that ain’t afraid to tell you when your ass is showin’!

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Superbowl XLVI Fallout

Superbowl XLVI was not the greatest day of Tom Brady‘s life. His hi profile wife Gisele Bundchen didn’t help much. For the half dozen or so who don’t know Tom and his Pats lost the bowl. The Gizzie got lippy about it. On her way from the VIP box to the elevator she heard some mouthy Giants fan shout “Eli owns your husband”. Instead of saying something like “No, I do” which would’ve diffused a socially awkward situation, Bunders turned to a nearby friend and said some shit, like My husband cannot f****ing throw the ball and catch the ball” . While opinion was varied on the veracity of her statement, general consensus seemed to be that she had no business opening up her over priced yap about it. Standing by your man is one thing, shitting over his team mates something else!

So that leads to the question – How are the Pats dealing with Gizzie’s sports commentary? Well according to the DailyMailOnLine not very well! The Mail claims that the team is furious. It’s bad enough that they had to lose, but being slammed by the QB”s wife has left them “disappointed”. By disappointed they seem to mean that she violated the code of brotherhood. Worse than that it also comes off like kicking the guys when they’re down.

Now it’s not like Gizzers doesn’t know how to be encouraging in a bad situation. About her husband she said ‘You played the best game of your life … you were amazing.‘ Now Brady is one of the best in the league, and had SB XLVI turned out differently then he’d have equaled Joe Montana’s 4 SB wins. However a Brady mistake early on may have turned the tide against the Pats. Even some of those many balls the Patriots dropped might have resulted from less than stellar throws by the star QB. So whether or not Brady was more or less to blame than the rest of the team it was hardly his best game ever. Let’s say Gizzie can put a good face on it.

Now Gizzie has a history of hoof in mouth disease. Liker the time she said lazy mothers should be forced to breast feed, by international law if necessary. She also claimed once that Brady’s child by former flame Bridget Moynahan was like her own child – causing some to speculate whether taking Moynahan’s man wasn’t enough and she wanted to take the poor woman’s child as well. Then there was her blow out at the Oscars. That was back when she was dating Leo DiCaprio. Leo was up for an Oscar (The Superbowl of motion picture awards) that year against Denzel Washington. Washington won and Gizzie’s response was that Denz didn’t deserve it and that Leo should’ve got it. While that was supportive, in theory, it was also ungracious and probably did Leo more harm than good. Leo and Gizzie split some time after that one.

BY the sounds of some Pats fans they’re wishing that Brady might do the same. Message boards have already moved beyond the “why doesn’t she shut up” postings and into “the Gisele jinx” territory. She’s being compared to Jessica Simpson – who supposedly spoiled Tony Romo‘s game and so became hated by Dallas Cowboys’ fans (Romo eventually dropped Simpson, almost literally. They broke it off while in the car on the road. Romo parked left her in a IHOP parking lot somewhere deep in the heart of Texas. Simpson had to wait for two hours, while in tears, until some one arrived to pick her up.). One cheeky poster even referred to Bundchen as the Patriot’s Yoko Ono. However this thing plays out, whenever Brady get’s back for practice you know that he’s gonna be the most popular boy in the showroom. The really is a woman behind every successful man, but in some cases you should’a seen the poor guy before she got hold of him!

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Giselle Bundchen slams Patriots

Bundchen’s Blunders

Giselle Bundchen
can be outspoken and not in the good Megan Fox “I say whatever I think” way. It’s more in a German “I know better than the rest of you so why is everyone so stupid?” way. Take the time she tried explaining motherhood to woman. Acted like she didn’t know what the fuss was about since she merely watched what she ate, did some yoga and POW, young Benjamin shot out in to the world without the need for drugs or any special procedures. It was just so straight forward when you’ve got you’re shit together that Gisele seemed not to get why other women make it so complicated.

tet et teet & the Boob Police

Then again those pack of drama queens can turn any thing in to a whine fest – like breast feeding. It’s simple and straight forward. You let the child take the teet and let nature take it’s course. However some women don’t get that either – according to Gisele Bundchen. She got something off her breast on that subject too! Bunders said

“Some people here [in the U.S.] think they don’t have to breastfeed, and I think ‘Are you going to give chemical food to your child when they are so little?’ I think there should be a worldwide law, in my opinion, that mothers should breastfeed their babies for six months.”

Bunders gets it off her chest even if she has to say what’s on her mind

So now we know than Bundchen doesn’t mind coming right out and sayin’ what’s on her mind, especially when it’s in the form of criticism against some one else. So that leaves us with the question of what she thinks about yesterday’s Superbowl loss for her hubby’s – quarterback om Brady – team the New England Patriots. If you’ll recall and you probably do cause it was only yesterday The Pats went in against the New York Giants as odds on favourites and walked out losers in a 21 to 17 victory for the Giants.

defeat with an added element of personal humiliation

Naturally Giants fans were elated by the outcome. Some even razzed Bunders as she made her way from her seat – saying “Eli owns your husband”. Now if you’ve been around the Internet you know how provocative the word ‘owned’ or even worse ‘pwned’ can be. It’s meant to convey defeat with an added element of personal humiliation. For instance Wonder Woman getting defeated by a super villain and then tied up with her won magic lasso has been ‘owned’ or ‘pwned’! She’s his bitch! So no one would blame Bunders for reacting to that statement – up to a point.

Pats drop ball – Bunders drops F bomb

Bunders held her cool and didn’t shout back at the offending fans. She did quietly have a Marie Antoinette moment though. She turned to a friend and saidMy husband can not fucking throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. I can’t believe they dropped the ball so many times.” So now we know who she blames for yesterday’s patriot lose – not her husband. We can only hope, for Tom’s sake, that these ugly comments from his beautiful wife are forgotten about before training camp begins or they could make the atmosphere tense. However should it come to that I’m sure Bunders will be there to smooth things over in her usual way – by makin’ with the smooth talk.

Beautiful smoothies

PS You can’t blame Bunders too much for defending her husband. She had probably gotten a little freaked out during the playoffs by the Tim Teebow factor – just like the rest of America. Football fans were afraid that God might rig the Superbowl or something, perhaps to make some kind of religious point in a way that no atheist smart aleck on earth could ever rebut, through pro sports!Bundchen had even turned to prayer, perhaps in an attempt to fight fire with fire.

However the thing I find upsetting is that when her sister angel Adriana Lima finally gets her big Superbowl moment, after years of having other models promoted ahead of her to the lead angel position – Bunders has to go and spoil it by making the Superbowl about her (When it was supposed to be about Madonna and her half time show)! The important thing is that we can get past this and move on if we try. I just hope she doesn’t make some awful statement about the American Presidential Elections next!

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