Letterman Blackmailer Guility

Rogue 48 Hours producer Robert Halderman happened on a little get rich quick scheme involving sex, revenge and 2 million dollars. The idea occurred to him when he discovered that his girlfriend was still seeing her former boss David Letterman. When I say that they were seeing ea ch other I mean that they were seeing all of each other! Inspiration can be a funny thing.

Well Bob decided that the story of his betrayal had to be worth something to some one, so he dashed of a little screen play. Then being the gentleman that he is, he decided to let David Letterman have first crack at the screen rights – just to show that there were no hard feelings. Well no good deed goes unpunished and Dave decided that this gesture was more of a shake down than a good turn. “Whoa this is blackmail” he claimed the police explained to him when he reported the incident. Now I’m sure that Dave is clever enough not to require an explanation. In fact that was probably in his mind when he went to the authorities.

Well the upshot is that between the jigs and the reels Haldermen got busted walking out of Dave’s office with a check for 2 mill in his hot little hand. That lead to the aforesaid public mea culpa in which Dave tried to take responsibility for his actions by distancing himself from them. The angle worked out so well that Dave might well teach a class in celebrity mea culpa. Of course Big daddy Dave had a little help from Late Night Musical Chairs fiasco that’s been going on lately. The Olympics were kind of distracting too.

Events were not to be so kind for Robert Halderman. Despite the loud and aggressive noises of his attorney, Bobby was facing an uphill battle in the court and in public opinion. Gravity eventually won out and Halderman pleaded guilty in a plea bargain. The conditions include the usual gag order in which Bob isn’t allowed to go writing any scripts based on Dave, or any characters with a coincidentally resemblance to Dave. So case closed.


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Joe Namath’s Dog On Trial


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‘Balloon Boy’s Dad Pleads Guilty


Judge Sends Anna Nicole Smith Drug Case to Trial


Lindsay Lohan’s Probabtion Extended

When Lindsay Lohan had to show up recently in court for a 2007 booze related charge she got some bad news. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel ordered that Lindz probation be extended for one year. Seems that the court mandated alcohol education classes were a bone of contention. Lohan wasn’t attending them. I can’t blame her there: who wants to be sitting around with a bunch of drunks when you could be out drinking? No one in the room!

Lindsay’s reps explained that this wasn’t really their clinets fault. It was the program administrators failure ot communicate to their client that resulted in her absences. Well it’s hard to communicate with some one when the who knows were (chasing Samantha Ronson) and usually drunk in front of a pack of paparazzi. They might have reached her through her Sevinnyne twitter account. Perhaps they weren’t well enough informed about celebrity gossip. They should’ve been reading Wondertrash!

The judge didn’t see they’re point and so laid down the law: ‘you’ve got one year to smarten up’. In fact the judge put the matter in no uncertain terms, telling Lohan “This has got to be a top priority!” The, so there would be no confusion, she added, “I would love to congratulate you rather than admonish you.” For her part Lindsay replied that smarting up would be really inconvenient right now. For one thing she’s down in Texas to shoot a film. Of course the court believed that one like they believed Richard Heene wasn’t behind the Balloon Boy scam. Maybe it is time for Lohan to clean up her act. It’s usually a sign when your excuses start to slip.



Is she ready for her close up yet?

Casey Anthony has got nerve. If what’s believed about her is true then she murdered her daughter and tried to blame a baby sitter. That’s why she currently under lock and key. Naturally Casey wants to get on the loose in the worst way. To that end her lawyers have petitioned the judge in the case to throw out the charges. The prosecutors have moved to have Anthony’s motion thrown out. It’s all very legal and technically; and highly combative. Here’s the low down on the show down.

Before we rush to judgment against his woman let’s consider that it’s not like she set her kid adrift in a balloon, or pimped them out for a reality TV show, or got artificially inseminated with 8 embryos so she could cut a reality TV deal or anything (let’s say that Octomom was ‘superficially inseminated’). OK maybe she is the worst mom in America – but the competition is catching up fast!


Jett Travolta Dead 7 Hours Before Medics Arrived?

A witness in the Travolta case is making a startling allegation – that Jett Travolta was dead before the EMTs every got the scene! Paramedic Marcus Garvey is a witness for the defence, and accompanied Jett Travolta on his ride to the hospital. Having received his paramedic training in the USA he’s being treated as an expert witness. He was also a shift supervisor for the ambulance service. Garvey claims that when the Travolta call came in it was treated as an extra special priority. In fact he and his boss took over the call from a less experienced crew.

However by the time they got to the Travolta residence Garvey claims that the autistic teenager was beyond help. Garvey says that he realized the teen was dead when he performed a pupil reaction test. The boy’s pupils were widely dilated, and unresponsive, indicating that he had been dead awhile. What’s more the boy’s body was cold to the touch. Now low body temp and dialated pupils can be the result of a seizure, so in this case they are not the best indicators. Garvey does go on to say that he noticed blood pooling in the body, and that it indicated death had occured maybe as long as 7 hours before.

Garvey’s theory is that there is some kind of cover up going on. In fact the experienced paramedic claims to have been told that the boy collapsed with a fatal seizure while his nannies were off partying. He has even gone so far as to state this under oath. Now none of this has any direct bearing on the issue, which was whether paranmedics tried to shake Travolta down for $25 mill. It does provide motive for a shake down and pay off however. It actually strengthens Travolta’s case. The issue in question is not whether Travolta was responsible for his son’s death, but whether medics tried to blackmail him.

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