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gotten rotten

If you read the last Wondertrash post you might have gotten the feeling that I’m just not trying anymore. Maybe the word ‘apathetic’ in the title was a give away. Trying leads to so much mischief in life – if our celebrities are any indication – that sometimes not trying is worth a try. The less effort the less trouble gets made. However if everyone thought like that then the history books would be empty, and school boys would have nothing to trouble them. We can’t all be buddhas, right away anyway. So in the spirit of wholesome mischief, here’s some fresh shit.

Justin TV

It seems that no one is bigger these days then Justin Bieber; not since Charlie Sheen went back on his meds and recovered from that case of Sheenius. It seems that when ever this kid breaks wind it becomes an over publicized non event of the kind that might get 24 hour on going “developing story” type coverage on CNN. So if you so sick of this kid that you want to punch out random mop topped teen on the street, then skip over this part. It’s gonna send you over.

breaking Bieber

The latest out break of Bieber fever has the Beeb on CSI. He was already killed off on Law & Order, but like Jesus the death didn’t take and so he back to haunt us. As said his latest appearance was on CSI, though it might have been easier to take if he’d appeared in a grilled cheese sandwich or bowling alley lane – Jesus style. Anyway Justy keeps his cheesy mainstream so he got on CSI where he met Marge Helgenberger.

Justy & Busty

Now this musty been a big deal in the life of a growing boy. Margy, you’ll recall, is the gal who acts in CSI and whose boobs are prominently feature, often hoist up into a firing position. So Justy must’ve been keen to make a real good impression on her. Maybe that’s why Margy says that he seemed like a real nice guy when she met him. Her exact words, as quoted by Radaronline, were “He was nice to me.” See, I said he was nice!

Everyone can’t have big boobs, so Justy can’t be nice to everyone

Thing was that it didn’t stop there. Seems that Justy wasn’t quite so nice with his other, non mammary endowed castmates. In fact Boobs, I mean Margy, goes on to say that, and once again I quote by way of Radaronline, that “I shouldn’t be saying this but he was kind of a brat.” Actually that part got said on a French radio interview, but Radaronline got wind of it and repeated it! Busty goes on to say that “He was nice to me but he locked one of the producers in a closet and he put his fist through a cake that was one the cast’s table!

the moral of the story

So what can we draw from this? Well for one thing Justy is a real swell guy, if you happen to be a hot chick with great big boobs that stick up at a 45 degree angle. Other wise watch you’re step, cause he can be a rotten little jerk. Also we’ve learned that you have to watch what you say, cause what you say can get around. Even if it’s said over seas and in a foreign language. If it’s about Bieber then the world is gonna know about it and more sooner than later. That probably has something to do with the Internet! Finally we’ve learned that the mass media hasn’t gotten tired of talking about Bieber yet, not matter how sick of him everyone else is. That probably has something to do with his appeal to teenage girls and middle aged “Herbert the Pervert” types. So we’re probably gonna keep hearing too much about him in the future, even if you dearly wish that he and Miley Ray Cyrus would run away together and never be seen or heard from again.

Now something in the spirit of big boobs sticking up on a 45 degree angle!

dirty ditties – every doggerel has it’s day

Some people wonder what’s gotten into celebrities today. I think that it’s the age we live in. The whole sad sorry mess can probably summed up in the following little ditty!

So you real can’t blame the Biebs for being as rotten little jerk when thing are rotten, like the song says! Even a Robin Hood might fall victim to his own vanity.

So when other legends are forgotten, just remember back when things were rotten. It’s a Wondertrash thing!


Mischa Barton gets out and about

pix stolen shamelessly from CelebrityPictures

Mischa Barton:  Pumping Gas

Mischa Barton – Pumping gas in West Hollywood
Mischa Barton pictures Mischa Barton pictures Mischa Barton pictures Mischa Barton pictures Mischa Barton pictures Mischa Barton pictures

Speaking of shamelessly stolen pix, here’s a little something of Megan Fox, from her Armani Emporio ads, by way of Derek Hail:

Megan Fox pic from the Emporio Armani ads

Mister Mixter & the Hex sex

Meggers is gonna be seen in the soon to be released Jonah Hex, with Mickey Rourke. The Mixter says that Meggers is the best young actress he’s worked with, that she’s a world class beauty, oh yeah and she’s got a fantastic pair of tits! That makes her sound like the total package. It wasn’t enough to save Jennifer’s Body – which stunk out the box office.

Dear John, James, & Mike

The box office is the bottom line by which motion picture careers live or die. While the box office was unkind to Megan, it was very generous to her JB co star Amanda Seyfreid. She’s starring in the recently released Dear John. Dear John has just knocked James Cameron’s Avatar out of the No 1 spot. So unless Jonah Hex kicks some serious butt, Megan Fox is gonna go down in cinematic history as the B actress who pissed off Michael Bay and starred with Amanda Seyfried before Seyfried made it big!

Amanda Seyfried


Julia Voth: Doodlecast Link & Hot Pic!

Julia Voth: Doodlecast

Julia Voth

In addition to acting, modeling, and doodling, Julia Voth has been known to dabble in poetry. Here’s and example:

It’s breathing down my neck

Darkness on the daunting shore is breathing down my neck

Shallow breaths create a hushed echo across the water

Reach the shore and breath no more; lips utter no hope

There’s a chill in the air tonight, I feel it in my soul

It’s cold and weak like a dead mans hand laid on mine

Clouds eclipse a full conscious, brawling in the sky

And shadows cast a glimpse of no one there, there’s no one here

But I remember seeing him look at me like this

Like when he looks at me I have been looked at

And when he lays me down I will lay there forever

I rest there, trying to remember how to breathe

And I take the dead mans hand in mine and hold it close to my heart

I will not stir in the bed I have made for you and I

The sky will turn its crimson pinks and orange and scorch the land

A new day has turned and I am still the same, I still feel without

Winds rustle the leaves that command presence and obedience

So I stand submissive to the path that has been chosen

Bowing and cursing them under my breath

It’s foul, but not as merciless as the rotting man in my hand…


Free Satu

satu rautaharjuWanna know what it’s like to be an aspiring model/actress in New York City? Well then here’s your chance to find out by reading FreeSatu & Fevered Ramblings. These blogs are written by a very intelligent and passionate young lady, Satu Rautaharju, who is determined to break into the business. She was also Joss Whedon‘s choice to play Wonder Woman in that movie he got kicked off of. Plus she also did a couple of spots on the OC (as an edgy goth girl singer) back when poor Mischa Barton was just starting to go off of the rails. The stories that young lady might be able to tell, should she care too!

Satu also has a knack for entertainment journalism and has interviewed Bruce Willis among others. Samuel L Jackson even flirted with her during one interview!


Bitchslap with Julia Voth

julia voth bitchslap

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