Karrueche Tran asked about Rihanna’s mad love for Chris Brown leaving Su…

Karrueche Tran asked about Rihanna‘s mad love for Chris Brown

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Was 911 an inside job?

Let’s listen carefully to what former president George W. Bush has to say!


Humanitarian Bombing


Brooke Mueller gets Xtreme

Brooke Mueller is the ex wife of Charlie Sheen. They divorced just shortly befo9re he went nuts and started seeing goddesses. To be clear “goddesses” was what he called his porn actress companions – not that he was seeing hallucinations or anything. For while there some people had there doubts. Anyhow Brooke was the most recent ex Mrs. Sheen at that time.

She and Charlie had a tumultuous relationship. Though his relationship with Denise Richards was inspirational, according to Richards her self in an upcoming memoir, the Mueller deal involved arrests, tabloid headlines, and a Christmas Day Knife Fight. It was the knife fight that caught people’s attention and made us realize that Charlie and Brooke had some relationshit relationship issues beyond the standard marriage counseling thing.

Now everyone knew that Charles had some issues. That’s because Denise Richards told everyone about it ad nausea back when she was divorcing him, and trying to get every nickel that she could out of him in the settlement. That was back before their relationship was inspirational. In fact in those days she needed everyone to know just how bad he was so they would sympathize with her, and support her, and so she could get the largest settlement possible. Not everyone sympathized. A judge laughed her out of his office after she called some kind of emergency hearing regarding her kids. Then Denise went on to bust up Heather Locklear’s marriage and drive the poor woman into an alcoholic relapse. What are friends for? Well the main thing is that somewhere through that whole mess the thing got inspirational – which is kind of inspirational in it’s self!

What Denise didn’t tell us, because she couldn’t – she was busy wrecking other lives; is that Brooke had some heavy issues too. For one thing she liked drugs. Hard stuff like crack and meth, in addition to the prescribed marijuana that she takes for her anxiety (Brooke seems more like the type to give anxiety than to get it). In fact there were some nasty rumours making the rounds that she had to go to rehab for coke even while preggers with her twins by Charlie! She also had to make another return to rehab back during Charlie’s freak out. That’s when she tried to take thee twins away based on the idea that a crack head is less unfit than a couple of porn actresses. Brooke had some kind of relapse or something during that period and so her parents stepped in. Oh yeah and she was recently spotted with a make shift crack pipe – but Brooke swears she was just holding it for Tatum O Neal. Actually she claims it’s for her legally prescribed and anxiety related marijuana.

So it’s safe to say that Brooke has some chemical dependency problems, allegedly. With that in mind, and probably to prove that she’s a minimally fit parent and keep her seat on the Charlie Sheen Gravy Train, Brooke has entered rehab once again. This ain’t some Dr. Drew deal either, but a real serious type get clean facility. For one thing it’s down in Mexico. That’s where you go when you want results in things like such as stem cell therapy or black market.

This one, located in sunny Cancun, offers something a little special. The clinic specializes in Ibogaine. That’s made from the African iboga plant, used in shamanic initiation rituals. The drug si so effective that it’s go ten people off of heroin with out withdrawal. There’s a pretty low relapse rate too. Not only does it clear up heroin addiction, but other addictions as well, and even “addictive behaviors“. This is reputably because the drug has the power to resolve inner neurotic conflicts and free people from neurotic behavior patterns. So naturally it’s banned in America. Having sane sensible people wandering around in their right mind is so bad for business.

Anyway if the drug works we could see a brand new Brooke on our hands. Not that she could morph into some kind of Buddha or anything – but it would be nice to hope.As a sane enlightened woman she’ll have about as much business in Hollywood as Joaquin Pheonix. However it might make her a little more goddess-like. She might even become a worthy partner for a warlock. So here’s wishing her luck on her little rehab shamanic drug initiation ritual! Should things turn out as usual for Brooke, we can look forward to even more colorful mugshots.

wonder woman mugshot

BTW The Murdoch scandal is heating up. You’ll recall that The News of the World got shut down after deleting some e mails from a murdered girl’s cellphone. Some sleazy tabloid types hacked into the then missing girl’s phone looking for a story. Since her mail box was filled up the deleted some stuff hoping that fresh stuff would come in. That was basically destroying evidence. As the authorities began rooting around the Newscorp empire they discovered that hacking was a pretty routine way of getting scoops. Even the likes of Jude Law, Hugh Grant, and possibly even Prince William had got hacked.

BBC Global News

Rebekah Brooks: Sienna Miller was ‘first time senior management saw documentary evidence’ of hacking relating to a current employee

So the News got shut down and 200 people laid off. Eventually even the head of the News, Rebekah – what’s her name – Brooks, had to resign. She was the Marie Antoinette of the piece so everyone was glad enough for her to go and eat cake. Speaking of just desserts the big man himself had to answer some questions today, and that brought out then screwball comedy in one avenging clown of justice armed with a cream pie – here’s the video on that!

“Ladies & gentlemen do not be alarmed. An angry crank with a pie has entered the room!”


Lunapic Photo Editing


Have a Wondertashy 4th!

Valerie Perez wonder woman 4th of july

.. and for those neocons out there, maybe this will be your cup of tea

You remember Anne Coulter? She was the right wing’s wet dream girl before Sarah Palin came along! Image from uberblog Zaiusnation!



Wrestling the Hulk – My Life against the Ropes


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Hogan no hero

According to Linda Hogan her ex husband was a Hulk in more than name only. IN her new book entitled Wrestling the Hulk Linda reveals that she was subjected to every sort of abuse. She was beaten, slapped, pinned to the bed, and once the Hulk even put his hands around her throat. The former Mrs Hulk claims that it was scary. She even told Mattt Lauer that she was afraid she would wind up as a statistic, like Nicole Brown Simpson. Linda then went on to describe some of those incidents:

‘He tore my shirt, held me down on the bed with his hands around my throat. I was always afraid he would kill me in one of his rages. But it was scary. I did not know how far he would go.’

You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry

So what exactly git into the Hulkster, besides his famous combo of prayer, training, & vitamins? According to Linda it was the usual plethora of drugs & steroids which help comprise day to day life for pro wrestling gladiators. According to Linda:

‘Wrestlers had a reason to do every kind of drug and narcotic around and help numb them from the pain of what they were doing.’ she said.
‘Drugs were around, there was a constant flow pain killers inflammatory and a lot of them did take steroids.’
Asked why she did not say anything about the drug use she added: ‘That was not my position to do.
‘As long as he was in the ring and they were being prescribed that was up to him. But it did change him.’

Hulk Smash!

So what made her keep quiet about years of drug fuel abuse and various other mayhem, like serial cheating? Cynics would say that having a new book to promote might have soemthing top do with it. After all, now that her reality TV career has come to an end, she’s kind of hard pressed for opportunities to make ends meet. 25 year old pool boys don’t usually hang with 52 year old pro wrestling molls because they prefer maturity and experience to Victoria Secret swimsuit models. However Linda has another explanation. According to her if she’d said anything about the abuse, then the Hulk’s career would be over! In her own words to Matt Lauer, ‘I was quiet and afraid to say anything,’ she said. ‘Had I said something the carpet would have been pulled from under his career.’ The abuse didn’t stop he from appearing in their reality TV series Hogan Knows Best either. Now that she’s got some independent projects going, she no doubt feels freer about blowing the whistle on the big lug’s brutish ways.

BTW Megan Fox is getting back in the news ever since word broke that Hitler got her fired by way of Steven Spielberg. Michael bay hung int here for her, but you just can’t save some people from themselves. That’s even more true if they’re over sexed young actresses with over active mouths! So the result is that we won’t be getting to see Meggers in the new 3D sequel! To emphasize that point her former co star Shia LaBouef (He’s the sensitive young actor who’s not currently being sued over illicit poker winnings) was on Today to talk about how he was the emotional glue (I used to sniff that stuff back in high school), and how Transformers is even better than the other Transformers, even without Mrs. Foxy!


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Notice how he says that not only is the story better, but that Meggers ‘was’ a friend of his, in the past tense. Man that’s one tough business! Hang in there Meggers, cause I’m sure that there’s work for you. Wonder what people would like to see you in.


Roger Ebert vs Ryan Dunn

Yesterday’s post covered how Megan Fox’s big mouth deep sixed her car as a brainless sex kitten. When you’re a celebrity you have to think of your mouth as a loaded gun with a hare trigger – it could go off at the wrong time and ruin everything if you’re not careful with it. Just look at Mel Gibson! Speaking of drunk drivers that brings us to the sad case of Ryan Dunn. Dunn was the popular a star of the popular Jackass series. Ryan died the other day after a drunk driving accident. As it turned out Ryan had been in the bar drinking until about 2:00 in the morning, when he and a friend got into the car to make their way home. At 2:38 Dunn had a fatal accident. Witnesses from the bar say Dunn had at least 6 drinks over the course of the evening.

Tragedy brings out the jerk in celebs

That brings us to Roger Ebert. Ebert lately has a habit of indiscreet tweeting. He made some Mark Twain related comments, specifically about the use of some racially loaded terms in the author’s work, that raised some hackles. Ebert got a pass on that because his wife is black, much the way Ted Danson got a pass on his blackface routine back in his Friar’s Club days because he was dating Whoopee Goldberg. Ted didn’t get a complete pass cause he said some very bad shit; Whoopee defended him and then dropped him, and his motion picture career was over. Unlike Michael Richards he was still allowed to show his non blackened face in public and continued to get a measure of respect. How time’s have changed is something for Dr. Laura to sadly reflect on, and discuss with her 6000 Twitter followers (that’s a come down).

I have something to share with the world – my opinion!

Ebert’s latest unfortunate tweet involves Dunn. Though nobody asked him, Rog felt the need to share his opinion with the rest of the world. Must have something to do with being a film critic (bloggers have the same problem only moreso). Just after the news broke Ebert posted “Friends don’t let Jackasses drink and drive”. You can probably guess how that went down. Bam Magera responded “I just lost my best friend, I have been crying hysterical for a full day and piece of sh*t roger ebert has the gall to put in his 2 cents”. Bam later added, “Millions of people are crying right now, shut your fat f*cking mouth!” Rog sure is making cancer survivors look less sympathetic!

“Come on, I couldn’t have done anything worse than Tony Weiner!”

It get’s worse. Rog has a Facebook page. No celeb just as a Twitter page since you just can’t do you’re image enough damage with one outlet. You’ve got to have Facebook too. It’s kind of like shooting yourself in the foot with both barrels. Anyhow some of Dunn’s fans got quite upset about Mr Ebert’s comments, and so they complained to Facebook. Facebook to the step of deactivating Ebert’s page. Ebert didn’t take this too kindly, in fact he was more torn up about losing his page than the passing of Mr. Dunn. So Ebert once again took it upon himself to make his feeling public (he should probably stop doing that – at least for awhile). Ebert said, “Facebook has removed my page in response, apparently, to malicious complaints from one or two jerks”. Ebert added, “Facebook! My page is harmless and an asset to you. Why did you remove it in response to anonymous jerks? Makes you look bad”. It’s just peachy that he added the part about looking bad.

harmless ass refuses to be anonymous

Ebert should probably be thanking the good people at Facebook. With the way he’s been running his mouth lately he doesn’t need more medium. Basically they were exercising a discretion on his behalf that he has lately been unable to exercise for himself. Besides, he’s now dangerously close to the “3 strikes and you’re out” line. One more quip from Rog and the majority of his Twitter action might come from retweets by Dr Laura and the rest of the rogue’s gallery. Still you have to give him some credit. While he can be a jerk, he’s never been an anonymous jerk. Harmless asset might be overstating things though. I consider him more of a harmless ass. The only thumbs up this time is the one up his ass. Rog time to shut it before the gallery get’s closed indefinitely. Meanwhile the rest of us can only wonder what makes successful and supposedly intelligent people become self destructive fools the minute they get a Twitter account? There must be a little jackass in all of us – RIP Ryan Dunn!

BTW every fictitious person has a Twitter these days. Not just the professionally fictitious either, but some of the genuinely fictitious personalities!

Now here’s more in that Hollywood Mind Control series:


Update: Ebert fans, and those morbidly curious enough to wonder what he’ll say next, will be glad to hear that the complaining paid off. Ebert has his facebook page back!

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