Lightning hits the SUV

Being a celebrity is a little like getting struck by lightening, and getting struck by lightening can make you a little bit of a celebrity. Take the case of the Russian driver of this SUV. They were driving along minding their own business when suddenly KA POW! The driver following happened to catch the unlikely event on their dash cam. So now youtube has another viral video. Hope that the unlucky SUV driver is okay.

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Jason Kony Russell Meltdown Video!

Jason Russell’s Kony 2012 video went viral. Now another Russell video has gone viral – thanks to the good people at TMZ, who somehow managed to catch the madness. Here he is – Jason Kony Russell – naked and flipped out. The guy doesn’t seem to be masturbating. Judging from the look of it he’s channeling his chi energy, perhaps to defending himself against psychic attack. So the poor man is obviously the victim of witchcraft, or possibly on drugs. it’s too soon to jump to conclusions. Russell managed to get himself held on a 5150 psychiatric hold over this stunt!

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