Damon in the details

Matt Damon has been getting some flack lately, perhaps because he’s taken some kind of a political stand. Now that’s just asking for it because politics is one of America’s great team sports. It used to be about the nation’s business before people learned to stop taking it too seriously. That opened it up for celebrity involvement and FOX News!

Anyway Damon started making statements and that got him attention and drew some fire, like from Glenn Beck and others. Here’s Glenn Beck deconstructing some of Damon’s comments!

So the gist of that seems to be that the rich should pay more but be careful about getting sidetracked on details or Ronald Reagan could get hauled into it. For kids who don’t remember Ronnie is the man who made it okay to be rich in America again. He also inspired Michael Douglas to invent the 1% in the original Wall Street! Reagan is also the guy who came up with the less government regulation idea that today’s neocons don’t like to take too literally. For instance more government spending on the military makes it possible for a government to intervene in almost anything! The free market may be more of a metaphor for “too big too fail”.

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Hollywood Bruiseology

“Everything’s Wrong”

Some one once said, and it was probably one of those Hollywood producers (they’re the guys who were way too clever to be Wall Street bankers), that “It’s better to have a good idea than a new idea.” So in Hollywood some things are always in fashion because they never ever go out of style – like sexy young women!


“Open City”

Hollywood is the promised land of ego tripping and every year the seekers fight their way there, willing and even eager to pay a dreadful price to become the next flavour of the month. If they’re appetizing enough then they might even become the next Angelina Jolie. That was Megan Fox – before she proved unfit for human consumption. So now she’s in Charlie the Tuna Territory. Is it her sad fate to survive in spite of herself? Watch and see.

“Make the Weather”

The thing about pretty girls is that there are many many more where she came from. The gene pool just keeps churning them out like they’re a dime a dozen. That’s good news for Hollywood since sex sells. So no one is going out of business anytime soon. In fact these days if you’re selling your soul you’re doing it in a buyer’s market! So if you expect to stand out in those cattle calls then you’d better have something special if you want to stand even a snowball’s chance in hell!

“A Girl’s Gotta Do”

Something special ain’t no kind of guarantee – but it does give you a chance. So her are some girls most likely submitted for your approval. Pay close attention and make some mental notes because one of these fair damsels might one day be more than just some Hollywood also ran. Our first fair maiden is Emmanuelle Vaugier, a genuinely beautiful lady that you might have seen in such projects as Lost Girl and Saw 2. She’s the B List lady with the A List looks. She was born and raised in Vancouver, BC – the province with the reputation for hot chicks, & raised in a french speaking family. If classy sexiness got you there then she’d be there already. For now you can see a little more of her ion the following short videos!


So now that you’re in love, or something like it, then it’s time to teach you a lesson; that there’s more than one beautiful woman in show business. Our next offering is an unbelievably hot young woman from Hepburn, Saskatchewan. Her big notable movie role was in Bitchslap but you probably first saw her – without even knowing it – in those Resident Evil video games. That’s cause game programmers used her as the basis for Jill Valentine. IN fact she tired out for the role of JV in RE 5 but didn’t get it. That’s probably because Milla Jovovich “allegedly” fears her, and is afraid to do a scene with a woman just as beautiful as she is, but ten years younger! Her name is Julia Voth and she’s so hot & beautiful that men have been know to break down in tears just at the sight of one of her pictures. Anyone woman can make a man cum, but getting him to weep is taking it to a whole different level! Let’s see if you can pass the cry test with the following short snippets!

If she ever unleashes it – look out!

So as any fool can plainly see the lady’s got it even when she’s caught unawares! In fact many men would gladly cut off their right testicle for a chance at her. Being a gentle Taurus, Julia would probably say “If you want to impress me then try chocolates, wine, flowers, or even some tasteful jewelry – but take the bloody amputated testicles away! They’re disgusting!” She also looks pretty cool in a Wonder Woman costume!


Bad news if you’re not into sensible courting. However is you’re still intent on doing some kind of Van Gogh demonstration of sick, obsessive love then there’s good news; and that is there are more beautiful young starlets in Hollywood.

“Thinking About Sex Again”

Our next one is not only hot but talented too. She’s an artist and the daughter of an artist. When she’s not whipping up some genuinely good pieces she’s making the rounds of the cattle calls and trying to get an in in Tinsel Town. You’ve seen this pretty lady before. In fact if you’re a male between the ages of 24 & 45 then demographically speaking she’s probably the reason why you bought that pack of Tic Tacs. She’s Kate Kelton and is better known as the first non blonde Tic Tac chick, and still the most popular!

This might be one of those unsubstantiated Internet rumors but I hear that the people at Wildmind Animations based their Erin Esurance on a cross between Tic Tac Chick and Gabrielle ” Lt. Gay Ellis” Drake from the old UFO Sci Fi series!

So now that you’ve got a hankering for something minty fresh open your other eye,cause Kate also looks nifty in a Wonder Woman outfit!


I’d hate to be the one responsible for getting anyone addicted to Tic Tacs, so here are some distractions. When it comes to distractions no one on earth is more distracting than Daniella van Graas. In fact she’s bullet proof bracelets and an invisible plane away from being Wonder Woman. This Dutch treat was in All My Children and did some walk ons in plenty of movies. Then she got the female supporting lead in Perfect Stranger, with Halle Berry and Bruce Willis. She was the one you were lookin’ at when you were supposed to be lookin’ at Halle. Her current alter ego is as the Aveeno Woman in the face cream commercials and here’s a closer look!

“They’re All Out of Liquor, Let’s Find Another Party”

Now most of you readers of the male persuasion must be in a hot & bothered lather! Confronted with so many lovely ladies you may not be sure which way to turn, and only wish that you could have them all. That means it’s time for a patented Wondertrash dose of reality – in the form of a classic music video. So while you’re having your grubby little dreams over those pretty pretty ladies, and dreaming about what you might do in a more ideal world, don’t say that no one ever warned you!

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Sean Young arrested trying to crash Oscar party


Sean Young was a big deal back in the 80’s. Then she was a potential It Girl. She was kind of like Megan Fox with an air of class and intelligence. She starred in a couple of big films like Blade Runner and Wall Street. Then she started dating James Woods and went nuts, allegedly. She began stalking him and eventually was suspected of leaving a mutilated doll on his front door. The doll stunt was either a veiled threat or a cry for help, depending on what you want to make of it. Sean got the reputation for being so insane that in a show down with Dexter’s Leila Tourney poor Leila would probably wind up on a platter with an apple in her mouth! So she was bad news and that meant Hollywood stopped calling with fabulous opportunities.

She did reappear from time to time. Like the incident where she had to be ejected from a award gala (Directors Guild of America ) for heckling a director. She was apparently drunk and began circling the room as the poor man received his award. Then she began hollering and making some kind of a scene. Then it was time to go. So a friendly security guard landed on her and escorted her from the premises. Then, back in 2006, she got caught trying to gate crash a Vanity Fair Oscar party. Naturally award ceremonies can be rough on a former “girl most likely“.

Now when it comes to award ceremonies there’s nothing bigger than the Oscars. So a lot of emotional pressure builds up around it. All those esteem issues come into play. So perhaps that’s why poor Sean Young had another ‘episode’. Seems that with the numerous Oscars parties being held in and around the Thirty Mile Zone last night no one bothered to invite Sean Young to any of them. They were probably afraid that she’d make a scene. A scene is what she wound up making.

Sean tried to crash an Oscar party at the Governor’s Ball. She showed up around 9:25 PM in a evening gown and was not allowed in. This lead to an altercation with a security guard which on lookers ( Tom Januszewski, an Associated Press business executive witnessed the incident ) said happened very quickly. The guard subdued Young by placing his forearm on her head and neck while another guard slapped the cuffs on her. She was then taken into custody. In other word they landed on her like she was the underwear bomber caught trying to sneak into first class. They didn’t taser the poor woman and that’s about it. Though Sean came off the worst of it she was the one who got charged, for misdemeanor battery!

No one seems to be saying much about the incident. Tara Lee Curtis – a publicist for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences didn’t not return voice mails. Sean Young’s agent – & yes she still has one named David Shapira, didn’t respond to questions about Ms Young’s behavior either. Even Ms Young herself was kinda close lipped as she was lead away in handcuffs. About the only thing that we do know is that she is on the loose and at large after posting $20 000 bail this morning. So watch your step Hollywood because no one knows where this woman may strike next – but anywhere with free bar service is a strong possibility!

Sean did make it into some Oscar events that night. Early she was spotted by USA Today reported Claudia Puig getting friendly with Angelina Jolie. Jolie was a the bar with partner Brad Pitt when Young sidled up and asked for Angie to pose for a picture with her. “Darling, we have the same hair dresser, and girls like us need help with our hair,” she told Angelina. was her intro line. The couple graciously posed with Ms. Young. Young was apparently hitting up everyone for photos.

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