Pam Anderson Nip Slip on Ice!

Pamela Anderson‘s on ice nipple slip!

Former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson recently got booted off of reality TV series Dancing on Ice – despite the fact that her nipple got a public airing during the episode. Let’s have a peep at that –

Now Pam did pretty good in an earlier performance on the show. She scored 18.5 out of 40 which was respectable, and even impressive for a gal not used to skating. Or as Judge Robin Cousins told her: “Every crossover you did was correct, it was natural and not forced at all. It was beautiful.

However things took a turn for the worse during her second outing. That’s when Pam had an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. That seemed to throw her off. Or as Pam put it – “I wobbled because my dress fell off!” “Well, you know. I feel sad, but it was really fun and now I know how to skate a little bit. I feel so bad – I just stumbled in my dress, my boobs fell out. It happens!” The result is that she blew the performance and got booted off the show.

So remember that in entertainment it’s not just performance that matters – wardrobe counts too! That goes double when you’re trying to contain your enthusiasm!

Now let’s have a look at Pam’s routine with nipple slip up.

Bad news is Pammie got booted. Good news is she’ll probably be invited back!

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Kris Kardashian as Wonder Woman

What’s Wondertrash without celebrity super heroics? Celebrity superheroics often involves thrills chills spills & pills. Kardashian mom Kris gives us the spills with her Halloween costume Instagram pic in which she wears a Wonder Woman costume while having a nip slip. Let’s take a peep at that!

Kardashian mom Kris has an instagram nipple slip while wearing her wonder woman cosutme

Now that’s what you call Pop o Matic Trouble! If Kris had read the Oct 15th Wondertrash she’d have realized that she’s courting disaster by boobing out in a super heroine costume. Mandy Caruso showed up at Comic Con bursting out of her Black Cat cosplay gear and got harassed by a pack of geeks!  While Kris wasn’t hounded by creepy nerds she did get razzed by her daughter Khloe who tweeted after posting the pic on her Instagram “Hi nips. That’s my mom,” Kris tweeted back “do something to encourage someone today!

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Sofia Vergara Butt Thong Twit Pic

Sofia Vergara‘s butt’s in a sling, and in a picture!

Remember when I posted “Who cares about the Emmies?” Well not everything that happened last night was ho hum. Sofia Vergara was there and she took the opportunity to tweet a pic of her butt thong liver from the ceremonies! Now the picture is makking the rounds so naturally it’s gonna get posted here to & here it is!

Sink hole mysteriously appears during Emmy Ceremony!

Now that could almost pass for breast clevage but if you look carefully  – & I’m sure that you are – then you can see the thin strip of fabric wedged up between them! Now you’ve seen “tails” we’ll flip to the A Side so you can put a face to that picture.

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Jennifer Lopez – the nipple slip

This is what the fuss is about. If you look closely you can barely see the outer edge of Jennifer Lopez’s nipple. It’s more of a rim shot. So there was no need to make the kids leave the room since they’d have missed it unless some one pointed it out.

from Allie Is Wired

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