The Megan Fox Camel Toe Post

As you may be aware Megan Denise Fox turned 24 years old yesterday. That is unless it was only 23. Though she hasn’t been around that long it’s already hard to imagine the world of entertainment without her. She exploded onto the scene about 3 years ago in Transformers. Since then she’s been in every magazine, on every chat show, and topped every “Most Sexy” list. It’s as if the world can’t get enough of Meggers.

So if you want it, here’s more of Megan, by way of some photos displaying the secret of her success – The Megan Fox Camel Toe. Think of this as Megan’s little unauthorized birthday surprise to the world. Try not to get too worked up or anything.

The Megan Fox Camel ToeThe Megan Fox Camel ToeThe Megan Fox Camel Toe
Does that young lady know how to make an impression or what? I guess that being Brian Austin Green has it’s advantages!


Catherine Zeta Jones is busting out all over!

The holiday season is upon us. Even the celebrities seem in a festive mood! In fact Catherine Zeta Jones was feeling so festive recently that she gave her Broadway audience an unexpected present. CZJ is starring in A Little Night Music on Broadway. Her role requires her to sashay around in a skimpy kimono.

Catherine Zeta Jones: unwrapped for the holidays?

Well Zeta must not have had all her straps done up right, or she was feeling generous, because at one point during a performance the kimono slipped open and the audience got to see more than they bargained for. “No wonder Micheal Douglas always seems so happy” reported one excited theater goer. That must’ve been worth more than the price of admission! Here’s to you Cat for doing your bit to revive theater in America!

Merry Christmas from the stars


Nicole Kidman Make Up Catastrophe

Things just keep going from bad to worse for her. At least she’s found a substitute for collagen & botox!


Megan – Firefox!

Speaking of Megan Fox, she recently popped in, or out, at where it was that she was being interviewed by Extra. X-tra indeed!

Celebrity Underwear Flashes

Nicolette Sheridan Flashes the Goods!

Holy Chow!

Incidentally this slip up was David Spade related. She was out on a date with him. They had a meal at Mr Chow’s, sushi probably. You do realize that in addition to his quick wit and disarming humor, Spade is also hung like a horse.

Requiem for a desperate housewife?

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A bone to pick with Misch Barton!

Mischa Barton you’re too thin, that’s why your pants are falling down! You need some curves to help hold your clothes up. You should go out to dinner with Jessica Simpson – maybe to a chili cook off – she’ll put some meat on them bones!

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Mischa Barton Flashes the Goods

Anyone wanna see a famous chick’s panties??

She also looks like she’s lost even more weight – Ya hear that Jessica Simpson, if you wanna lose those unsightly pounds then you’d better get yourself back on the bottle pronto! Show business is a tough racket – it ain’t all Dancing With the Stars
Speakingof which Lisa Rinna is actually begging for work. She recently circulated some flier amongst the professional community in LA reminding them of her professional attitude, and offering to do anything. It’s a song they’ve heard before and besides, the rumours that her mouth had finally swallowed her head haven’t been totally discounted.
BTW it might be best not to mock Ms Barton. If the following picture is any indication, she’s developing super vision! Either that or she’s been taken over by pod people!

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