Heidi Klum Dating Thomas Hayo?

cooling off and heating up

Remember Heidi & Seal? They made some headlines a little while ago when they announced their impending bust up. People were surprised because they seemed happy and grounded, plus they were touted as one of those celebrity super couples. “Super couple” doesn’t mean that they had super powers more so than the average celebrity, or wore costumes like Batman & Wonder Woman. Well not that we know of – as far as the costumes go; although what Heidi & Seal did in their spare time together is their own business except in as much as they are willing to share those details with the rest of us. In this case “super couple” simply means that they got along and worked well together – which makes a couple super by celebrity standards.

hectic news cycle

H&S moved to the back end of the gossip news since then because so much had happened: Gisele Bundchen spoiled the Superbowl, Angelina Jolie‘s leg ruined the Oscars by trying to escape from it’s owner’s revealing dress, Whitney Houston died unexpectedly and under mysterious circumstances, Megan Fox got pregnant about the same time her husband Brian Austin Green got sued because she goaded him into allegedly confronting a paparazzi – we’ll blame her condition for that, and there was the whole Kardashian mess. So your average Hollywood super couple can easily get lost in the shuffle. If the Lohan Crime Family had gone on a cross country spree like Randy & Evi Quaid allegedly did back in their colourful “starwhacker” period then the world would be saying “Heidi & Seal who?

there’s more to sex than romance

Fortunately for Heidi it’s taken something less extreme than PETA and a bag of flour to get her back in the gossip news. This didn’t even involve her getting hit in the face with a custard cream pie, though that would’ve gotten her into the news and all over youtube – so if there are any neglected celebrities hotties out there who are over eager for attention and don’t care how you get it then you know how now – *hint, hint*. In Heidi’s case it’s something as mundane as a relationship. Seems that Heidi is seeing a new guy. He was her co host on Germany’s Next Top Model. The guy has even met Heidi’s father Gunther. The man in question is allegedly Thomas Hayo, and here’s a short but informative video to give you a few vague details!

So that’s the deal on Heidi & Seal in so many vague details & with more filler material than Kim Kardashian‘s backside! Now whatever else you do remember to keeping checking out Wondertrash – the neglected hottie of celebrity gossip blogs!

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Monday Morning Megan

Enquirer shows Whiteny Houston in open casket

Whitney Houston was buried in a closed casket, which doesn’t mean that everyone can’t get to take one last look at her. That’s where the National Enquirer comes in. Their spies are everywhere and one of them managed to get one last photo of Whitney. That photo came in hand when the NE was trying to decide what to put on their cover! IN the age of the iPhone everyone can be a paparazzi!

from Views From An Old Broad

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Heidi & Seal – tension escalating?

It’s been a mind boggling time for celebrity gossip – from Gisele Bundchen buggering the Superbowl to Demi Moore going to rehab after going to the emergency ward right up to the untimely passing of Whitney Houston. The result of the gossip overload is that Seal & Heidi Klum‘s divorce got blown straight out of the headlines and into the back pages right back there with Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry. The last time we heard anything from them Seal couldn’t get his wedding ring off because he was married to an amazing woman! Then Seal’s ex former supermodel Tatjana Patitz came out and said to Intouch that Seal ain’t the nicest guy in the world. In fact she claimed that he had anger issues and a tremendous ego. Then she went on to urge Heidi not to take him back! “There are children involved,” she warned.

The plot has thickened. It turned out that Seal may well have some issues. His relationship with wife Heidi even got “physical” at leas once. That was when he pushed her during a heated argument and had to be restrained by security. He might also be a little lacking in sensitivity to women. A female employee of his got sacked following a campaign to get her fired that seemed to have been provoked by her complaints about ‘sexual harassment’. Male crew members called her a hooker and claimed she slept with the boss. When she brought this to Seal’s attention he laughed it off. Seal even has a slightly criminal past – he used to deal pot and ‘advertise’ for hookers back in London (he posted their phone numbers in phone booths – no arrests).

Now there are reports that Heidi is ready to take the separation to the next level – by taking the kids. Reports have her ready to ditch the Brentwood pad shared with Seal and head back to New York. She was apparently blindsided by his ‘criminal’ past (perhaps because he wasn’t exactly in the mafia by the sounds of it, so some minor incidents might’ve been easy to miss – we’ll give Heidi a pass on this one). Seal’s ‘double life’ combined with his anger issues have lead Heidi to conclude that “his lifestyle and criminal issues don’t provide a ‘conductive environment’ for their kids” (quote from from Star, print edition, February 27, 2012). Since Seal plans to keep LA as his permanent base this could gear up into one fearsome custody battle between the former ‘golden couple’. For one thing the wedding ring is off! That could mean even more ‘startling’ allegations.

Tabloid journalism is about the stars. There are different sorts of stars. Some are the kind with big plastic sun glasses and big plastic lips. Some are the kind that send visitors to trailer park denizens who claimed that they tried to pick them up for hybrid breeding with the use of a tractor beam. Needless to say that trailer park meth is a scourge to North America and a boon to the tabs. It’s an ill wind that blows no good.

Anyhow with that in mind here’s a little something on the whole UFO phenomenon – “who are they?”, “where do they come from?”, and “why do they come?”. Basically the same old questions that still remain unanswered. They remained unanswered because the egg heads, like those Big Bang Theory boys, are unable to come up with nay solutions despite their many years of avoiding social contact through science. If they can’t make contact with intelligent life in this world then how are they gonna make contact with life from beyond it? However the tabloids are unafraid to go boldly and make contact with anything and everything intelligent or otherwise. So here’s a little wondertrash contribution to the issue!

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Tommy Chong comments on Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston had been a constant topic of gossip around the Internet since her unfortunate passing on Feb 11. That happened fairly unexpected just before Clive Davis big pre Grammy bash. I say fairly unexpectedly cause Whitney did have a big night on the town a day or so previously and got herself seriously wasted. Many who saw those pictures figured that she was skating around the edge of thin ice.

Within a couple of days Whitney was found dead in her hotel room. She had died in her bathtub. That unleashed tons of drama. The hotel room was locked down for hours while investigators tried to figure out what actually happened. Friends and family of Whitney were turned away at the door – according to some reports. Meanwhile Clive Davis party went ahead pretty much as scheduled. Maybe he thought that she would’ve wanted it that way.

That left the world asking “What happened to Whitney?” Authorities quickly announced that there was no foul play suspected. What they now believe did happen was that Whitney took some alcohol with her lunch, popped a tranquilizer, and then hit the bath to mellow out. When the booze reacted with the pills she passed out. According to some reports she was dead before she submerged under water. There wasn’t enough water in her lungs to have killed her.

Now Whitney is alleged to have ton some cocaine in her day. That would explain how she got $100 million from Arista in 2001 and was rumoured to be broke before her recent death (then again maybe it wouldn’t cause $100 million in ten years is a lot of money no matter how much blow you do). So a lot of the talk is about her alleged drug abuse problem. However it might be worth noting that it wasn’t cocaine that killed her, but prescri0ption drugs. Just like it was prescription drugs that killed Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson (in his case even administered by one of the few doctors in America who still made house calls!), and well many many of your favorite celebrities right back to Marylin Munroe!

Now who knows why this should be. Some one who does have some opinions on Hollywood drug use is Tommy Chong. Tommy got famous for stoner humour back in the 70’s with his then partner in crime Cheech Marin. As Cheech & Chong they were like Abbott & Costello on weed. Marin eventually sold out cleaned up and went on to do cartoon voice overs and cos tar with Don Johnson as his side kick in Nash Bridges. Tommy kind of stayed stuck in the past a little bit. Part of it maybe becauise he has some strong views on marijuana. In fact the recent passing of Whitney Houston prompted some remarks on Hollywood drug culture. Says Tommy by way of Access Hollywood:

“Had she just stuck to pot, she’d be alive today,” the actor-comedian told Access Hollywood on Tuesday night at “The Simpsons” 500th episode celebration.

“It’s when you get into that other stuff… The trouble with that other stuff is that you forget you’re high. You think you’re taking a bath and you’re not. You’re under the water. It’s a sad, sad thing,” he continued.

According to Chong, Houston’s death was a farewell.

“It’s a sad, sad thing. In a way, though, it was like she was saying goodbye,” he told Access. “Like she was passing the torch onto Adele. It was a tough one to let go. It was like she came by and said, ‘OK, I’m out of here.’ It’s a sad, sad thing.”

Now it might be a bit too soon to say that, but Chong does make a point. If a hard pressed celebrity can go home at the end of a long bullshit day and unwind with a dime bag then they can get over the rainbow safely and effectively. If they have some kind of no drugs clause in their contract then it’s a risk they can’t take. They might get pissed tested and wound up in breach of contract. A worse case scenario is that they could get fired. They might just get ordered to rehab and then stuck with the bill.

That’s where the prescriptions come into it. If you can get something from your friendly neighborhood doctor then you’re on the right side of the line. Finish a hard day and pop a couple of Xanax. Should you get piss tested in the morning then what ever they find in you hot yellow cool aid can’t be held against you. That’s between you and your Doc Hollywood. Trouble is that those prescription pills that can get you in some really serious trouble.

Now no one is saying that there’s not a drug problem in Hollywood – allegedly. There are probably many problems down there in the Land of Milk and Honey. However a little clarity on the issue might be nice. It might be important to remember that while some celebrities have gone off the rails with hard substance abuse, it’s the legal stuff that’s killing them.

It’s not just celebrities either. Many people can be regularly pissed tested as terms of their employment and something as innocuous as weed can have serious repercussions. So prescription pills are a legal way to beat the pressure. If marijuana was legalized (and if salvia divinorum is legal then why not marijuana?) then maybe people would have a safe way to decompress. Plus they wouldn’t have to worry about losing a job, or opt for prescriptions with their potentially lethal side effects.

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Whitney Houston & burdens of fame

Whitney Houston‘s death is not being investigated as a crime. It’s not yet known what part prescription pills played in her death. What is known is that she had along and stellar career with plenty of ups and downs along the way. She also made an impression on plenty of people like Clive Davis and Quincy Jones. In the following brief video they discuss the singer’s struggle with relationships, addictions, and fame.


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maintain with no felony favors, play game pay up later

blame the fame game

Whitney Houston‘s death is not being investigated as a crime. It’s not yet known what part prescription pills played in her death. What is known is that she had along and stellar career with plenty of ups and downs along the way. She also made an impression on plenty of people like Clive Davis and Quincy Jones. In the following brief video they discuss the singer’s struggle with relationships, addictions, and fame.


Beyonce & beyond

Beyonce recently had a daughter named Blue Ivy and people are still talking about that. Here’s more chat –

i’m going with the flow, haters sink n i’ma float like now n laters

Another person who’s been the subject of heated gossip is Kim Kardashian. It seems like people never get tired of hating on her. Well in times of trouble you stick with what you know and Kim knows Reggie Bush!

Sick individual shit

Taylor Swift managed to pick up a couple of Grammies last night, before they all got snapped up by Adelle. They way that chick had ’em piled up by the armful you’d think they’d been on sale & cheaper by the dozen. While Adelle felt the love, Swifty did respectable, but next year it might come in handy to have Kanye heckle her again or something – just to get the crowd on her side. Maybe he could come up with something really obnoxious this time like “Hey Bugs, time to get the overbite fixed”. After that the crowd will want to beat the crap out of him and that will keep Swifty in sympathy and awards for another year or two. Then maybe she could work up a duet with Rhianna, who might be running out of forward momentum herself by that time. Especially if Riri gets caught with Chris Brown or start getting more tattoos. However if they both gang up on a less popular girl, say like Katey Perry (people liked her when she kissed a girl, not so much when she wanted to kiss Tim Teebow), then they might be able to jerk as much as another 6 months of relevance out of their public images!

i’m strange in my brain, but i maintain
Now for some vintage pop culture – People remember Jackie Kennedy as the widow of President John F Kennedy. That was before she went on to marry Aristotle Onassis, become Jackie O, and remind everyone that the 60’s was over by being too rich and too thin. Of course people knew that the 60’s were over when the Beatles broke up. In fact the writing was open the wall when Richard Nixon got elected – & boomers still hold that against him even today. Let the poor man rest OK.
back to the future – fifty years ago tomorrow
So people knew the good times were gone by the many changes in the wind, but going from Camelot to Dynasty helped underscore that point. People weren’t pleased about Jackie’s choice. They way some carried on you’d think that Princess Grace and left Monaco to become a mafia moll or something. They were probably nostalgic for the old days of pill box hats instead of pill overdoses, when Mrs. Kennedy taught the French something about style, and when she and her husband were the smartest handsomest couple you knew even if you didn’t really know them. The faux intimacy of TV helped give people that up close and personal warmth and here’s Mrs Kennedy from an interview that took place 50 yaers ago tomorrow!


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