Catherine Zeta Jones as Wonder Woman

Remember about 10 years back when there was some excitement about Catherine Zeta Jones possibly playing Wonder Woman? There was even rumors that she’d been fitted for a WW costume. Well I am pleased to be able to confirm those rumors – and in fact post some of those previously lost stills right here!

Wonder Woman Royalty Free Stock Photo

Wonderwoman Royalty Free Stock Photo

Wonder Woman Royalty Free Stock Photo

Now that costume might look like a t shirt & a table cloth but that’s clearly Catherine Z. She’s younger and a little fuller in the face, but the features are unmistakable. Even behind those ww1 bi plane goggles. Many were disappointed that Ms. Catherine never got her chance to don the satin tights, but considering these stills it was clearly for the best. Hollywood movie producers are still only starting to figure out the whole comic geek thing!

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Tila Tequila sex tape

Tila Tequila shows us her disturbing little snippet

Tila Tequila is a very ambitious personality in the entertainment related field. She also lives a very activie *ahem* social life. So it was only natural that we’d be seeing more of her. See more we do in the following disturbing little snippet. It show Miss Tila and an acquaintance gettin’ it on. So if you want to have a gander at her goosy, put the kids to bed and lock the livestock in the shed, then proceed at your own risk.

I think that was more ‘entertainment related’ then actually ‘entertaining’.

Oh yeah and the unofficial story about this is that TT staged it her self and is now faking some official outrage through the usual channels – lawyers – but only to promote her home made porno project; which she hopes will hype her career by getting her back into the public eye. It worked for Kum Kim Kardashian didn’t it?

BTW this is the first sex vid posted to Wondertrash and I’m so pleased that Miss Tila Tequila is my first! Although I think that thing may have given my computer a virus!!


Lucky Stiffs

Fame is like being the stiff at your own funeral

Remember when Randy & Evi Quaid went off their heads and sought refugee status in Vancouver? They claimed that organized bands of “starwhackers” were targeting the rich and famous, like themselves, for death. The motive was money. The Quaids maintained that with unpredictable and flighty stars out the way, unprincipled business types in three piece suits could gain control of their royalty streams in perpetuity. They could then cash in! Naturally everyone laughed. Sensible folk assumed that the Quaids had gone off their flighty little Hollywood heads, perhaps with the help of crack, meth, or some other substance that required a stint in Dr Drew’s Celebrity Rehab!

Now there is some validation for the Quaids flaky theories. In a story unrelated to the Quaids, 60 Minutes recently covered the new phenomenon of dead earners. A dead earners is a dead celebrity, or “delebrity” as their handlers call them, who continues to make a mint even after passing from this veil of tears.This was made possible by some innovations in law that allow the celebs’ estates to continue marketing the celebrities’ images even after the celebrities themselves have parted company with them. Before that once a famous person died their image, likeness, voice, etc were up for grabs. Any shrewd marketer could stick James Dean or John Wayne on a T shirt or lunch box and cash in to their hearts content. Once the law got changed the estate could put the image etc to work earning money for an indefinite future in a kind of postmortem indentured servitude. To think that they laughed when Scientology offered adherents billion year contracts. Those billion year contracts proved to be decades ahead of their time!

Now milking dead celebs of their residual fame has become a lucrative and even multi billion dollar business on par with developing social networks for the Internet. The agent interviewed in 60 Minutes brags representation of some 250 show business and sports figures the majority of whom lost their vital signs many years back – celebs like Marilyn Munroe, James Dean, Elvis Presley, and the mother of all lucky stiffs Albert Einstein! That has made him, his colleagues in the deleb business, and the estates of the dearly departed wealthy beyond the dreams of avarice! How wealthy you might ask? Well as an indication Michael Jackson earned more last years than her highness Oprah Winfrey!

Jackson has had a real career resurgence since dying. While he lived the poor man was dogged day and night by pedophilia rumours. Nor was that the only image damage he had incurred. He was easy tabloid fodder as stories emerged of him hanging around Bahrain dressed as a Muslim woman, and their were frequent references to the poor man’s freaky plastic surgery. It was believed that he’d had skin bleaching to deblack himself, and that he’d lost his original nose some where long the way. The nose was believed to have been replaced with a paraffin prosthesis which was uncomfortable and could start to melt at high temperatures. So Jackson began leaving the schnoz at home and wore a surgical mask on his infrequent but hi profile jaunts out into the real world. That sort of alleged behavior earned him the moniker of Whacko Jacko and made him unmarketable. His last live venture was a series of performances in London which bombed hard. At the time of his death the Prince of Pop was in debt bad.

Once he died everything changed. Whacko Jacko wasn’t about to mess anything up anymore. So his image was due for some rehabilitation. The Jackson 3 where trotted out at the memorial to proclaim that Jackson was the best dad ever. That kind of killed the pedo stories. Also Jacko got a promotion from Prince of Pop to King – just like his late but still lucrative father in law. A few weepy testimonials from ex wife Lisa Marie Presley and the deal was sealed. Jackson was cleaning up with a vengeance! No one is quite sure where the money is going since the Jackson clan, including his beloved mother, claim that they haven’t seen one thin dime out of the estate handlers. Yet no less an authority than Forbes Magazine declared him the top earner of the year.

So with all these death benefits racking up that brings us back to the Quaids. The whole dead earners angle seems to add even more validity to their flaky story. That validity comes in the form of one of the strongest principles of the lot – quo bono. Quo bono is a fancy Latin legal way of saying “who benefits?“, and in effect means that when there’s a ton of loot to be made there will be some pretty unprincipled operators maneuvering around like sharks on chum to take advantage of the wind fall. If that sounds pretty far fetched then remember that the more decimal points you add behind the dollar sign the less far fetched the scheme seems. Besides, considering how all those corrupt wall street bakers carried on, would you put anything past an executroid in a suit? Now here’s that 60 Minutes piece that puts it in perspective with a lucidity and relevance that Gary the Spaceman Bell might envy!

That was unintentionally convincing wasn’t it? In fact it might have some of the more conspiratorial minded among you asking “who’s next?” It’s very doubtful that there will be any kind of organized mass cull of celebrities though. Business doesn’t work that way, only power politics. It’s probably closer to the truth that Mark Zuckerberg, in collaboration with Bill Gates and the Rand Corporation are even now developing complicated ‘personality simulator‘ algorithms for computers. That way the current crop of delebrities can be made to do even more with out the need to add to their ranks. They would continue to annoy and irritate ordinary people much the way hologramatic prat Arnold Rimmer did with average guy Dave Lister on Brit com space parody Red Dwarf.

Lively lately – Making the transition to suspended animation

So Walter Cronkite might come back to host the CBS News again, should Katie Couric finally be encouraged to leave. Or Johnny Carson could be conjured up and help NBC with the Leno problem. Since their response parameters would be programed in to some control program; they would make the same remarks, tell the same jokes, and use the same stock phrases as when they were alive. In fact even careful observers wouldn’t be able to tell the difference from the hologramtic delebrity’s performance, and their rote routines performed back in life. That is unless some hot shot programmer tweaks the algorithms for charisma, intelligence, emotion, or independent thought. Then the jig would be up when viewers began noticing that their favorite entertainment personalities seemed to lively lately! Let’s face it, 80% of popular entertainment is the art of repetitiveness.

Speaking of freaky conspiracies here’s the latest full broadcast of Gary Bell & the View From Space!
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Hollywood Refugees

Is it possible for some one to take over control of every aspect of your life? If you’re married, or if you’re Randy Quaid, then the answer is “yes“. How does this secret band of Hollywood Star Whackers take control of an unsuspecting celebrity? Well according to Randy Quaid they tag you cell phone, put bogus stories about you into the media, and of course set up power of attorney documents giving them access to your royalty stream in perpetuity! After that they’ve got you right where they want you. They only thing left for them is to get you out of the way.

That’s what Randy Quaid was afraid would happen to him and his wife Evi when their strange adventure began. It started with some legal beefs over unpaid bills. Quaid claims that he and his wife were totally set up. That’s the way these ‘total businessmen‘ operate. Then things got gradually worse, until the Quaids had become something of a joke in the entertainment community. With their reputation ruined and the law closing in with a vengeance, that left the Quaids looking for sanctuary. They attempted to find that in Vancouver, Canada, until the long arm of the law closed in on them there too. Once they were picked up outside a bank it looked like deportation, and a messy trial/media spectacle would follow.

The Quaids have so far short circuited that. They applied to the Canadian government for protection, claiming that they were refugees from Hollywood who only wanted to be left alone by the criminals in the United States. If they were sent back then their lives would be in immediate jeopardy from the band of above the law star whackers who’ve offed the likes of Heath Ledger and others.

Now when that first came out people thought that it must be a lame ploy to avoid deportation. Canada won’t sent people back if they’re in immanent danger of being killed. However if it’s a ploy then the Quaids are taking it to the next level. Randy & Evi gave an interview on Good Morning America today in which they elaborated on their strange conspiracy theories. Not only did they give some details on what they believe is happening to them, but also named some names about who else might be at risk. According to Bonny & Clyde, Lindsay Lohan needs to watch her step – but not in the way that Dr. Drew means (If there are star whackers out there then Dr. Drew has got to be in on it. He already demonstrated criminal tendencies with his “frame her up better than the Mona Lisa” comments about Lohan.). Britney Spears is on thin ice too. Their master stroke was left for Mel Gibson.

According to the couple Gibson has been targeted by the Star Whackers. What’s more Oksana Grigorieva was ‘sent in‘ to ‘destroy him‘. Now that’s consistent with their thinking. Gibson has been very successful, so his royalty stream has gotta flow like Niagra Falls, even after all those unpleasant telephone recordings about rose gardens and blow jobs. All some shrewd star whacker would have to do is get him declared mental, take over power of attorney, and make sure that he’s discredited in the media so that he will neither be believed or defended! That would explain everything except the tapes themselves. Evi has an answer for that one thought – “He was drugged! Some one slipped him a mickey!” she claimed on GMA. Most people who know about Mel assume that he was drunk and that no one else slipped him anything that he wasn’t voluntarily sipping. Still if some one wanted to slip him a mickey, it probably wouldn’t be too hard – “Hey Gibson – wanna drink?

But enough commentary. Here are the Quaids in their own words from that Good Morning America interview! They explain everything including how close Dennis Quaid is to becoming another Hollywood casualty. He’s already been pigeon holed into making crap films, according to Evi. Dennis has also been mysteriously alienated from his brother and sister in law. The “crap movies” comment may have had something to do with that. You know how sensitive performers can be. However Evi reassures viewers that Dennis is talented, so no slight was meant. Here now is the interview, so put on your tin fiol hats and be prepared to be amazed.

A compelling argument. Lucidly communicated too. They’ve answered everything. In fact the only stone left unturned would be a possible Diana Napolis aka Curio Jones connection. I’ve always wondered why that particular story got buried by the media. I guess no one messes with Jennifer Love Hewitt! Now before you poo poo these ideas remember that stranger things have happened, unless Marylin Munroe really did od on sleeping pils. Besides,Hollywood Star Whackers anagrams to Swarthy, hallowed crooks That’s gotta be more than coincidence!

It’s easy to make fun of the Quaids. For one thing they’re obviously crazy. However let’s move out of our comfort zones for a moment, and assume for the sake of argument that they’re sane. For one thing they’re not saying anything that hasn’t been said before. When the late lamented Michael Jackson passed on from Neverland to the final neverland, his own sister Janet claimed that he’d been helped along by people around him that had decided he was worth more dead. At the time we assumed that it was grief talking and so everyone cut her slack. Yet it has just been announced that Michael Jackson was Forbes Top Dead Earner last year. He made $270 million, and that’s more than Oprah! Now Jackson’s family say that they haven’t seen one thin dime of this. The business managers pay the bills but won’t issue them any checks. So where’s the money going?

Also, in some twitter posts some time back Courtney Love claimed that she was being ripped off by a group of business managers who had set up bogus social insurance numbers for her late husband Kurt Cobain. They then proceeded to take out mortgages on these SIN’s. Love claimed that these financial shenanigans had left her almost broke.

Now when Courtney starts talking strange people assume that she’s on something and they stop paying attention. Yet a pattern is developing. So many Hollywood stars passed on back in 2009 that people began referring to it as the year of death. It seemed that there were more deaths than might be expected from coincidence alone. So who’s to say whether or not there might be something to the talk of conspiracies and star whackers.

BTW happy birthday to the world’s most beautiful woman Aishwarya Rai.

Incidentally, one of Ms. Rai’s biggest pet peeves is people who pronounce her lat name as Buchanan! You can call her the most beautiful woman in the world though, well right after this chick!


Hollywood Halloween

Is Hollywood culling it’s greatest asset – the Beautiful People?
Show some respect – that nut used to be Randy Quaid!

Randy Quaid
used to be a respected Hollywood actor. That is up until about a year ago. That’s when Randy and his wife Evi got busted for ripping off a California Hotel to the tune of 10 500. There were more charges in Texas. Some allegations of illegal squatting got made – the Quaids claimed that they were the real owners of the property, one they had sold years previously in what Randy claims was a fraud – and soon the Quaids were wanted criminals. Before the story was finished breaking Dog the Bounty Hunter, on the George Lopez Show, was swearing bloody justices on the hapless couples asses even as they were applying for political asylum in Vancouver, Canada.

The Quaids got busted outside a bank when Randy had tried to mortgage some property – hopefully something he hadn’t been swindled out of previously. The bank ran his name through the computer and up comes the warrant that had been issued. Police were there before you could say “fuzz” and the Quaids were being lead off in handcuffs while requesting asylum and making some strange claims.
The strange claims are that the Quaids lives are in danger if they are returned to Hollywood. They are in danger because near the very top of Hollywood there is a small cabal of “Starwhackers“. According to the demented mutterings of Evi Quaid star-whackers are a group in Hollywood who murder that town’s leading lights, not as an offering to some pagan god or in some Illuminati blood sacrifice ritual; but in a cold blooded and calculated attempt to hype films through the publicity created when a star, like Heath Ledger, dies.
Now when word of the Quaids’ novel conspiracy theory came to light it had casual observing asking “Is Quaid nuts, or is his wife the fruitcake and has she taken Randy’s sanity hostage?” Well it turns out that the Crazy Quaids have a fairly well formulated theory to explain their bizarre behavior (but then again doesn’t every certifiable lunatic?). Here, in his own words, are the gist of Randy Quaid’s strange irrational fears:

“Up until a year ago Evi and I had never had any run-in with the law whatsoever,” he said.

“We are not criminals nor are we fugitives from justice. Nor are we crazy. We are simply artists and filmmakers who are being racketeered on.”

The brother of actor Dennis Quaid then broke down when he told a gathered media pack about how the criminal group had some of Hollywood’s biggest names in its sights.

Actor Randy Quaid has fled to Canada, where he is seeking asylum.

“We believe there to be a malignant tumour of ‘star-whackers’ in Hollywood,” he said.

“How many people do you know personally who have died suddenly and mysteriously in the last five years?

“I have personally known eight actors, all of whom I have worked with and was close to – Heath Ledger, Chris Penn, David Carradine among them.

“I believe these actors were whacked and I believe many others, such as Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Mel Gibson, are being played to get at their money.”

PETA Quaid style – People for the Ethical Treatment of Actors

In other words organized crime in Hollywood is more organized than ever. Plus movie stars are an endangered species. These ideas aren’t really new. Hollywood has been killing it’s stars for years. Most people assumed that this was in the form of fame causalities like Marylin Munroe and James Dean, and was a by product or side effect of the process. It was the price of doing business. The problem may have been systemic – part of the way deals get done, talent gets exploited, and celebrities get thrown onto the tracks after they’ve outlived their usefulness. Nobody believed that it was a deliberate and conscious act.

However the Quaids have taken this idea to the next level – by taking it literally. So many people have wound up show business causalities in the past year or so alone; people like Corey Haim, Heath Ledger, Gary Coleman, and Michael Jackson – who’s own family accused the accounts handling him of deciding that he was “worth more dead”. So either this was gross negligence in the Hollywood community or it was some kind of deliberate plot to destroy over ambitious food service types. (It’s best to get them while they’re still small – today a waiter but tomorrow they’re an A Lister smashing up hotel rooms and driving under the influence while aimed in your general direction.) Since star deaths were getting so consistent in the entertainment industry, deliberate malice almost makes sense.

If this was a social satire media stunt a la PETA then they might be onto something. AS satire it’s promising. As an attempt to stay out of the USA, or as a literally belief – it promises to make things a lot more interesting. It might even have made a great story idea for a movie script. Although it must be said that “Attack of the Hollywood Star Whackers” sounds grindhouse. I guess the theories plausible if you can believe that life in Hollywood can imitate B Movies. Maybe they could revive that old script for “The Plot to Replace the Justice League“. Lines like “If that’s a robot then where is the real Wonder Woman?” could be adapted so easily to this kind of scenario.

Now many people will find the Quaids wild theories far fetched as they role their eyes and smirk at the talk of organized death squads of celebrity stalking star whackers roaming LA in search of their quarry – moderately attractive and some what personable ex waiters and waitresses who fluked into fame and fortune. Then again everything that goes on in Hollywood sounds a little implausible – from “Change your weight by changing your consciousness” to spinning class for pets. So while you’re laughing up yourselves just stop and ask yourself whether this is the weirdest thing that ever came out of Hollywood. Besides conspiracy theories have been gaining mainstream credibility ever since Oliver Stone did JFK. Besides there are some even wilder theories out there – like those espoused by Gary Bell in The View From Space. Let’s have a listen to Gary’s Halloween edition!

There’s more to Halloween than evil conspiracies. There’s also dressing up in fetish wear and parading around at parties.

“I could totally do you in that handcuffed, ball gagged circus clown number!”

Good luck lonely naked single lady!


Momma Mia

a little tittle tattle Gawker has caught everyone’s attention with a salacious bit of tittle tattle posted earlier today. According to their blind gossip item a major celebrity – barely an A Lister in their words – is a very sick customer. When they say sick they mean well beyond the usual Hollywood standards. This guy isn’t just content with anal sex, or to crap in chicks’ mouths, like the rest of those Walk of Fame perverts. This guy’s into a whole other ball of wax!

Don’t take my word for it. The exact piece posted went like this:

He calls his mates “mom” and sucks his thumb after sex. This famous ladies’ man’s girlfriend got knocked up to snag him and this pregnant celeb is having a test tube baby. Everyone has mommy issues!

1. “According to an ex-girlfriend of this A list movie actor (barely A list by the way), our actor likes to call the person he is having sex with, “mom” and also sucks his thumb after sex. Can you say disturbing?” [CDaN]

Man that’s some awful stuff! Though we might have expected this kind of stuff from Ronald & Nancy Reagan, we expect something more dangerous and exotic from our professional actors! Strangely not many people are asking who it could be. It’s as if folks already have some pretty strong ideas about who the Hollywood Mama’s Boy might be. Now Hollywood is spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting among deviants, however there’s just one name that shoots ahead of the rest when it comes to these sort of shenanigans.

The name of course is David Arquette and he was vocal on Howard Stern’s Sirius Radio about the mommy angle in his Courtney Cox relationship. He told Howie that Courts dumped him because she was tired of being his “Mommy“. Now we all took that to be figurative. You know the sort of thing; Dave was an immature and irresponsible oaf – like Homer Simpson – and Courts got tired of playing Marge. However as the following CNN video confirms, he did cry after sex.

No wonder Courtney dumped his sissy ass! That must’ve just gotten way too creepy after awhile. That’s so far beyond creepy that waking up post coitus on Dexter’s dissection table would be a relief in comparison to the crying and thumb sucking. Many people cry after sex, and even during and before. Also sucking is not an unknown occurrence. However what if this points to some kind of deeper issue. There’s a very short step from crying to thumb sucking. So could Mr. Arquette by the Gawker Mystery Weenie? Like we say here @ Wondertrashcelebrities are fucked up people!“. I wonder if Dave made Courtney spank him during sex, and if this sis something he picked up off of Brit Celebs? I hear that they’re all into that shit over there! Why couldn’t he be into normal kinky stuff, like every other pervert not on a sex offenders’ registry?


Escape from the Starwhackers – More on the Quaids

asylum from Hollywood

This story just gets stranger. After the Quaids recent arrest in Vancouver stories are coming out that Quaid, and his wife, believe that their are potential victims of Hollywood “star whackers“. Starwhackers is a reference to Edie Quaid’s believe that Hollywood ius murdering it’s stars for some unclear and nefarious purpose. Heath Ledger, David Carradine, and others are all victims, according to Mrs Quaid, of this Hollywood conspiracy! She also fears that herself and her husband have made the Hollywood hit list. To that end they fled America and have sought “asylum from Hollywood” in Vancouver.

Not it should also be said that the Quaids are rumored to have some substance abuse issues. Also Edie is said to be mentally ill. Sources close to Randy claim that the actor has known for years but hasn’t had the heart to commit her.


When Bunnies Attack

Bunny Bummer 66 Angela Dorian has had a long and varied career int he entertainment industry. You may remember her from bit parts and guest roles on series like Hogan’s Heroes, Star Trek, Perry Mason and Bonanza. She was also in Rosemary’s Baby (man the RB curse has claimed so many!). She perhaps best known as a former Playboy Bunny.

It’s been a while since Dorian the Bunny has been anything like a celebrity, but that doesn’t mean that she still doesn’t have it in her! For one thing she ain’t some blue haired granny playing bingo and settling into a Momma’s Family existence of crusty impatience and falling stockings. This broad has still got herself a man! More than that she still got what it takes to keep him in line too. Maybe she’s even got a bit too much!

By a bit too much I mean that Dorian went from laying down the lay to facing the music herself. On Saturday at about 7PM it became evident that Dorian was a bad bunny when she got hauled off to jail for shooting her unnamed boyfriend. That poor man wound up with a hole in his chest that crafty Dorian – that wascally wabbit! – claimed was put there by drug dealers.

However it later emerged that drug dealer had nothing to do with it. Dorian herself had shot the hapless man. That lead to a charge of attempted murder, and a million dollar bail. It also lead to her being incarcerated in Century Regional Detention Facility, in Lynnewood. That’s housed such hi profile ne’er do wells as Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Ritchie. So after a long hiatus from fame it looks like Dorian has finally made it into the winner’s circle and the exalted company therein! It just goes to show that it’s never to late, if you’ve still got some life in you! Naturally Dorian has pleaded not guilty.


A meme is born

Every so often an idea catches on and goes viral. When it does it’s called a meme, and it’s usually a picture or gif, maybe even a short video clip like Keyboard Cat. The latest such meme involves Matrix actor Keanu Reeves.

Like many successful celebrities Keanu’s had a rough life. His long term girlfriend drove her car off a cliff while under the influence of cocaine. This happened shortly after their child was delivered still born (Marylin Manson was implicated in the death of Keanu’s girlfriend since he is believed to have been the one to supply her with the cocaine. According to some reports he then either sent her home in her car, or called her to come back to his place after she’d successfully made it home.). That’s a terrible blow but it didn’t stop Keanu from being one of the nicest guys in the business. He bought crew members on the Matrix their own motor bike, for one thing. Still those kind of tragedies have to leave a mark.

Whether or not they left an imprint, the hunky actor has been seen looking sad quite a bit lately. The recent pictures of Keanu on his birthday, shown wandering the streets of New York City looking lost and disheveled, and stopping for a solitary snack of a cupcake, made therounds of the Internet. Since Reeves is one of the genuinely best liked of Hollywood actors, the actor’s apparent angst made his many fans uncomfortable. As often happened they responded to the discomfort with black humour. By black humour I mean that a whole bunch of “Sad Kenau” photmanips began showing up on message boards. Here are a few such photomanips that popped up on the Internet’s premier celebrity gossip message board Gossiprocks:

Now all y’all can have a portable Sad Keanu!

So what are we to make of this? Making a game out of some one’s sadness seems cruel, but it might not be personal. It might just be an attempt to understand the phenomenon by re contextualizing it: putting it in combination after combination after combination in an attempt to gain some feel or insight. It might also be an attempt to deal with our own awkwardness in the presence of that kind of low key “I’d ask ‘what’s the point is I still gave a damn” malaise (Keanu does seem surreally detached in the original photos and the copies seem to emphasize that). If we can say one thing with relative certainty, it could give birth to new and more dangerous memes, like Prancing Michael Sera or Silly Leo Dicaprio!

Incidentally this whole thing got started with an article reporting that “Sad Keanu talks to himself alone on birthday“. So that started people speculating on how rough things were for him. Now it should be pointed out that talking to yourself isn’t unusual for people in that profession. Even some of the most grounded Hollywood actors have been known to have an ‘off moment’, like this!


Black Pastor calls for whites to rise up against Obama

Believe it or not President Barack Obama isn’t universally beloved. Despite the fact hat only 2 years have passed since America was teetering precariously over the edge of the abyss, some people think that Pres Obama is what’s wrong with the world today. Their not who you’d think either – half cocked FOX News firebrands or racist wing nuts like Rick Sanchez. Some of them are far out religious types, like Pastor James David Manning.

Pastor Manning is a man of the cloth and a self styled PhD who has a weekly webcast. His latest was a hum dinger. He spent about 5 minutes of air time in a mind blow anti Obama rant. Manning is a man as frightening as he is frightened. What frightens him? According to the internet rant he’s afraid that Obama is pushin’ the white folks too far. That means they’re eventually gonna rise up in arms against him. To that point Manning draws up apocalyptic images of pick up trucks with gun racks, NRA bumper stickers, and Oklahoma license plates invading the inner cities to run amok on a racially charged anti Obama rampage! He also points out that if Dick Cheney ain’t in on this, he certainly knows about it!

You might think that I’m exaggerating. No one could be that crazy on air in this day and age – unless they’re an established public personality looking to commit career suicide. Well you’ll find that I’m not exaggerating one bit. In fact I’m understating the pastor’s inflammatory commentary! Just have a listen for yourself, while viewing the following video.

Wow! He says things that only occur to Don Imus in his wet dreams (or while he’s not on his medications)! The pastor clearly doesn’t care what he says or who’s toes he steps on. So he certainly has a place here @ wondertrash. To keep track, what Pastor Manning says is that the President is a Muslim, homosexual, half breeded, non citizen! To listen to Manning you’d think that Obama was the kind of man who’d steal out of the church collection plate to buy drugs for school children (typical democrat!) if he weren’t to damned heathen to attend a service.

Consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds” as HL Mencken said. It’s a hobgoblin that Pastor Manning isn’t troubled with. He probably frightened it away with his hi decibel hollering. If you want to catch more of his act than check out his website. He has a daily program starting at 10 AM called the Manning Report, and we can only hope he’s always so lively on the air! He should just consider himself lucky that he doesn’t work for CNN! Although I’m sure that FOX News might have a place for him.

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