Journey’s Neal Schonn sues ex mother in law over blog comments

feuding over funding

When former Journey guitarist Neal Schonn decided to get serious with reality TV star Michaele Salahi it made his former mother in law Judy Kozan angry. So she took to her blog and accused him of being a dead beat who left his ex wife Amber penniless, and their two starving daughters sleeping in the family car. All this just so he could slap a million dollar engagement ring on the finger of his little reality TV tramp. Naturally that got picked up by the tabs because it was such a good story. It had all the right elements – a rock star, a reality TV performer, an angry mother in law & blogs! It was only short a Kardashian sister.  If only she’d done a YouTube video rant then it might have gone viral – better luck next time Judy. As it is she had to settle for getting picked up by the Daily Mail. They liked it well enough to repost it with all kinds of commentary about how she was feuding with Neal over his new girl friend. Only trouble is that Judy says it never happened – or not like that anyway.

she says she said that it’s only hypothetical – except for the money

Judy now says that she never ever mentioned Neal Schonn & her daughter Amber in her now infamous blog rant. She was talking about an anonymous woman with a perhaps hypothetical ex and possibly some make believe children. She didn’t say that Neal was driving her daughter out of her home and into the family car. In fact she admits that Neal Schonn pays his alimony and child support “religiously” – her word.

 just sayin’

She was just saying that if the hypothetical ex husband in her scenario didn’t pay his anonymous ex wife then she she might wind up living out of her car. I assume that the car is hypothetical too, and might possibly even be some kind of mini van. That would be much more comfortable than a standard car. Plus you’ve got more room and some electrical outlets to work with. Of course a standard car is once again much more of a comfortable sleeping arrangement than say a compact, or a foreign sports coup with bucket seats. It couldn’t be a mobile home because though a RV is a vehicle, you can’t really call it a car – unless you’re really stretching it (and if you stretch a car that far then it might as well be one of Neal’s old Journey limo’s with the bar, jacuzzi, and small recording studio built in)!. The experience of living in a nice RV with a little kitchen and a bathroom is just so much different from sleeping doubled up on a back seat of an old car while huddled under a sleeping bag, that calling an RV a car is creating the wrong impression. Context creates a lot! For instance had Amber been sleeping in a Dodge Journey it would’ve been ironic. So perhaps that’s why her ex son in law is taking her into Minneapolis court under a law suit he’s filed. He wants to clear the air.

coincidental persons

Schonn filed suit on Monday. He claims that his mother in law’s internet rants were far from hypothetical but aimed straight at him. He maintains further that she knew her rant might get picked up in the tabs and construed to mean him, even if Judy didn’t file in all the details. She, as a former Waseca mayor, should’ve known how people would construe that, & that makes her liable for libel! She might have at least added one of those “Any resemblance to actual persons is coincidence and not the responsibility of the author” disclaimers.

granny goes to court

So why drag granny into court? Well for one thing there’s some misinformation that needs clearing up. For instance Neal Schonn didn’t leave his ex wife destitute. He was order by the court to pay her $1.3 million and court records show that he has in fact exceeded those payments over the past 5 years! So an even better question might be why was Amber dragging him back into court claiming he reneged on spousal support payments?

 mama goes to school

Part of that stems from Amber’s attempts to continue her education. After the divorce Amber wanted to go back to college and eventually get her teaching ticket. That way she could have a career and eventually even become a self supporting person. That’s a noble aspiration. Amber eventually got her BA and ran up only 5 to 8 courses short of her teaching ticket. Amber claims that she ran out of money and if only ex Neal could throw more her way then she could finish up.

Is vaginal rejuvenation a dubious expense?

Neal claims that not his problem. Amber had more than enough of his money to complete her education and live well. Her problem is that she spent too much on flaky bullshit. The flaky bullshit got documented during one of their hearings and some items from the list include monthly living expenses of $11,622. The court noted that the expenses include $4,094 to maintain the home and $5,617 in personal expenses. The latter includes annual expenses of $9,600 for eyeglasses, $9,600 for birthday parties, $7,200 for clothing, $6,000 for a car, $5,760 for a storage locker and $2,400 for postage. Postage is where she lost her creditability. She spend almost half as much on it as her car and almost 1/3 as much as her eyeglasses. Who sends letters anymore? On the up side at least there’s no listing for vaginal rejuvenation (the going rate for that is $25 000 or something, if Brandi Glamville is to be believed, & she likes to keep her chappies happy with something snappy!). Point is Neal says it’s not his fault if the ex cant’ handle money responsibly. Judge Mary Vasaly agreed and on Jan 23 denied Amber Kozan’s petition. It’s good she did too – by failing to value and complete an education, Amber is setting a terrible example for her daughters.

seeking damages

So naturally Schonn wants this whole ugly mess cleared up. That’s why he’s taken his former mother in law into court. Schonn’s claim is that she maligned his could name, and didn’t help Malahi’s reputation much either. When she wrote on her blog about an anonymous man who has taken actions that will leave his two daughters homeless and “has put his ex in a situation where she literally has no money for food, gas for the car, bills, nothing.” he believes that she meant him and intended other people to believe that. He also believes that she acted with the malicious intention that her blog postings would be picked up and distributed by the tabloids.So he’s accused her libel, and also of invading his privacy. He would like the court to ban Kazon from making disparaging and derogatory comments about himself and Michaele Salahi, and is seeking over $75 000 in damages.

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