Robin Thicke Breaks His Post-Split Silence

Proud Papa Alan Thinke once described his son Robin and daughter in law Paula Patton as a super couple, however it seems that the dynamic duo have run into a rough patch, perhaps involving kryptonite
Robin Thicke breaks silence on Paula Patton split

Alan Thicke was once quoted as describing his son and daughter in law ,Paula Patton, as a super couple, and compared them to Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie. At least he didn’t compare them to Superman & Wonder Woman.  If you’ve followed entertainment gossip to any degree then you know that show business is rough on relationships, even for super couples. So it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that the Thicke’s have split.

These things can come apart in any number of ways: people grow apart, the pressures of respective career demands pull people in separate directions, or maybe Robin caught the missus spiking his smoothies with kryptonite. That last one would’ve been unforgivable! However after his Miley Cyrus tweaking episode it would be understandable.

Anyway here’s a brief video update on the Thicke split.

Robin and Paula seem like an attractive and personable couple. So it’s a shame. However there is other shameful news to take our minds off of it. Like Paula Deen and Duck Dynasty. Paula was a marque personality on one of those lifestyle networks. She taught American how to make tasty food by soaking everything in lard and then deep frying it beyond recognition. The idea seemed to be “wrap it in bacon and they will come”. So naturally she gained a following.

She lost that following after some unkind remarks of her’s became public. Those ignorant comments don’t need to be repeated here, but suffice it to say thats she ain’t gonna be getting any Martin Luther King jr. awards. So then it was scandal time. Internet posters vented their rage and acted like they wanted to see Deen smothered in lard and lowered into a deep fat fryer! Whether or not that would help her achieve a state of crispy golden perfection, I doubt it would change her attitudes any.

Now Paula at least had the very good sense to drop out of the public eye for a while. When you really fuck up bad sometimes it’s a good idea to give everyone a chance to forget about whatever it was that you said or did that pissed them off so mightily. However the recent comments of Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson have drawn Deen out of hiding.

You’ll recall that Robertson was interviewed in GQ Magazine. That because when you run a style based publication you naturally want the input of a guy in a John Deere cap and camouflage over hauls. It just doesn’t make sense. Robertson then went on to share his views on homosexuality – he doesn’t get it and thinks it’s against the Bible. He then went on to make some ‘insensitive’ comments about the plight of black people in the south. They were along the “so what was the big problem with that” vein. Some thought that Robertson had become officially worse than Hitler. Other speculated that he was sick of DD, and would do or say anything to get himself fired. If that was the plan it didn’t work. DD is A&E’s biggest draw – so they really couldn’t afford to lose him as long as viewers keep tuning in. Maybe tea bagger Sarah Palin’s impulsive defense of him helped.

So Paula has taken some exception to this. Basically Deen wants to know why Big Phil and the Quack Pack are getting some kind of a free pass on this while she was drawn and quartered (her only defender was the Rev Jesse Jackson who was quoted as saying he didn’t see how destroying her would be of any help). While her chicken fried empire was in jeopardy, Duck Dynasty kept rolling on like it was water off of a quack’s back. Meanwhile America’s collective sholestrol  levels are dropping dramatically – so Deen still has a difference to make! Here’s a brief video on that.

The public feels that there are no place for Deen’s rather obnoxious views. However there might still be an important contribution for her to make. As you may be aware Israeli actress Gal Gadot has been cast in a three picture Wonder Woman deal. This makes her the 1st official Wonder Woman since Lynda Carter. Gal’s tall, beautiful, a former member of the Israeli army, & a former Miss Israel. Plus she did her own stunts in several Fast & Furious flicks. There’s just one slight glitch. Gadot is a size 0. So she’s got to gain some weight before she can don the satin tights.

To that end Gadot has been on a weight gain intensive to bulk up for the role. The studio’s have send their top trainer over the the Promised Land in order to work with Gadot personally. So she’s into a grueling regime of physical training and martial arts. Basically they’ve done everything short of shooting the girl full of horse estrogen. She’s also on a 3500 calorie a day diet to get some meat on them bones. Every fashion model’s dream.

This is where Deen could come in. No one knows more about hi calorie diets than Paula. So why not let her redeem herself by sending her over to work with Gadot? She could act as her personal chef, & whip up some heavily buttered, thickly battered, deep fried goodies that could have Gadot bursting at the seams in no time flat! I doubt that Deen cooks kosher – but when the world is waiting for Wonder Woman, & the magic that she does, exceptions have to be made. The only possible problem with this scenario could be the possible side effects: like Gadot developing type 2 diabetes, or her pancreas exploding. That’s always an issue with Deen’s cookin’. Still a few serving of refried caramelized lard combined with grueling work outs and Gadot could be sprouting bulging new curves in no time!

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Gal Gadot shows her biceps on facebook picture

Ever since Gal Gadot got cast as Wonder Woman people have been saying “Sure she’s pretty but is she big enough?” Big enough usually meant boobs, because Lynda Carter was hardly a female body builder. People were polite about it though, and insisted they meant “athletic”.

Naturally Gadot, and the good people behind Superman vs Batman, took the criticisms literally. So Gal got put on a 3500 calorie a day diet. Plus a world class trainer got shipped over to put Gadot through an intensive work out regime. This was to make sure she hit her fighting weight and got in proper shape for the fight against cartoon evil. People were skeptically because Gadot is a size 0. So they took a believe it when we seen it stance.

Well the results  are starting to come in. Gadot has been working hard and some new muscles are starting to sport. I don’t know if the rumors about her starting to open stuck jar lids for her husband are true or not, but she has posted a new picture to face book showing the distinct signs of a bicep! While she might not be ready to arm wrestle her former partner in crime the Rock, it is a step int he right direction. Keep eating your spinach Gadot!

ever since gal gadot got cast as wonder woman people asked if she was big enough so she's posted her muscle maty picture on facebook by way of response. Take that doubters!
Wonder Woman Gal Gadot photographed with suspicious bulge!
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Wonder Woman unaired pilot

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman (Photo credit: Looking Glass)

There’s been a lot of talk about Wonder Woman ever since Gal Gadot scored her three picture hat trick deal to play the world’s most important super heroine.It’s about damned time too since there have been a number of near misses. Like that time Aussie model Megan Gale got cast to play the part in a Justice League flick that never got made. As soon as the ink was dry on the contract Gale got the rug pulled out from under her. Something about a tax beef between Justice League producers and New Zealand, or Australia – where ever they were planning on filming the now long defunct project. That’s a shame cause Gale would’ve looked stunning in the Wonder gear.

Then there was that TV pilot by David Kelley. He’s best known for producing Allie MacBeal, and marrying Michelle Catwoman Pfeiffer! So he’s not without influence, or experience with super heroines – though Catwoman is really more of a rogue. Adrianne Palicki was even cast to play the lead role. Adrianne is an attractive and extremely healthy young woman who looks so convincing in some of those actions scenes that she was only a saddle away from heat in the Kentucky Derby! Even though the pilot got completed for some unknown reason the series never got to air. The pilot has seen the light of day though, buy getting distributed around the web. You just can’t keep Wonder Woman under wraps it seems! For those of you who are still curious about how that went, here’s that unaired pilot for you! Enjoy!

courtesy of motleyjack@tumblr

Wonder.Woman.2011.Unaired.Pilot.DVDSCR… by Leigh_Bradley

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Is Wonder Woman under MK Ultra mind control? Just ask to feel up her boobs and find out!

Wonder Woman strikes again

You have to like Gal Gadot. She’s gone from fast & furious to good naturedly controversial! She’s done that by becoming Wonder Woman! After that she experienced a series of lightening strikes!

Strike 1 was the fanboy outrage over Gadot’s boobs. Not that there’s anything wrong with them. On the contrary. They are a stunning feature on a generally stunning young woman. It’s just that fanboys were expecting Dolly Parton or something. So her boobs became a big deal on the internet!

Strike 2 was a TV commercial she did a couple for years back for Castro’s where she gets into an elevator naked though discreetly pixealted! People thought that was a bit too extreme for the religious sensibilities of veiwers!

Strike 3 was a recent commercial for Castro’s where she’s fully clothed but twerking. No one likes twerking – which is wiggling your ass around for spectators – since Miley Cyrus gave it a bad name at the MTV VMA’s or what ever it was.

Here’s strike 4! Gadot was on another TV interview show and got her controversial boobs felt up! Now the interviewer did ask politely. So it’s not like Wonder Woman was ambushed or anything. Also the interviewer was a woman. So that make sit better, or worse, depending on your religious sensibilities! Now here’s that playfully controversial interview!

Wonder Woman’s a handful, gets taken by surprise

Now here’s a blow by blow account of that!

Host: “Can I touch your boobs?” 

Gadot: “Yes.” 

Host: “I’m cupping Wonder Woman right now. That’s what I’m doing.” 

 Gadot: “Oh, no. Oh no [laughter].” 

Host: “I just cupped Wonder Woman.” 

 Gadot: “I don’t know how I let that happen. I can’t believe you cupped me. How did I let that happen?” 

How did she let it happen? My guess is mind control. Or possibly some kind of hypnosis. It happened to Wonder Woman in the comics back in the old days on a semi regular basis. However it must be said that she never got cupped. She often got tied up with her own magic lasso instead. Now that would be a perfect opportunity for cupping Wonder Woman, except super villains always got distracted when they had her tied down. They’d turn around and go back to their control console to continue with their plans for world domination. So Wonder Woman would have to squirm loose and then kick their asses in disgust.

In this case starting the interview with “Can I touch you?” seemed to lead to trouble. Now maybe that was one kind of MK Ultra trigger phrase that got implanted in Gadot during her stunt in the Israeli army. Readers of Fritz Springmeier will be well aware of the use of mind control, especially in the military. Fritz’s own journey began with his West Point experiences of sleep deprivation and and fudge brownie feeding frenzies. The combo  of low melatonin and hi sugar can really trip you right the fuck out! Gadot has done some time in the armed services so she was just ripe for some kind of mind control brainwashing programming experiments.

Justin Bieber vs the Starwhackers

Now one of the points that Fritz makes in his numerous writings is that every celebrity in Hollywood is under Monarch mind control. Monarch is when a combo of trauma drugs and disorientation is used to shatter the human ego into numerous fractions, each of which can then be developed and groomed to play various parts (They are often unaware of each others’ existence)! Eventually, as Robbie Williams says in Monarch video “Madonna” when the personalities get together it’s one hell of an after noon! Robbie Williams was  a sad case of an MK Ultra programming breakdown (just like poor Justin Bieber, who’s gone completely rogue and fled his controls to Canada. Perhaps seeking refuge like Randy & Evi Quaid).

more princess programming

Fritz further goes on to say that once a celebrity has been brainwashed then they are cast in movies that reinforce the programming script. Just like poor Anne Hathaway who’s been in one mind control movie after another – from Princess Diaries (hidden bloodline scripting, Ella Enchanted ( magical mind control scripting), right up to Batman (she was Cat-woman so no explanation need for those familiar with Fritz’s work), and Le Mise (sex slave scripting). The idea is that acting out the programming in highly staged scenarios – like moves – reinforces the brainwashing. Now that Gadot is Wonder Woman, complete with a Diana Prince secret identity, looks like she could be getting some Hollywood MK Ultra! That would explain how a relative unknown bags a plumb role and bags a 3 picture deal!

So there’s one possibly explanation of that incident  of on air cupping. Is she really under mind control? If she’s had back up amnesia installed then there’s no way to know for sure. That’s because she’s forgotten that she’s forgotten what she’s forgotten. Then the next thing you know a pair of strange hands are on your bosoms! However and whatever the cause of Gadot’s on air friendly feeling – you still have to like her. She’s a handful and possibly a real live wire – in the nicest way of course!

BTW Wonder Woman was created by Harvard psychiatrist William Moulton Martson and contained many mind control and occult themes.

now here are a few words from Fritz Springmeier.

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Chantel Jeffries Denies Numerous Arrests After Bieber Drama

Justin Bieber‘s ‘girlfriend’ & her ‘life of crime’

Is Chantel Jeffries fast? Fast enough to hang with Justin Bieber. She was apparently at the ‘scene of the crime’. Or she was near by. Anyway her name has come up in connection with Bieber and his recent misfortunes. So here’s a little more on the mystery lady.

fast enough for ya?

courtesy of HollyscoopTV

Justin Bieber’s new chick Chantel Jeffries is not happy about reports claiming she has a
string of arrests in her past, or the fact that her life is exposed to
the public now that she is dating the Biebes.

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Jeffries — who was in the Lambo the night Justin got arrested and in
Panama with him vacationing after the arrest, says the statistics of her
numerous arrests and bad behavior are wrong. A NY newspaper reported
21-year-old Chantel’s past including busts for assault with a deadly
weapon (a knife) and reckless driving. 92 mph in a 70. She finally
speaks and tells TMZ:  “I have not been arrested five times as has been
stated in the media, nor am I guilty of physically assaulting anyone, in
any way shape or form.” Her attorney explains Chantel was arrested when
she was 18 for a misdemeanor assault, but it was ultimately dismissed
due to insufficient evidence. Other than that, he says she’s only had
“traffic violations.” As for complaining about her new public life, she
says:  “I am a full time student who had enjoyed a normal lifestyle,
free from public scrutiny and criticism, until now. What has happened to
me is wrong.”

Back Side Story

ADrianne Palicki shows that Wonder Woman not only has to watch her back, but her back side!
Even Wonder Woman can get cheeky!

You know who else is fast? Gal Gadot. She’s been fast and furious for years before becoming the controversial new Wonder Woman. I say controversial because there has been some’ debate’ about her. Fanboys worry that her boobs aren’t big enough to fulfill their expectations. Others skirt the issue by asking whether she’s muscular enough. Suspicious types question whether they’re really referring to her ‘boob muscles’. If you’ve ever read comics then you know that a super heroines boob muscles are one of her most effective weapons in the battle against evil!

fasten your seat belt

Gadot’s also gotten in a little trouble for some of the ‘racy’ adds she’s done for Israeli upscale dept store Castro’s (if that’s like a Jewish version of Grace Bros then they could have their own TV show!). She did something a couple of years back that showed her naked in an elevator. Everything was pixelated into oblivion. So no one really got to see anything. Still there were some uptight religious types who got their noses, or something, out of joint. Sometimes when religious types get something out of joint over sex it’s lower down on the anatomy and usually right below the belt! I have to blame Gadot on that. You just can’t go around turning on people who can’t handle it!

Gadot’s ass goes rogue!

Gadot is once again proving to be ten thousand volts of current plugged into a 10 watt switchboard. She’s done another ‘racy’ video  for Castro’s that’s once again raising eyebrows, or something. This doesn’t involve vague pixelated nudity. Gadot is fully clothed in some very snug fitting blue jeans. She’s also twerking! Twerking is a bad habit that’s been making the celebrity rounds ever since Miley Cyrus at the VMAs.  Now since GG’s become a big deal she might have got too big for her boots and told Castro’s to go fly a kite. However she acted like a stand up broad and not only did their commercial, but appeared in a recent fashion show for them. Instead of getting credit for being down to earth and a good sport, poor Wonder Woman is getting shit for being too sexy in her latest ad, and is once again forced to defend herself! There have even been some reports filed with the proper government authorities with the intent of getting Gadot’s offending back side – or tush as they call it over there – banned from the airwaves. At least until it learns to behave it’s self in public (Sometimes celebrity body parts develop a life of their own and go rogue – like Angleina Jolie’s leg at the Oscars. In this case however it’s Gadot’s backside.). Now that you’ve got the vague back story, let’s have a look at that ad!

twerking with Wonder Woman

Now that’s what you call Shake & Bake! So it wasn’t Lawrence Welk. It wasn’t a grilled cheese strip tease either. She just got a little ‘cheeky’. Shit, Joey Heatherton was going farther than that on Serta commercials back in the late 60’s – and now a word from our sponsors!

& the legend lives on – whether she’s a perfect sleeper ‘beautiful dreamer awake unto me’. Anyway Gal Gadot didn’t exactly go Pussy Riot or anything. She just wiggled her ass in a TV commercial. Then again they’re not talking about sending her to Siberia – just banning her backside. If there are half as many religious cranks living in Israel as the Gadot protests suggest, then their open line radio shows must be a blast and a half!

Well Wonder Woman is finding out that in the fame game, & even if you’re a former Miss Israel, people will find fault. Either your tits are too small, or your ass is too big! Hang in there Wonder Woman! Is the world ready for you, and the magic that you do?

Now to leave you with some more vintage television commercial circa 1973. It was a simpler time, America struggled to come to terms with a President who did some mildly illegal stuff, Archie Bunker challenged ignorance by personifying it for Norman Lear, & back when Jim Rockford had just moved into the trailer! Let’s climb into the wayback machine for about ten minutes for some time travel nostalgia!

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IGN News – Gal Gadot Doing 3 Wonder Woman Films

When it was announced that the Superman vs Batman movie had got delayed for a year it looked like the Curse of Wonder Woman had struck again. If you recall there hadn’t been a successful version since Lynda Carter competed against Bill Bixby in Battle of the Network Stars. Adrianne Palicki was cast in a Wonder Woman pilot by David E Kelly. He was the creator of Allie McBeal, so without him Harrison Ford wouldn’t have a wife now, or at least he might have a different wife. So the Allie McBeal deal worked out well for Calista Flockhart! Kelly’s Wonder Woman with issues didn’t work out too well and didn’t get picked up. The pilot did make the rounds of the black market, plus the peer to peer sites. It wasn’t as bad as everyone said and might have even gotten better over time, like Three’s Company back in the 70’s. That is unless I mean Dallas. Kelly hasn’t been able to do anything for George Clooney either who still remains single and the but of Tiny Fey’s Jewish mom type “George settle down already” jokes. So George, if you’re reading, Palicki might be an interesting, Clooney dating Wonder Woman match up for you, for awhile.

After that the next near miss involved Peter Jackson’s big Justice League extravaganza. He was set to start filming down in Australia or New Zealand. He even had Ozzie suipermodel Megan Gale signed on as Wonder Woman,as  well as Common as Green Lantern. Everyone liked the look of Gale and were excited to see the finished product. Then negotiations with the NZ, or Australian, government fell through. Jackson didn’t get the tax waivers he wanted so he scrapped the project. Big Meggers had already stepped down from her regular paycheck with Ozzie designer David Jones. So that was bad news. She eventually recouped, dumped boyfriend Andy Lee, took up with footy stud Shawn Hampson (looks like Steve Trevor), and then got herself knocked up. Last word on Gale, from a few days back, had her 5 months expecting and in a fairly serious car accident.She had to go to the emergency ward but was otherwise fine.

That brought us up to the very latest Wonder Woman Gal Gadot. She’s a former Miss Israel and former fitness trainer with the Israeli Army. Apart from that she’s best known as Gisele Habaro in the Fast & Furious films. When it was announced that she had got the coveted Wonder Woman role people once again liked the look of her, and were excited. That is apart from some fanboy concerns about the size of her breasts. Mandy Caruso can tell you how fanboys are on the ticklish breast issue. When the delay was announced some thought “here we go again”. It looked like there would be an indefinite delay ending with either the flick getting scrapped, or the Wonder Woman role getting written out. It’s as if some one out there didn’t want anything involving Wonder Woman getting made.

Anti Wonder Woman witchcraft aside, it looks like Gal Gadot is good to go. It’s recently been announced that not only is Wonder Woman’s appearance in Affleck vs Cavil a lead pipe cinch, with a $300 000 pay check, but she signed for a 3 picture hat trick deal! She’s not only doing Wonder Woman in Affleck vs Cavil, but she’s gonna be transporting the Amazon Princess in a Justice League flick, and then in her very own Wonder Woman film! So the studio has made a big commitment to this. So Gadot & Wonder WOman fans alike can relax! Now here’s the word from IGN.

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