Gal Gadot shows her biceps on facebook picture

Ever since Gal Gadot got cast as Wonder Woman people have been saying “Sure she’s pretty but is she big enough?” Big enough usually meant boobs, because Lynda Carter was hardly a female body builder. People were polite about it though, and insisted they meant “athletic”.

Naturally Gadot, and the good people behind Superman vs Batman, took the criticisms literally. So Gal got put on a 3500 calorie a day diet. Plus a world class trainer got shipped over to put Gadot through an intensive work out regime. This was to make sure she hit her fighting weight and got in proper shape for the fight against cartoon evil. People were skeptically because Gadot is a size 0. So they took a believe it when we seen it stance.

Well the results  are starting to come in. Gadot has been working hard and some new muscles are starting to sport. I don’t know if the rumors about her starting to open stuck jar lids for her husband are true or not, but she has posted a new picture to face book showing the distinct signs of a bicep! While she might not be ready to arm wrestle her former partner in crime the Rock, it is a step int he right direction. Keep eating your spinach Gadot!

ever since gal gadot got cast as wonder woman people asked if she was big enough so she's posted her muscle maty picture on facebook by way of response. Take that doubters!
Wonder Woman Gal Gadot photographed with suspicious bulge!
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Wonder Woman unaired pilot

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman (Photo credit: Looking Glass)

There’s been a lot of talk about Wonder Woman ever since Gal Gadot scored her three picture hat trick deal to play the world’s most important super heroine.It’s about damned time too since there have been a number of near misses. Like that time Aussie model Megan Gale got cast to play the part in a Justice League flick that never got made. As soon as the ink was dry on the contract Gale got the rug pulled out from under her. Something about a tax beef between Justice League producers and New Zealand, or Australia – where ever they were planning on filming the now long defunct project. That’s a shame cause Gale would’ve looked stunning in the Wonder gear.

Then there was that TV pilot by David Kelley. He’s best known for producing Allie MacBeal, and marrying Michelle Catwoman Pfeiffer! So he’s not without influence, or experience with super heroines – though Catwoman is really more of a rogue. Adrianne Palicki was even cast to play the lead role. Adrianne is an attractive and extremely healthy young woman who looks so convincing in some of those actions scenes that she was only a saddle away from heat in the Kentucky Derby! Even though the pilot got completed for some unknown reason the series never got to air. The pilot has seen the light of day though, buy getting distributed around the web. You just can’t keep Wonder Woman under wraps it seems! For those of you who are still curious about how that went, here’s that unaired pilot for you! Enjoy!

courtesy of motleyjack@tumblr

Wonder.Woman.2011.Unaired.Pilot.DVDSCR… by Leigh_Bradley

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IGN News – Gal Gadot Doing 3 Wonder Woman Films

When it was announced that the Superman vs Batman movie had got delayed for a year it looked like the Curse of Wonder Woman had struck again. If you recall there hadn’t been a successful version since Lynda Carter competed against Bill Bixby in Battle of the Network Stars. Adrianne Palicki was cast in a Wonder Woman pilot by David E Kelly. He was the creator of Allie McBeal, so without him Harrison Ford wouldn’t have a wife now, or at least he might have a different wife. So the Allie McBeal deal worked out well for Calista Flockhart! Kelly’s Wonder Woman with issues didn’t work out too well and didn’t get picked up. The pilot did make the rounds of the black market, plus the peer to peer sites. It wasn’t as bad as everyone said and might have even gotten better over time, like Three’s Company back in the 70’s. That is unless I mean Dallas. Kelly hasn’t been able to do anything for George Clooney either who still remains single and the but of Tiny Fey’s Jewish mom type “George settle down already” jokes. So George, if you’re reading, Palicki might be an interesting, Clooney dating Wonder Woman match up for you, for awhile.

After that the next near miss involved Peter Jackson’s big Justice League extravaganza. He was set to start filming down in Australia or New Zealand. He even had Ozzie suipermodel Megan Gale signed on as Wonder Woman,as  well as Common as Green Lantern. Everyone liked the look of Gale and were excited to see the finished product. Then negotiations with the NZ, or Australian, government fell through. Jackson didn’t get the tax waivers he wanted so he scrapped the project. Big Meggers had already stepped down from her regular paycheck with Ozzie designer David Jones. So that was bad news. She eventually recouped, dumped boyfriend Andy Lee, took up with footy stud Shawn Hampson (looks like Steve Trevor), and then got herself knocked up. Last word on Gale, from a few days back, had her 5 months expecting and in a fairly serious car accident.She had to go to the emergency ward but was otherwise fine.

That brought us up to the very latest Wonder Woman Gal Gadot. She’s a former Miss Israel and former fitness trainer with the Israeli Army. Apart from that she’s best known as Gisele Habaro in the Fast & Furious films. When it was announced that she had got the coveted Wonder Woman role people once again liked the look of her, and were excited. That is apart from some fanboy concerns about the size of her breasts. Mandy Caruso can tell you how fanboys are on the ticklish breast issue. When the delay was announced some thought “here we go again”. It looked like there would be an indefinite delay ending with either the flick getting scrapped, or the Wonder Woman role getting written out. It’s as if some one out there didn’t want anything involving Wonder Woman getting made.

Anti Wonder Woman witchcraft aside, it looks like Gal Gadot is good to go. It’s recently been announced that not only is Wonder Woman’s appearance in Affleck vs Cavil a lead pipe cinch, with a $300 000 pay check, but she signed for a 3 picture hat trick deal! She’s not only doing Wonder Woman in Affleck vs Cavil, but she’s gonna be transporting the Amazon Princess in a Justice League flick, and then in her very own Wonder Woman film! So the studio has made a big commitment to this. So Gadot & Wonder WOman fans alike can relax! Now here’s the word from IGN.

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Kris Kardashian as Wonder Woman

What’s Wondertrash without celebrity super heroics? Celebrity superheroics often involves thrills chills spills & pills. Kardashian mom Kris gives us the spills with her Halloween costume Instagram pic in which she wears a Wonder Woman costume while having a nip slip. Let’s take a peep at that!

Kardashian mom Kris has an instagram nipple slip while wearing her wonder woman cosutme

Now that’s what you call Pop o Matic Trouble! If Kris had read the Oct 15th Wondertrash she’d have realized that she’s courting disaster by boobing out in a super heroine costume. Mandy Caruso showed up at Comic Con bursting out of her Black Cat cosplay gear and got harassed by a pack of geeks!  While Kris wasn’t hounded by creepy nerds she did get razzed by her daughter Khloe who tweeted after posting the pic on her Instagram “Hi nips. That’s my mom,” Kris tweeted back “do something to encourage someone today!

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Hollywood Bruiseology

“Everything’s Wrong”

Some one once said, and it was probably one of those Hollywood producers (they’re the guys who were way too clever to be Wall Street bankers), that “It’s better to have a good idea than a new idea.” So in Hollywood some things are always in fashion because they never ever go out of style – like sexy young women!


“Open City”

Hollywood is the promised land of ego tripping and every year the seekers fight their way there, willing and even eager to pay a dreadful price to become the next flavour of the month. If they’re appetizing enough then they might even become the next Angelina Jolie. That was Megan Fox – before she proved unfit for human consumption. So now she’s in Charlie the Tuna Territory. Is it her sad fate to survive in spite of herself? Watch and see.

“Make the Weather”

The thing about pretty girls is that there are many many more where she came from. The gene pool just keeps churning them out like they’re a dime a dozen. That’s good news for Hollywood since sex sells. So no one is going out of business anytime soon. In fact these days if you’re selling your soul you’re doing it in a buyer’s market! So if you expect to stand out in those cattle calls then you’d better have something special if you want to stand even a snowball’s chance in hell!

“A Girl’s Gotta Do”

Something special ain’t no kind of guarantee – but it does give you a chance. So her are some girls most likely submitted for your approval. Pay close attention and make some mental notes because one of these fair damsels might one day be more than just some Hollywood also ran. Our first fair maiden is Emmanuelle Vaugier, a genuinely beautiful lady that you might have seen in such projects as Lost Girl and Saw 2. She’s the B List lady with the A List looks. She was born and raised in Vancouver, BC – the province with the reputation for hot chicks, & raised in a french speaking family. If classy sexiness got you there then she’d be there already. For now you can see a little more of her ion the following short videos!


So now that you’re in love, or something like it, then it’s time to teach you a lesson; that there’s more than one beautiful woman in show business. Our next offering is an unbelievably hot young woman from Hepburn, Saskatchewan. Her big notable movie role was in Bitchslap but you probably first saw her – without even knowing it – in those Resident Evil video games. That’s cause game programmers used her as the basis for Jill Valentine. IN fact she tired out for the role of JV in RE 5 but didn’t get it. That’s probably because Milla Jovovich “allegedly” fears her, and is afraid to do a scene with a woman just as beautiful as she is, but ten years younger! Her name is Julia Voth and she’s so hot & beautiful that men have been know to break down in tears just at the sight of one of her pictures. Anyone woman can make a man cum, but getting him to weep is taking it to a whole different level! Let’s see if you can pass the cry test with the following short snippets!

If she ever unleashes it – look out!

So as any fool can plainly see the lady’s got it even when she’s caught unawares! In fact many men would gladly cut off their right testicle for a chance at her. Being a gentle Taurus, Julia would probably say “If you want to impress me then try chocolates, wine, flowers, or even some tasteful jewelry – but take the bloody amputated testicles away! They’re disgusting!” She also looks pretty cool in a Wonder Woman costume!


Bad news if you’re not into sensible courting. However is you’re still intent on doing some kind of Van Gogh demonstration of sick, obsessive love then there’s good news; and that is there are more beautiful young starlets in Hollywood.

“Thinking About Sex Again”

Our next one is not only hot but talented too. She’s an artist and the daughter of an artist. When she’s not whipping up some genuinely good pieces she’s making the rounds of the cattle calls and trying to get an in in Tinsel Town. You’ve seen this pretty lady before. In fact if you’re a male between the ages of 24 & 45 then demographically speaking she’s probably the reason why you bought that pack of Tic Tacs. She’s Kate Kelton and is better known as the first non blonde Tic Tac chick, and still the most popular!

This might be one of those unsubstantiated Internet rumors but I hear that the people at Wildmind Animations based their Erin Esurance on a cross between Tic Tac Chick and Gabrielle ” Lt. Gay Ellis” Drake from the old UFO Sci Fi series!

So now that you’ve got a hankering for something minty fresh open your other eye,cause Kate also looks nifty in a Wonder Woman outfit!


I’d hate to be the one responsible for getting anyone addicted to Tic Tacs, so here are some distractions. When it comes to distractions no one on earth is more distracting than Daniella van Graas. In fact she’s bullet proof bracelets and an invisible plane away from being Wonder Woman. This Dutch treat was in All My Children and did some walk ons in plenty of movies. Then she got the female supporting lead in Perfect Stranger, with Halle Berry and Bruce Willis. She was the one you were lookin’ at when you were supposed to be lookin’ at Halle. Her current alter ego is as the Aveeno Woman in the face cream commercials and here’s a closer look!

“They’re All Out of Liquor, Let’s Find Another Party”

Now most of you readers of the male persuasion must be in a hot & bothered lather! Confronted with so many lovely ladies you may not be sure which way to turn, and only wish that you could have them all. That means it’s time for a patented Wondertrash dose of reality – in the form of a classic music video. So while you’re having your grubby little dreams over those pretty pretty ladies, and dreaming about what you might do in a more ideal world, don’t say that no one ever warned you!

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Miranda Kerr as Wonder Woman on Grazia Magazine

I think you’re gonna love this, Miranda Kerr as Wonder Woman! – cause those satin tights are the down undies you like!

Now here’s Miranda in a short video to explain how she got herself into this super heroine-ish predicament!

In other news Seal fills Ellen DeGeneres in on the Heidi Klum situation.

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Judge goes medival on Michael Lohan’s ass!

Looks like the Lohan Family are having bad luck litigation wise these days. First Lindz gets her ticket pulled for violating probation. She got hauled off in cuffs for that, without bail. Now her dad Michael is in a spot of bother over his ex Kate Major. Michael was supposed to stay away from major due to some kind of pesky restraining orders – those things are the most formidable barrier to true love and psychotic stalkerish obsession! Now Mike claims that Kate was calling him the whole night and that he only returned the call. The judge said that wasn’t the point – the point was that there was an officer at Major’s listen on speaker phone when he called back. Plus there was that incident where he broke down her door or something and then had to escape by jumping off of her balcony. Upshot is that Mieky’s gonna miss a lot of important appointments like his daughter’s court date and Dr Drew’s Celebrity Rehab! It couldn’t have happened a t a worse time because Reality TV needs Michael Lohan now more than ever before!

Now the judge might have come off as a little bit harsh, what with not giving a damn about Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab, but you can’t balme her for playing to the cameras. There’s an important Michael Jackson Conrad Murray trial going on so you have to fight for every viewer!

BTW Halloween is coming up fast. Now there’s more to Fright Night then arson and ritual blood sacrifice; there’s also eye catching costumes. There’s one costume that always makes an impression, and even some people you know of have tried her on for size!

Sometimes it’s wonderful to be trashy!


More Lindsay in cuffs

Now this was a long time coming, so enjoy it one more time.

Oh yeah and Aussie model Megan Gale who was almost Wonder Woman in the movie that never got made was spotted out in public with her new boyfriend. This is news because she was keeping him under wraps for awhile. So much so that some were speculating that he might be invisible, or an imaginary boyfriend – like the unpopular girls in high school used to have. Well Meggers guy is flesh and blood, and gorgeous. He’s Shaun Hampson and plays foot ball or something. So her ex Andy Lee better make sure that the split stays “amicable” like he claims – even though Meggers has been getting a lot of blow back in the Down Under Media for some reason – her ex’s profession being merely coincidental ’cause I’m sure he wouldn’t go spreading shit around about her while getting her to agree to a classy split – no not Andy; or he could be getting some free dental work!

Now here’s a special music video dedication for Ms. Lindsay Lohan.

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“Your Body Is a Wonderland”

Love is a many splendored thing. unless it’s trashy trashy tabloid love! Then it’s something familiar & something peculiar. At least if you’re reigning romcom queen Jennifer Aniston. You’ll probably remember, unless you’ve stopped paying attention, that Jennypooh used to date slightly douchey singer John Mayer. They had some sort of push me pull you thing going on where Mayer acted too cool to care on the basis that he was younger than her. Then she swept him off of his feet by taking him to the Oscars. Once her realized just how big a deal she was, after she showed him that there was more to life than the music industry, he kinda feel head over heels. He was very impressed anyway. That was about the point at which Jen cut him loose.

our lady of perpetual rebound

Jen’s been busy since then: she dated Gerrard Butler and broke up with Courtney Cox. Now she’s seeing her latest co star Justin Ther­oux. Guess how long that relationship is gonna last. Mayer is hoping not long because he’s started poestering Jen and trying to get him to take her back. Now Jen isn’t having any part of it. For one thing she or sources close to her (Chelsea Handler or vodka talking?) are saying that Mayer broke Aniston’s heart (That piece of equipment must have more dents in it by now than New York Yellow Cab!) and Aniston is miffed that he’s apparently unphased about it.

sexy text me

In fact those unnamed sources are saying that Mayer has no chance with Aniston. She’s happy where she is. This hasn’t deterred Mayer any. He’s trying to win Jen back with a barraged of voice mails and text messages. Now the great disadvantage of that method, as opposed to chocolates and flowers, is that it’s so much more annoying. It does have an up side. If prying tabloid snoops are eavesdropping then Mayer could find himself back in the news after a long absence! Had he tried this tactic 6 months ago he might have even found himself in the News of the World. In love, like comedy, timing is everything. Better luck next time, Johnny.

Now here are a few scenes from that Wonder Woman series David Kelley was trying to get up and running.

Adrianne Palicki sure could kick ass! Now remember – Wonder Woman isn’t vulgar! Wondertrash can always be counted on for your daily dose of vulgarity!


Have a Wondertashy 4th!

Valerie Perez wonder woman 4th of july

.. and for those neocons out there, maybe this will be your cup of tea

You remember Anne Coulter? She was the right wing’s wet dream girl before Sarah Palin came along! Image from uberblog Zaiusnation!

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